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Tue Jul 01, 2014 at 08:01 PM PDT

My Birth Control Rant

by homogenius

OK, so SCOTUS has made another assault on American values (yes, most Americans are in favor of birth control).

One more time--let's cover the basics (after the squiggly orange sphincter)...

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Sun Jan 12, 2014 at 04:48 PM PST

Facing Double Eviction

by homogenius

This is the rant of the working poor--the thousands of us who are trying to survive this recession and the war on workers.  

We're tired.  We're tired and broken and worn down and sick of the rollercoaster of hope and despair.  We're embarrassed to have to accept help.  We're degraded and desparate and depleted.

So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

More following the orange filligree...

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Tue May 14, 2013 at 06:54 PM PDT

The IRS Non-Scandal

by homogenius

This is a sad time for the progressosphere--our precious logic crystals are depleting rapidly and our independent thinking capacity is becoming compromised.

More after the swirling elegant orange vortex....

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Fri Apr 27, 2012 at 06:11 PM PDT

Homeless or Dead?

by homogenius

After a hellacious week, I was informed today that come July 1 I’ll be homeless. My landlord, who is my best friend’s mother, wants me to move out so her grandson from NC can move in. She has been lovely letting me stay here this long in exchange for helping her with errands and around the house. But I’m broke and unemployed. I have no idea how I’m going to survive this one.

Wallow with me after the squiggle….

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I lost my leg, I lost my dream job, I lost my mind, and now I'm losing my hair (not necessarily in that order). In a matter of a few weeks I've gone from having a head of snowy white hair and a full beard to being completely hairless from head to toe, except for my eyelashes. Welcome to the world of Alopecia Areata!

From Wikipedia:

Alopecia areata is a medical condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Because it causes bald spots on the scalp, especially in the first stages, it is sometimes called spot baldness. In 1–2% of cases, the condition can spread to the entire scalp (Alopecia totalis) or to the entire epidermis (Alopecia universalis). Conditions resembling AA, and having a similar cause, occur also in other species.

More after the jump...

KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more about the issues surrounding this topic.  There are two parts to each diary.  First, a volunteer diarist will offer their specific knowledge and insight about a topic they know intimately. Then, readers are invited to comment on what they've read and or ask general questions about disabilities, share something they've learned, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about the unfairness of their situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered.
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UPDATE 9:43pm--We just found Nick sitting at the bus stop in front of Disneyland. He had been there all night. After 36 hours he's on his way home now.

MORE--His Dad and the detective in the family were driving down to cruise the Boulevard, so I decided to head over and check the places that I knew Nick would know. As I pulled up alongside Disneyland, I looked over at the bus stop and there he was sitting all alone. As I drove further up to make a U-turn at the light, I called his Dad and told him I found him. They were five minutes away, so they told me to watch him from a distance. I was able to drive past him again to the nearby Disneyland drop-off lot. I parked and crept back across the street, hiding behind the monorail pillars just out of sight. That's where I called Frugal Granny and asked her to post the news.

I saw their truck pull up and the family member who is a police detective got out and approached him. I could see him ease into it and talk real quietly to Nick, feeling him out and assessing his mental state. After about a minute or so, Nick got into the truck and the cop came over to me to tell me it was OK to come talk to him.

It turns out that Nick had come back to meet me yesterday morning as planned, but for some reason he had gone to the opposite end of the main entrance gates. When he didn't find me, he became worried that I had been in a wreck or something. He ended up sitting on the bench at the Bus Stop all night and most of today. Unfortunately he entered Disneyland today with his Annual Pass just shortly before the system was flagged to stop him.

We still don't fully understand why he didn't call his father (he did not, in fact, have my phone number with him). I'm choking up again as I write this. It has been a roller coaster of a day--more than 12 hours now. Thanks again to everyone for your support and concern. It has been more than I could have imagined. Thank you so much.


Here's the original diary:

I'm holding vigil here at home by myself, waiting and hoping to hear something. I just got back from the Police Department reporting my friend missing. He was visiting from Ventura County and went missing yesterday at Disneyland.

I'm in contact with his father who is also from that area, and both of us are scouring our memories for possible scenarios for him.

I was sitting here reading the latest posts while biding my time and it occurred to me to reach out to our Kossack community. More after the jump.

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Wed Mar 09, 2011 at 08:15 PM PST

Democracy's last stand...this time!

by homogenius

The assault on working people in WI and MI today and across more than a dozen states (all outside the South) is the latest battleground for working people in America--but unfortunately it is stacked against us.

We will suffer a tremendous defeat if we lose--but the rich elites will not be defeated--only postponed.

Follow me down the slippery slope...

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Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 02:55 PM PST

McCain's DADT Bigotry exposed.

by homogenius

There's an excellent article today by Aaron Belkin in the Huffington Post.

In it, he disects McCain's supposedly "principled" opposition to repeal of DADT and exposes it as "anything but". As Belkin puts it:

Senator John McCain, leader of efforts to block the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," took pains during recent Senate hearings to disavow the possibility that he might be motivated by prejudice.
He insists that he has nothing against gay people, yet at the same time, there is something about them that would compromise the armed forces.

Follow me after the jump for a short rundown of the five reasons he gives....

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A recent addition to the NOM bus tour (against same-sex marriage) are the clean cut young men in their oh-so-attractive red capes and gold heraldic lion brooches. They're from American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (more below).

Now they have a poll up that asks: "What do you think about Judge Walker's decision to overturn Prop. 8 banning same-sex "marriage" in California?"

I think we should help them find the answer they so desparately need (just scroll down to the bottom left). More after the jump....

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Here is the question I am pondering tonight: How many priests have publically confessed to molesting children? How many bishops or cardinals have confessed to covering up these crimes?

The credibility of the catholic church rests on this.

How can it be that there have been all these convictions and payouts and the perpetrators aren't VOLUNTARILY coming forward to confess the truth?

More after the altar boy jump...


The catholic church is:

7%5 votes
0%0 votes
18%12 votes
42%28 votes
18%12 votes
3%2 votes
4%3 votes
3%2 votes
3%2 votes

| 66 votes | Vote | Results

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KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and 8PM ET on Wednesday. It's a gathering place for people living with disabilities, our families and friends, and interested others.  Volunteer diarists offer specific knowledge and insight on a topic they know intimately. We invite you to comment on what you've read and/or ask general questions about disabilities, share your own knowledge, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about the unfairness of their situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered.

Our diarist this week is homogenius.

Words. Labels. Identity. Assimilation. Self-Identity. Difference.

In any identifiable sub-group, these are complex issues that often provoke reactions, heated emotions, and intense opinions. For people living with disabilities or other life-altering conditions, it's often part of our deepest inner core. Some of us have known only "difference" for our entire lives--others change status from "temporarily abled" to living with disability.

So who are you?  What do you call yourself?  (We'll talk about this after the hop....)

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"...and she's targeting America's Christians."

That's the opening to the screed sent to my elderly father from "Christian Voice".

But it gets better--more batshit craziness after the jump....

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