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Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 12:17 PM PDT

While You Are Here Gnashing Teeth

by kclala

I apologize for the rant in advance.......

While you (we) are all here gnashing our teeth over the latest polls showing ROMNEY now taking the lead in several different polls, I cant help but notice a need for many of us to look deeper into the data for an "explanation" of why this is possible and how its really no big deal and we dont need to worry. It IS! Why do we have a desire to some way frame the horrible numbers like they are not bad for Obama?

People, get over it. Obama, with his lackluster debate performance watched by 70 Million Americans (!!) did more to set back his own cause then all of the Billions thrown against him by the super pacs. And the only way that its reparable is for him to right the ship (which he has done) and fight harder in the next two debates. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, WE need to take this election over: we all need to be evangelists for Obama. Why are we all sitting here playing Monday Morning Quarterback? We have to stop analyzing the scoreboard and get down and dirty and do the work that needs to be done. This is not the NFL. We can play in this game as much as we can watch it. Each and every one of us. Its time to stop being observers of this and become participants in it on the street just as much as we are here. We all, if we work together have the power to move the numbers. The evangelicals are the master of this "working together" approach. Do you see them sitting back and analyzing polls? NO. They do the dirty work, door to door, person to person. Why is it that the Progressive base is not as active? Why are we not writing letters to the editor at the same level? Crashing conservative blogs (just as they are crashing ours). Calling into right wing talk radio and standing up and fighting! It may seem at times like you are shouting into the ether but you are not. Every day, your goal should be to convert one (or get one to commit) to Obama. One a day. Not much to ask.

This election will be won on very small margins, made smaller by the voting law changes in most of the swing states. Within those margins are people that we know personally..... at work, in our families, at church, at school, at Starbucks..... anywhere that a conversation is possible.

Its up to each of us that believe in the Progressive cause to go out and talk to those who may be LEANING Romney at this point. Particularly those who may have "come out" in support of him after the last debate. Truth be told, people are never public supporting a loser (with the possible exception of The Chicago Cubs). They love to be public when they support a winner. They NOW BELIEVE that Romney can win. And so its safe to finally pound their chests. And its now up to us to explain what could happen IF Romney wins and ask them, is that really the kind of America you want to live in?

Is a vote for Romney a vote IN your economic interest? Explain Romney's distortion of the facts in the debate. Ask why he changes his positions faster than he changes his state residency. Explain the impact of his economic policy on the rich vs the middle class. Explain how he wants to spend additional billions on defense all with no enemy to fight with the additional billions that should be spent on schools and roads putting Americans back to work rebuilding this country. Explain how his budget does not address the deficit and in fact with tax cuts for the rich makes it WORSE. Explain his 47% comments where he writes off half the country, calling half the country moochers while the rich take corporate welfare, particularly subsidies for oil companies, a sore spot with ALL americans. Make them laugh with the fact that Romney said he likes to hunt "varmints". Ask dog owners at the dog park if they really want a President who thinks it was a clever solution to put his dog on the roof of his car in a crate for a 12 hour car ride!! Explain how Bush's neocon cronies are waiting in the wings.

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, explain how Obama has done some great things to this point after starting DEEP in the hole after Bush. Two unpaid wars. Troops around the world. Bush tax cuts unpaid. Medicare drug program unpaid. Massive deficit. Biggest financial crisis since Great Depression. Despite all of this: Consistent job growth with NO help from the GOP who decided on Inauguration Day to do nothing but say no to make Obama a one term president...... not to mention the European Euro crisis and the GOP's desire to slash government jobs at the state level in the middle of a recession!!!......and yet, he has succeeded (modestly) against this and set the stage for growth in a second term. How Americas standing in the world has improved. How we HAVE left Iraq, good to his word. How we ARE leaving Afghanistan, good to his word. We assisted Libya's independence without one casualty. Osama friggin Bin Ladin! Most of the leadership of the terrorists killed by drone strikes. Increased American energy independence at all time highs, an evolution to renewables underway. These are non outsourceable American jobs! Talk about Obamas support for woman TO woman contrasted with Romneys embrace of the GOP's war on women, calling into question the ability of women to even access birth control! Ask them if they think the rich pay TOO MUCH in taxes even though they are paying less than they EVER have!! BECOME MASTERS OF YOUR OWN PITCH AND SELL THESE PEOPLE. They are out there.

