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I don't know about you, but I am tired of these videos popping up with actual, factual brutality and sometimes DEATH of the alledged suspect at the hands of the police.

This video below, will just tear your heart out.

The man was Sgt. James Brown.

His medical record (PTSD) was known before he VOLUNTARILY turned himself in for a supposedly 2 day jail sentence at the El Paso, TX county jail facility.

What the El Paso, Texas jail did is beyond the pale.

And police departments around this country wonder why the public don't trust them.

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I am an African American woman and have always known, been cognizant of brutality by police officers.

When I was a young teenager, my younger brother was walking from the 95th Street El Station in Chicago.  He went to Wisconsin for the weekend to ski and was dropped off there.  My brother called home, but no one was there, so he decided to start walking.

Well, guess what happened while walking down 95th Street with his skis, the Chicago Police stopped him.  White officers.

He was asked about where he got his skis, what he was doing with them, why he was walking.  My brother answered their questions and wanted to know what he did.  They did not believe the skis were his, hinted at theft and hauled him to the police station.

Well, the detectives wanted to talk to him.  He refused, said he was 15 years old, wanted to call home or get a lawyer.

He called my father at work, my mother was finally contacted and both went to the precinct.  Well, I can tell you my parents "WENT OFF" on the police officers and detectives.  My father asked the detectives, "Why are you trying to interview a 15 year old boy without his parents or attorneys?"  And my mother stated, "The only thing my son did was walk from the 95th Street El Station with HIS SKIS, yes, the skis are his!!"

Well, the police apologized after real threat of legal action.  The Captain came to our home the next day, and apologized.  They actually did some investigation and found out that this black young man from a working family on the South Side, actually went to Brother Rice High School and came from a SKIING TRIP.  The apologies was on-going and my parents accepted and told the Captain to get out of our house.  I still don't trust the police.

I recall this because it is the problem with many police departments across this country, today and it goes back to when I was a kid.  Still, many white officers perceive many African Americans as the enemy, corrupt, criminal, all because of how we look.   And god forbid if we actually have a good job and can drive a Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz or BMW.  If we are in a black neighborhood, the flashing lights of the police is there to pull you over for NOTHING.  It happens all the time.  The norm, not the exception.

I bring the following police brutality up below.  This could so easily be my father.  The  tiny town of Ingster, outside of Detroit is about to pay out millions because their police officer with a very sketchy, racial past did this to a retired auto worker.

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We have work to do?  Hell, we should have got that message in 2010 when we lost over 60 House seats!!!

What happened to a cohesive message here?  Did it get lost in space?

Hell, Barack Obama could not even go into most of these states because the GOP has been EFFECTIVE in their NON-MESSAGE, DO NOTHING ASSES!!!  And when you have solid, NO PUSH BACK from Democrats, this is what you get!!

A landslide LOSS!!

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There is too much on the table.  Too much.

I have been in and out here at Daily Kos.  Living my life, along with keep moving it forward.  And now we are arguing about what?  Bullshit?

Y'all, I am not happy with the Democratic Party now, not at all.  Do you guys realize that even though Barack Obama has been re-elected, he has been a LAME DUCK since the House rolled over in 2010.  Meaning, nothing has gotten done. (and I mean LEGISLATIVELY for the public)  Yes, we can whine and ask for cheese, blaming the GOP (and YASSSS, they deserve it) but in reality the public don't give 2 shits.  They are just FED UP.

They hate both parties, both.  While people are arguing about "GOD KNOWS WHAT", we need forcible action to get the fucking GOP out of power in Washington, D.C.  That is what the conversation should be.  Seriously, November is not REMOTELY in the bag and the public is mad as hell.

But who will they take it out on?

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Worth a View.

The event was meant to explore the age old question, “How did we get here?” from the perspectives of faith and science.

Ham, an Australian native who has built a thriving ministry in Kentucky, said he trusts the story of creation presented by the Bible.

“The Bible is the word of God,” Ham said. “I admit that’s where I start from.”

Nye, true to his TV persona, delivered a passionate defense of science and challenged the museum’s teachings on the age of the earth and the Bible’s flood story.

“If we accept Mr. Ham’s point of view ... that the Bible serves as a science text and he and his followers will interpret that for you, I want you to consider what that means,” Nye said. “It means that Mr. Ham’s word is to be more respected than what you can observe in nature, what you can find in your backyard in Kentucky.”

Every child need to watch this, hands down.  Full video below.
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...the fish stinks from the head down...

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Paula Deen is a celebrity chef.  A butter lover.  A woman who creates unhealthy meals, pimping for you as OK, while on diabetic medication.

Yeah, Anthony Bourdain called her out.  

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Accidental Racist, Kansas style:

After country star Brad Paisley kicked off a national conversation about white guys who don't want to be called racist just because they say or wear things with racist connotations, we find a fascinating case study in Salina, Kansas, where a county commissioner suggested last week the county should avoid "n— rigging" repairs to a local building. Yes, as Slate's David Weigel pointed out, Saline County Commissioner Jim Gile (pictured at right) told a meeting of local officials that the county should hire an architect to fix its Road and Bridge Department building instead of "n— rigging it." When asked by an attendee what he said, Gile was exceptionally clear about his meaning: "Afro-Americanized."
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To be honest, I am not surprised.  And neither should any one reading on this site.  This is what Barack Obama wants to do and this time he will work hard to get it done.

We saw this show before.  After the Democrats lost a landmark reversal to the House of Representatives, President Obama offered an olive branch to work on debt reduction with the Republicans. President Obama offered a deal to Speaker John Boehner, his view of the "Grand Bargain".

Obama had proposed to Republicans a "grand bargain" that accomplished a host of individual things that are unpopular on their own, but that just might pass as a huge package jammed through Congress with default looming. Obama offered to put Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts on the table in exchange for a tax hike of roughly $100 billion per year over 10 years. Meanwhile, government spending would be cut by roughly three times that amount. It's no small irony that the party's dogmatic opposition to tax increases is costing the GOP its best opportunity to roll back social programs it has long targeted.
Of course, Boehner was incredibly STUPID not to take it, but we must remember and understand the minds of those roaming through the House of Representatives (his caucus), since they won the 2010 midterm election these individuals really don't think their roses stink, but it was the public which indicated to them in 2012 that it does smell and quite bad.
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Say what you want.

The bottom line is that President Obama campaigned all of 2012 on households paying more than 250K has to pay more.


Now he is playing the role of "NEGOTIATOR IN CHIEF" which he continues to fumble the ball on?  And now giving up his hand?

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I really hope I am wrong about this but after watching President Barack Obama and pretty much stating he has gone "at least half way" in regards to GOP demands, I just don't trust what will come down.

We have seen this show before and it was his lack of leadership and his hunger for that 'bi-partisanship" that turned a lot of people off to him.

Now here we go again.  But it takes one of my close friends on this site who told me before the election that, "Barack Obama will be re-elected, state he will protect entitlement programs, but will disappoint and lie in the end."

Well, from what is being floated out here, that individual may not be far from the truth.

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