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Verizon Wireless never sent me the VP text message from the Obama campaign this morning. This disappointed me, of course, because I'm a political junkie and signed up for delivery within minutes of the campaign's first announcement of the event.

At first I thought the non-delivery was odd, but somewhat expected given the (probably) huge volume of messages that Distributive Networks was processing on behalf of the campaign. Glitches happen.


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Wed Mar 12, 2008 at 09:16 AM PDT

My Letter to Senator Clinton

by jatkin02

I am as politically addicted as the rest of you who lose sleep cross-tabbing late-night election returns.

I have been active in local Democratic Party politics off and on for years.  

As we voted in our local precinct organizing meeting last night to replace a recently-deceased Chairperson, I was thrilled (again) to note that the Democratic Party has built gender equity right into the core rulebook: if the Chair is female, the vice-chair must be male, and vice-versa.)

My vote is reliably Democratic across the board. I would not consider casting a GOP vote even for Lowly Interim Stamplicker.

I am a partisan. I educate myself. I do what I can to help educate others.

I vote. I vote. I vote. I vote.

And I have had it with the Clinton campaign.

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