I could go on and on, and when talking to people, I do. But always with respect (even if inside I'm screaming sometimes). The hard sell will not work on these people. this will be an election won on hand to hand combat in the living rooms, workplaces and coffee shops of this country. And the warriors are not on cable TV. They are people like you and me. We will NOT win this election sitting here explaining polls to each other, analyzing the crosstabs...... none of this matters if we all dont get off our butts from now to election day to embrace people who are out there, ripe for conversation, to have a talk about this election. Dont ram YOUR opinion down their throat. This is a conversation. And when you use THE FACTS and Romneys OWN RECORD AND WORDS against him, there is no way that they can ever look at him as someone that shares anything in common with them at all.

Sorry to preach, but GET OUT THERE EVERYBODY. The polls DO matter. But is there really anything we can do about it here, other than stay in touch with whats going on? Lets STOP trying to explain the bad news away. Its time to W-O-R-K. Its more important now than it ever has been. This election is NOT a gimme. Romney, despite the polls has a reasonable chance of victory, especially with another debate performance (by Obama) like the last one. Plus, the media WANTS a horse race. Hand to hand combat. One family member, co-worker, relative (especially those in swing states), stranger in a coffee shop..... be prepared. THAT is how WE (not the Obama election team) will win this election. I dont think any of us want to wake up the day after the election in the first day of Romneys America. Get off the blog and get out into the real world.

And let that word sink in: Romney's America.



Tue Oct 02, 2012 at 12:08 PM PDT

Anti Obama Rally in MI-O1: FAIL.

by kclala

This will be brief. I am originally from Northern Michigan. I keep up on the local news in my neck of the woods via the internet and engage in hand to hand warfare on a regular basis in comments on local news items as well as a constant barrage of Letters To The Editor that challenge the lies present in so many letters and simply call them out old fashioned style: by using "facts". Its really NOT that hard to argue with the dittoheads and Fox News crowd that lives via modern media in the conservative beltway bubble, despite the fact that they vote against their own economic interest on a regular basis. I have been rewarded in my efforts by countless thank you's from the locals when I am home, MANY of whom are afraid to speak out for fear of loss of business and social stigmatization. They are the closet progressives that are everywhere. But no one engages them. No one gives them energy to believe that they really can make a difference!!

Yesterday while reading the paper, I had to laugh when I saw a picture of a "anti Obama rally" at the local fairgrounds that attracted get this..... less than 10 people! This is an area that is nearly all white, older, conservative, gun loving, church going, federal government hating, represented at the state and federal level by Republicans (formerly by Bart Stupak, one of the deciding votes in The Affordable Care Act). If this is the best the astroturf right wing can do HERE, they have problems.

THIS is an area that should be over the top FOR Romney. But it seems like they are not making the connection. But this has important implications up and down the ballot. Romney  is generating so little energy it could be a death knell to many of the down ballot races at EVERY level.... in every state, no matter how red it may be. This is GOOD NEWS. BUT, it needs to be taken advantage of!!

If you know people in small town America, wherever it may be, NOW is the time to put the foot on the gas and really work these people. WRITE letters to the editor of the local papers. Even if you dont live there. They will take it from someone they may know (even if they only know your parents) far more than they will ever hear it from a phone bank caller. The personal connection is KEY!! Contest comments in local blogs. DONT stay silent. We have an opportunity here to really make some progress and dare I say..... perhaps make significant gains in the House!

Check out the Mitt-mentum here in one of his "home states". A state where his father was a much loved Governor.

Check out Tim Skubick, one of the most prominent Michigan political reporters (in fact, the last remaining full time reporter in Lansing) with this observation decrying the lack of participation in politics at the local level at the most recent Economic Club gathering:

This could be a problem for Mitt Romney, who is often seen as being "stiff," according to Skubick. Skubick highlighted Romney's stiffness by comparing him to his father, George Romney, who was the governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.

"He doesn't have the same drive. He doesn't have the same passion," said Skubick. "For those of you who knew George Romney, you knew where he stood. You may not have agreed with him but by God there was nothing wishy-washy."

NOW is the time to press. We all need to do the dirty work of politics here: hand to hand voter recruitment! Its hard. Its frustrating. But if we want to do ANYTHING to change the course of things NOT only in Washington but in all of our state capitals, we MUST do our part.


