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Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 09:00 PM PST

Wright Ad in WA?

by karlds82

If this has already been diaried, I will gladly delete, but tonight as I had the tv on in the background I heard an ad by the National Republican Trust PAC attacking Obama over Rev. Wright.  It included an image of Obama, some trite nonsense about Obama's supposedly close relationship with Wright, and video imagery of Wright we've all seen ad nauseum.  The final tagline was to the effect of "Obama - too radical, too risky."  The ad aired on NBC, primetime, during Deal or No Deal.

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Recently the Hillary Clinton campaign has been advocating the seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan.  Such a move would be illogical, unjust, and could quite possibly result in an outright theft of the Democratic nomination.  Calls to seat the delegations are merely examples of the anything-to-win political gamesmanship that has poisoned our system for so long.

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