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Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 10:23 AM PDT

Boycott Indiana (Hacks)

by kavips

Here is a list of companies headquartered in Indiana.... Look over it (takes less than 90 seconds) and see which ones would affect you at all and then proceed to go into "boycott" mode and post something on their social media about your boycott.....

Simple, quick, effective.

For me, it came down to Delta Faucets, Three Floyds and Upland Brewing Companies, and hhgregg.

I tweeted "I'm boycotting everything Indiana" and hit @ and then typed the companies twitter accounts....

Simple, quick, effective....

And now, I have to stay away from those  companies products on my Delawarean shelves.... No real suffering since Indiana has so few companies of note within it's borders...  That was a surprise.  But seeing the type of company Indianans keep inside their borders: hateful religious bigots, I guess it makes sense nobody wants to move their headquarters into Indiana.


Wed Mar 25, 2015 at 03:08 PM PDT

This Is Why We Are All Opting Out!

by kavips

School Board Meeting


1. General opt out questions
What is the US DOE’s position on the opt- out movement?
Has any school district in the United States of America ever lost federal funding for opting out of standardized testing? If so, which districts are they?
Can parents and students legally opt out?
Is opting out encouraged or discouraged by the district?
If students do opt out, will they receive effective instruction during test time?
If so, what exactly will students do while others are taking the test?
Where would the opt-out instruction take place? Would they be in the classroom with the students taking the tests?

2. Choice and opting out
What happens if your child wants to apply to a magnet or charter school and they opt out of the exam?
What happens if your child is in a magnet or charter school and one opts them out of the test?
What if you apply for choice and you opt out?
Will students who opt out be considered absent?  
Will the teachers’ evaluations be compromised if parents opt out?

3. Growth model?
When will students take the standardized tests?
When will the district receive student scores?
Will the test allow us to effectively measure student growth during the year?
Can you explain the growth model of testing and discuss whether this test would be considered an example of one or not?

4. Data privacy
Where does the data collected go?
Is it protected?
How do we know the data is secure?
Could there ever be a security breach?
Does the district control the data once it is collected?
Who controls it & where is it stored?

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Check out this CNN youtube=

"South Korea, where more than 70 percent of high school graduates enter university, education is a national obsession that the government worries is actually damaging society.  Education accounted for nearly 12 percent of consumer spending last year, and parents spent the equivalent of 1.5 percent of G.D.P. on cram schools for their children.  There are now more cram school instructors in South Korea than regular schoolteachers, and the exams are so difficult that even college professors admit they could not pass them."

"The paradox is these ridiculous tests don’t necessarily lead to demanding college classes. In Japan, where almost all college students graduate, it’s quite common for students to be asked only to parrot back lecture notes. Rigorous thinking, reading and writing too often is simply not expected."

"When I asked a class (South Korea) if they were happy in this environment, one girl hesitantly raised her hand to tell me that she would only be happy if her mother was gone because all her mother knew was how to nag about her academic performance. The world may look to South Korea as a model for education — its students rank among the best on international education tests — but the system’s dark side casts a long shadow.  Dominated by Tiger Moms, cram schools and highly authoritarian teachers, South Korean education produces ranks of overachieving students who pay a stiff price in health and happiness. The entire program amounts to child abuse. It should be reformed and restructured without delay."

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As mentioned often herein, Common Core does not live up to its potential.  In fact, it downgrades our entire educational system to its lowest common denominator.  But even more so, it permanently shuts the door for any poor, minority, middle class child from ever achieving a good paying job in the fields of science and math, and leaves those jobs for those who come from white, wealthy schools taught by white wealthy teachers... 

Below is a worthy goal and one many of us, including one Diane Ravitch, originally thought we could achieve it by starting down this path.....

Our goal: was to meet the education needs of all students, including our more advanced students who need quality high-school courses in subjects like trigonometry, pre-calculus, chemistry and physics.

  • That is not what Common Core does.
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Thu Jan 15, 2015 at 12:47 AM PST


by kavips

I really didn't know that much about them.  So I looked them up.

Did you know that one has to go back as far as James Garfield to find a Commander in Chief who has used less vetoes than Barack Obama? (Garfield was in office only 6 and half months).

Did you know that Barack Obama, our commander in chief, would have to veto up to 633 vetoes these next two years before he ties the record of the most by any one president (FDR: 3 and a half terms)?  Seriously, does that not put a damper on any argument that he has over-reached his authority?

Can you name all the presidents who have the same or fewer vetoes than our current commander in chief?  I'll try.

  •     James Garfield (6 months as President)
  •     Milliard Fillmore (2.8 years as President)
  •     Zachery Taylor (1.3 years as President)
  •     William Harrison (32 days as President)
  •     Thomas Jefferson (2 terms)
  •     John Adams (1 term)

All with zero.  He is tied with George Washington, at two.

Now can you name the top ten presidential veto-ers?  Again, I'll try.