I consider the following to be my most important contribution of personal action towards victory in 2012:

2%2 votes
15%11 votes
8%6 votes
41%29 votes
14%10 votes
17%12 votes

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Now, this is going to be a short and sweet diary, but lets look at this logically. Mitts base is white men. White men LOVE football. They love to talk about it. They love to watch it. And right now, they are ALL talking about it, specifically the referee lockout and its impact on the outcome of games.

What I want to know is: why is Romney NOT being asked about this? It may seem like a petty issue to non football fans, but there are very few things that white men find sacred in this country, and NFL football is one of them.

If you want to put a wedge between Mitt and his "base", lets get him on the record on this to serve the following purposes:

1) expose a gaffe similar to the "some of my friends own NASCAR teams" variety
2) expose him as NOT one of the guys
3) expose him as someone who does NOT have anything in common with the average joe.
4) expose him as someone who a) supports the refs AND THEIR UNION or b) supports the scabs and the anti union busting that the GOP is famous for.
5) Ask him what his team is: get him on record. There ARE MANY fans who against whatever team he is for. If he says a team in Ohio, Michigan, or any other swing state HE IS OBVIOUSLY PANDERING.


This may seem like a silly issue to many of us, but there could NOT BE a more important issue, especially in the SWING STATE of Wisconsin, the home of The Green Bay Packers, who were just screwed by the scab referees.


Sorry for the short diary. There is really nothing else to be said on the topic.


Do you think Mitt watches the NFL?

26%10 votes
0%0 votes
57%22 votes
7%3 votes
7%3 votes

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Yes, its a simple question. A man of somewhat simple means he is being portrayed as...... he has nothing to hide. Will Paul Ryan release his tax returns and every VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate in modern history has?


Will Paul Ryan Release his tax returns?

61%48 votes
11%9 votes
26%21 votes

| 78 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 03:25 PM PDT

Vote!!! Or Stop Complaining

by kclala

We, as activist progressives, must lead the Democratic Party into the future. Its really THAT SIMPLE. Unions, youth, liberals..... all of us must take it upon ourselves to somehow wrest the political discourse of this nation back from a minority party (The GOP) who only outnumbers us in one critical way: voting turnout, especially non presidential elections.

With this as the truth, its upon us to simply do one thing: VOTE!! And get others to vote. Its my opinion, that unless each of us does this SIMPLE act, something that is the root of what our society is supposed to stand for, we lose the right to complain!! There are many armchair pundits here on this site, many of whom vote. But there are many on DK who, despite their desire to see a more progressive and liberal America, dont exercise this most basic of duties as a citizen. Quite frankly, I would rather have everyone vote that to have the noisiest of us simply pontificate. THIS COMES DOWN TO THE BASICS PEOPLE.

With this in mind, lets take a poll, and please answer this with 100% honesty!!



I voted today, June 5, 2012!!

42%9 votes
4%1 votes
52%11 votes

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Fri May 11, 2012 at 08:45 AM PDT

Jamie Dimon: Super Genius

by kclala

Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan Chase announced a 2 billion dollar trading loss from investing in risky securities. Its killing the stock market today. This IS what lack of regulation and oversight looks like. Ironically, it takes place in the midst of its own CEO's crusade against the very regulations that brought this loss to light in the first place.

What is lost in this story is the bigger picture: this loss has not only related to the bottom line of JP Morgan Chase, it will cost the United States treasury 2 billion dollars. How? Tax deductions. Corporations have the ability using existing tax law, to write off this entire loss from the profits that they would have paid. In the end, it wont cost them a dime. And this trade will cost all of US 2 billion dollars!! In other words, we ALL have subsidized this risky and poorly executed strategy.

Is this fair?



Do you think that politicians of both parties will EVER have the courage to stand up to large corporations and banks?

13%4 votes
86%26 votes

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I originally wrote this diary as a comment to an earlier diary by Chris Bowers regarding SOPA.

My comment got quite lengthy so I have decided to post it as a diary. Its a breakdown of my feelings, from an artists perspective, on this legislation. Its a solution designed for the wealthy 1% of corporate content owners. But what about a solution for the 99% of artists out there who are seeing their creations STOLEN more and more? These are my thoughts......

