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In an another incredible twist, today the Legislative Reference Bureau has published the collective bargaining bill, meaning it could take effect tomorrow, March 26th.

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Walker and the GOP were dealt a setback Friday afternoon, when a Dane County judge issued a temporary restraining order, blocking publication of the bill.  

Dane County DA, Ismael Ozanne, had filed suit on the grounds that Republicans had violated the state's Open Meetings Law by forcing a vote with less than two hours notice.  In the suit, Ozanne sought to block Secretary of State Doug Lafollette from publishing the bill.  In Wisconsin, a law takes effect the day following publication by the secretary of state.

It occurred to me at the time that, if you were a Republican state senator looking for an escape hatch, this might be it.  Republican state senators Luther Olsen, Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper are among those considered most vulnerable to recall efforts.

If you're one of these three, you might not be pleased at the prospect of having to recast the vote that likely ended your career because your leadership failed to follow the Open Meetings law.

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It was with great sadness and shame, but not much surprise, that I read the following news in my morning paper.  The Elmbrook School District will be blocking the telecast of the president's speech in response to parent complaints.

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This story is breaking on MSNBC and was being discussed by Keith Olbermann with Andrea Mitchell and others on tonight's Countdown.  Rachel Maddow is now leading with this story on her show, for those of you who are able to watch.  


What is your reaction to the news that the CIA did mislead Congress in its briefings?

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Inspired by Jeff Lieber's fantastic diary - Stay the F*ck in Line!

It's hard to believe that our long national nightmare, a.k.a the Bush Administration is finally coming to an end.  It can be measured in days-78!!!!

Eight years ago, I was nearly inconsolable after Al Gore's 'loss' to George W. Bush.  I remember, through the fog, many people at the time saying things like "There's no big difference between these two, anyway".  This was back when Bush was trying to pass himself of as a compassionate conservative.  In the interest of avoiding complacency tomorrow, let us recall what the wrong choice or a failure to vote brought us last time.

(As a tribute to Al Gore, I have recycled this diary.)

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Watching Keith Olbermann, and now Rachel Maddow, has become a part of my evening routine.  During tonight's episode, I noticed that he did not do a "Bushed" segment, his running tally on the administration's neverending scandals.  It got me thinking about how many I could recall without Keith's reminder and the following photo diary emerged.

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Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 12:31 PM PDT

"We've been vandalized!"

by jazmen8

The first thing I heard this morning was "We've been vandalized!" and my heart just sank.  

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Given John McCain's well-documented uh contempt for celebrity, I have to say that the very last place I expected to find him and his new running mate was in the pages of the new People magazine.

I have been utterly confounded by this pick since it was announced yesterday.  After reading the thorough vetting of her done by the DKos community, I remained mystified, to say the least.  But now, having read their first joint interview--in the pages of a weekly Hollywood celeb magazine, I'm kind of offended.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden have to work their butts off to defeat this ticket????

People magazine talks to McCain and Palin

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For those who have been worrying (hoping, praying, predicting) that the Democratic nominee is not tough enough on McCain, I submit his latest ad, "Embrace", my new favorite.

Parental advisory: This ad is rated PG-13 for some romantic scenes of kissing and light petting.


Barack Obama

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3%91 votes
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My husband found this gem on the Huffington Post site today.  It really summarizes the argument for voting Republican in a concise and entertaining way.  I, for one, found it undeniably compelling.

I also think it is an excellent companion piece to yesterday's front page article
Sign the "Ex-Hillary Fans for McCain" pledge by guffmanian.


My favorite Republican initiative:

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71%99 votes

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Thu May 29, 2008 at 08:15 PM PDT

CNN hit piece on Obama tonight

by jazmen8

Wow, my mouth is still hanging open after what I just watched and I only caught the last few minutes.

Tonight's edition of Anderson Cooper 360 featured a piece called 'The Obama Style of Politics'.

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Wed May 28, 2008 at 01:59 PM PDT

DNC chair defends Clinton

by jazmen8

The year? 1992.  The DNC chair?  Ron Brown.  But first, a bit of context.

After the 7th viewing of the angry Bill Clinton clip alleging a coverup aimed at his wife, it was obvious what this week's meme would be: 'They' are going to steal the nomination....from Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton campaign is running out of narratives and starting to cycle through them at an ever more panicked pace.  The 'Obama is dissing Clinton' chorus has grown louder and more strident in recent days, most notably from Salon's Joan Walsh, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Fantasy Island president Lanny Davis and former president Bill Clinton.  Here's what they are saying:

-Obama's supporters are demonizing the Clintons. (Walsh)
-Obama's supporters are awful people and Clinton's are perfect. (Krugman)
-Obama's campaign is disrespecting Clinton. (Davis, B. Clinton)

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