  •     Franklin D Roosevelt  635
  •     Grover Cleveland 584
  •     Harry Truman 250
  •     Dwight Eisenhower 181
  •     Ulysses Grant 93
  •     Theodore Roosevelt 82
  •     Ronald Reagan 78
  •     Gerald Ford 66
  •     Calvin Coolidge 50
  •     Woodrow Wilson 44 (tie)
  •     Benjamin Harrison 44 (tie)
  •     George H.W. Bush 44 (tie)

And just out of curiosity.  Know who had the most vetoes overridden?  The first guy who got impeached:  Andrew Johnson with 15.

It is quite clear that a veto is just another tool put at the president's disposal.. If the president is provided the opportunity to weld it, one must, both out of Constitutional necessity and a considerable amount of precedence. And if today's Republicans are thinking of black-balling our president with excessive vetoes, they should think again.  It also appears that vetoing insane pieces of legislation will provide zero negative fall-out, either politically or against ones legacy.


Wed Jan 07, 2015 at 01:22 PM PST

War On Math! Dynamic Scoring

by kavips

Yesterday, the first day of a Republican Congress since 8 years ago, a bill was rushed through the House and passed:  requiring the Congressional Budget Office to use dynamic scoring when figuring out future budgets...

Republicans have always been saying lower taxes cause the economy to grow and that growth generates more revenue. They've said that for years... We've actually experimented with it for the past 15 but things got worse for all of us, instead of better...

During the last couple of years, under Paul Ryan (that little whiz-boy from Wisconsin), they tried writing budgets for their first time and found, that everything they have been saying for so long, was indeed wrong...  The math would not work out...
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Mon Dec 15, 2014 at 10:46 PM PST

In A Kingdom Far, Far Away

by kavips

There was once a king of a little duchy.  He wanted to win a gold medal in the Olympics. He knew with his small population (who were only there to do his bidding) that the gene pool was too small to develop a world class athlete.

So he decided to make one.

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Mon Nov 10, 2014 at 06:10 AM PST

Just Sayin'

by kavips

Voter Turnout was 33.9%.....

Most elections were close, meaning between 50-55% or rounded down to half the electorate.

Republicans won on 17-18% of the total population. We have a minority run government.

Based on the rules we all agreed to, that is how we decide things... If you have a scheduled game and one side doesn't show up, and the other wins, that how it goes down in the books.


Why is no one excited about voting? Who can change that? Answering those two questions correctly will decide America's history.

The answer is to look at the House, and see what bills passed there which would then, clear a Republican Senate and find their way to the President's desk for a veto....

Here broken down by issue, is what has actually passed the House, but was stopped by the Senate...

Women's Issues:

*A law that would make it a federal crime for an adult to accompany a teen across state lines for an abortion and hold doctors liable for knowing that.

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And since election season is upon us, it is probably pointless here to put up any topics other than the election until after 2 weeks have passed, but here is what Republicans are so desperate to drown out.

Obama has been the one of the most effective presidents in our lifetime. If one rates his presidency along the same lines one would of a CEO in charge of ones investments, for example Bank of America or JP Morgan, and uses the same criteria every other leader is rated by, Obama comes out looking very good.

When stockholders look at who should run their company, they look at one major thing.

Their standard of executive leadership is: are things better when someone leaves office than when they entered?
Look at 2008. Look at today... Only Franklin Roosevelt can boost of such an accomplishment and he had to have a World War to achieve his employment figures....
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Thu Oct 23, 2014 at 07:53 AM PDT

The Vote Heard Around The World

by kavips

Since becoming aware as a child I have often wondered if had I lived along the Boston-Concord Highway in Massachusetts roughly 239 years ago... whether I would have taken up my gun and walked to Lexington in the middle of that night? Or if I would sit at home and let others do it for me...

Pondering this as an idealistic youngster, I would certainly side with having gone and fought.  But as a mature, responsible individual I have questioned that automatic reaction..... It appears ones level of action depends on what one has to lose.  Being young, there is no potential for lost investment one puts at risk. Being older, there is.

Today when we sit back, we know how that history played out and that clouds our judgment: "Oh sure" we'd say, "I'd have grabbed my gun and stood in that square." but we say that knowing full well how the British lost and the Royalists were run off to Canada... However, to those at that time, there appeared a far greater chance for the opposite to occur.  Back then, Britain was the United States of today....

How could some dirt farmers overwhelm the world's greatest army?  Fortunately for us today, they didn't think like that or didn't care, they chose to stand up for themselves and in that there is the lesson for today.

As George Washington was hounded,.....

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The Achievement gap was born from between the legs of No Child Left Behind...  That federal plan once reviled by educators because it forced the establishment of costly mandates without providing the means to fund them... is now looked back on fondly, thanks to Race To The Top and Common Core.  Both which make educators relish the more innocent times of No Child Left Behind... completely forgetting how nice things were before both.  With NCLB began with our focus on closing the achievement gap...

Similar to an early Meso-American civilization which had a strong belief in some Almighty being and assumed all bad came from his displeasure... Whenever natural weather cycles were not favorable, they believed it was due to his great displeasure over their lack of human sacrifices. The numbers of murdered citizens were ordered...

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