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Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 03:25 PM PDT


by jacey

RE:  The Comments of Susan Rice; September 9, 2013

A PERSONAL short and sweet view,

On the day that EACH of the 189 (remaining) Nations who are party to, and have signed the Prohibition on development, acquisition, or use of these Chemical Weapons supplies a COMBAT-READY BATTALION of Enforcement Troops with which to engage Assad, and his Minions...,
I will convert to the Military Response position as put forth by John Kerry and Susan Rice, and others.

I am disgusted by their use of the scarewords..., "NATIONAL SECURITY" as a "call to action".
Ms. Rice (whom I love if, she weren't married this ole'white boy would be beating down her door.  I just LOVES me a smart woman), today, tossed out those "attack on our Homeland if we don't respond" words in her address this morning.

We are always, and have been for years, under this threat..., what with "suitcase bombs", Anthrax (and others), bombers living only to "blow off their balls (ugh!)", and massive infusive additions of Flouride in our Reservoirs (according to RWNJs and other David Barton types).
Whats Different?
And I call out Rice and Kerry (especially Kerry; who KNOWS the pain and torture of the "Bush/Incountry") on any assinuations of this type.  
Also on their Actions and Methods.


I speak as a long-serving U.S. Marine, one who believes that WAR is Harmful to ALL Living Things!

Barry, Kerry, and others..., "Go smoke a Joint, and REFLECT!"

( so I have spoken..., now let it be done!)


The essay which follows was written and published 5 days ago on the Blog STONEKETTLE STATION.  It is republished here on DKOS with permission of the Author.

The Blog displays the creative writing, truisms, opinions, frustrations and rants of Jim Wright.  

Many on DKos may remember Mr. Wright from his famous "Rant", America: You keep using that word.... written in the Spring of 2011.
According to Jim Wright, "...Part 1 went viral and has been read now by nearly two million people. It was linked to over 10,000 times from Facebook, and nearly that many times from Twitter.  A small fraction of readers hated it and called me everything from a communist bastard to a Bradley Manning look alike (Yeah, I don't get that one either, given my position on Pvt Manning), but all in all the post seemed to have struck a chord with a very large number of people and inspired conversations across the web."

Without further "adeiu", join me below the engaged Octopai for Jim's latest..., and BE PREPARED TO THINK.

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Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 03:13 AM PDT

MORE, sadly, from the Author of

by jacey

a "rant gone viral".

On, or about March 27th, 2011, one of the UKs more intrepid writers on DKos (h/t AnnetteK) introduced us (at least: ME) to a Blogger who had written an exquisite piece of "Rant" destined for the Historical Archives of Rantdom.

This Blogger's name is JIM WRIGHT (w/permission), and his Blog is called STONEKETTLE STATION.
Many of you may remember him.

Jim Wright is a retired Chief Warrent Officer-4 of the United States Navy.  His Navy years had been spent in Naval Intelligence, in good times and bad times (mostly "bad") and in good places and bad places (too many "bad").  
His work was so well thought of by the "Powers that Be" that, even in retirement, a great deal of his "retired life" is spent doing "Consult" type stuff for said "Powers" (of what, and to what end, we mere Mortals are not privileged to know).

FACT: this AM, in answer to my request for him to republish his latest essay here on DKos, or to allow me to republish said essay, he wrote me giving me said permission and commenting that he would like to spend some more time chatting with me but, unfortunatly, was in a rush to "catch a plane".
I know enough of him to wonder, "to where?, to what purpose?, and, why?"  
With a smile, I can only hope it was AIR FORCE 1!

And yet, Mr. Wright finds enough time in his Alaskan day to also promote his own "Cottage Industry", ie: that of a terrific Woodcarver and Finisher (note: check the sidebar on his website.

But, as Jim is fond of saying..., "I digress"!

Please jump below the "Fornicating Paramecium" for the rest of the story....!

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WARNING:  First Attempt, ever....

   While Surfing, I ran across this 11min Video and have NEVER experienced such a sinking feeling in my stomach.
   Speaking for myself, it CLARIFIES so much.
   I feel it is important that this Video be seen by everyone.  Perhaps it has been..., but then again..., maybe not.  

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