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Dismissal from Israel, Outlawed from Ramallah: Another human rights worker banned from witnessing and reporting on the horrors and criminality of Occupation

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Demonization of nonviolent activists is not original or surprising. Muhatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King were also labeled provocateurs and trouble makers by those that supported the racist systems that they worked against.

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This is a story about one of the saddest days in my life as human rights activist.

It includes photos and video of the Israeli army's tactics at quelling non-violent resistance to Occupation, and also of their policies of land destruction.

In this report, the Israeli Army demolished the land belonging to the Abu Swai family, in the village of Artas village near Bethlehem. In its place, the continuation of the Apartheid Wall and a sewage system for the illegal Israeli settlement of Efrat will be built.

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Sat May 19, 2007 at 03:47 AM PDT

Don't s**t on my apricots!

by joeskillet

The government of Israel's policy of home demolitions and land destruction/confiscation is now reaching a "closed Paradise." This is what Palestinian residents of the village of Artas call their village, because it is situated between two beautiful mountains, with the valley stretching and snaking from one side of the valley to the next, with a big church built into the side of the mountain, caves scattered throughout the lush mountainsides, chik peas growing here, apricots there.

In the distance the illegal Israeli settlement of Efrat sits atop a hill. And because of this, the trees of the Abu Swai family will be deleted from the history books, and in its place, a pool of dung.

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The Tel Rumeida Circus for Detained Palestinians ignites a fire show for 300 Palestinian kids in Askar refugee camp. Nearby, Israeli Occupation Forces use the Palestinian population of a village called Beit Leed in order to practice war games on them, invading the city, according to the residents of the village, at midnight, and leaving sometime around 7 o'clock in the morning.

Stated goals of the TRCDP are:

  1. Entertain Palestinians who are detained at checkpoints
  1. De-escalate tense situations where Israeli soldiers are abusing Palestinians
  1. Un-detain Palestinians by the previous stated goals
  1. Perform circus shows for Palestinian children who are otherwise deprived of a normal, safe, and happy childhood
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