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Despite Karl Rove's apparent coup in turning Louisana Democratic State Treasurer John Kennedy, who is now running as a Republican against Democrat Mary Landrieu in the 2008 Louisiana Senate race, Kennedy has many weaknesses. Not the least of which is Kennedy's strong connection to notoriously corrupt Congressman William Jefferson. Jefferson is currently facing life in prison on 16 pending federal charges against him related to allegations of corruption.

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Connecticut GOP State Senator David Cappiello, a star GOP recruit who is trying to take on Freshman Dem. Rep. Chris Murphy, lists his full-time occupation as a Mortgage Loan Officer for Danbury-based "Charter Funding."

Things get very murky very quick.

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The IRS recently stripped Savage's "Paul Revere Society" of its tax exempt status, apparently because it was being used as a tax shelter and slush fund for Mr. Savage's personal use. I'm sure you're all shocked, but I dug up his 2004 tax return.

ON EDIT: Can somebody with a guidestar subscription do the same thing for his 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005 returns?

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