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    As a resident of Florida for the last 35 years, I have shopped at and spent much money at Publix Supermarkets. Today I went to Publix to buy a few items and was shocked at what I saw.  There was a display of cards, in the greeting card section, dedicated to "Duck Dynasty.  I was shocked and appalled.
     When i got home i went to and contacted them and sent a message, which unfortunately, is somewhere in cyberspace between me and Publix.  I told Publix that I find their display of "Duck Dynasty" cards to be supporting ignorance, hate, and bigotry.
     Publix has always promoted itself as an inclusive employer and brags of its community involvement.  Their employees are treated well and even the lowest paid can purchase stock which may leave them wealthy someday.  
     This is a short diary but I am asking all to contact Publix at and inform them of your opinion of their support of this despicable show, and hateful family.


    I was stuck in a motel room waiting for some car repairs and flicking through the channels when i saw the trial of George Zimmerman.
    When i began watching the state's attorney had concluded his 32 minute opening statement and the defense had started.
     i watched amazed as the defense atty, Don West, argued the evidence for 90 minutes before lunch and after lunch continued until the prosecution finally objected.  All objections thereafter were sustained as appropriate only to closing arguments but by then the damage was done.
     The defense was allowed to plant in the mind of the jurors that George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin.  Remember that these jurors were supposed to have no knowledge of this case.  Comments on twitter which appeared beneath the video of the trial indicated that the defense argument was boring and Zimmerman should have had someone else deliver the opening argument.  From the point which I began viewing the closing argument of the defense I was shocked at the silence of the State Attorney.  
     I will probably be wrong but I predict that George Zimmerman will not testify.  The opening statement has already laid out his defense, and what I believe to be his point of view.
     Zimmerman's attorneys wisely chose not to use stand your ground as a defense.  The question for the jury will be whether Zimmerman brought about the confrontation and if they believe that Trayvon Martin at some point attacked Zimmerman with his fists, would Zimmerman be entitled to use deadly force to stop the beating.    
     This is my first diary after years of reading and commenting occasionally, so please excuse my inability to link or show videos of the arguments.  I can sign into the internet and find websites, comment here, but that is it.  I just wonder what everyone else is thinking.  Thanks for reading.

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