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Tue Oct 11, 2011 at 05:38 PM PDT

Lets Endorse Romney!

by kclala

This diary will be short.....I'm watching the debate and cant help myself.

Since we are the closest thing to the anti christ to most on the far right (the kingmakers in the GOP nomination process) why don't we use that fact to our advantage in the GOP Primary contest? Why don't we (The Daily Kos, Moveon,  etc.....the organizations viewed as liberal institutions) endorse Mitt Romney as "the most liberal candidate in the Republican Presidential Field" and give him our endorsement for the GOP nomination. He most certainly is based on watching these debates. Its not a lie. Lets praise his attempt at universal health care in Massachusetts. Lets point out his past support of a woman's right to choose. Lets keep his "liberal" (for a Republican) views FRONT AND CENTER.

Why would we do such a silly thing? Based on todays polls, it seems that Romney is the candidate that could take on Obama most effectively in states that matter (Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire).  We are Americans. We CAN have a horse in this race, even if that means picking the horse that we feel is most HURT by our endorsement. I would love to hear Mittens try to explain his way out of a Daily Kos endorsement and even would love more to hear the other candidates (who will be much easier to defeat in the General) cream him with it. "even the ULTRA LIBERAL LEFT WING has endorsed Mitt Romney! Is he CONSERVATIVE enough for you with socialist friends like that!!?? Vote for the REAL conservative, ____"

Part of the re-election strategy needs to be helping to choose the candidate that is most easily defeated.


Which top tier GOP candidate (other than Bachman!) could be most easily defeated?

16%7 votes
2%1 votes
37%16 votes
25%11 votes
18%8 votes

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Thu Sep 01, 2011 at 12:19 PM PDT

I should have voted for Hillary

by kclala

As they say, hindsight is always 20-20. But if I could magically go back in time, knowing what I know now about President Barack Obama, I never would have supported his candidacy over the other nearly equally loved candidate at the time, Hillary Clinton.

This is not to say that I didn't share his "hope" message. I remain hopeful. Its not to say I don't want to live in an American where "there are no red states and blues states, only the United States of America". I long to see that day.

But I am a realist. And I believe the centrism conveyed in these basic statements (framed with the Presidents actions, or lack thereof, over the last three years) is the true rot at the core of our government. Partisanship is not a bad thing and our President is afraid to be partisan. Partisanship is the backbone of any politician. Its an acknowledgment to the people that voted for you. Partisanship is are reminder of the promises made to be were you are and you need to uphold those promises every day. Elections ARE the ultimate exercise in partisanship. And leading needs to be the same way. Having a point of view that is based in fact and sound analysis, as the President often has is not a bad thing. But it only matters when he is willing to stand up for what he believes in. Have you EVER seen Barack Obama say no? I can't imagine Hillary Clinton ever allowing the political situation in this country get to this point. I can't imaging her allowing herself to be pushed around. I can't imagine her allowing the debate to be framed by recalcitrant GOP with no interest in compromise, only absolute and complete surrender.

What IS a bad thing is trying to make everyone somehow happy all the time by surrendering your principles and standing as the political leader of this country, something our President seems to want to do more than anything. Mr. President, you are NOT the coordinator in chief. You are the commander is chief. If you want to give a speech on Wednesday and the speaker of the house, for obvious political reasons doesnt want to accomodate you (a first in American history) you take it to the people, and not surrender and allow the speaker to dictate to you. You go make your speech to an empty chamber of congress and point out to the American people on national TV how the real problem is that congress places an unimportant debate far over the message of his speech: jobs and unemployment. Could there not be a better way to point out the hypocrisy of the modern GOP? It was a wasted opportunity of the highest order! The GOP left every receiver that we had wide open in the end zone. All Obama had to do was throw the ball. Instead, he takes a knee. I just dont get it. How can this be SO obvious to nearly all of us and nearly every political pundit alive but be completely lost of the man who is supposed to be "the greatest politician of his generation"? Its a farce.

Is moving the speech a big deal in the large scheme of things? If this was the only thing that Obama bowed to GOP demands for, no. But in the context of serial surrender in which BHO operates, YES it is. It's symbolic of how The President has lead (or not lead) our party and this nation since we all worked so hard to get him there. He is not leading. He is far too easily pushed around. He is much too eager to allow people and groups that large percentages of Americans across the board have little love for. Look at the Speakers numbers, large corporations, the rich, wall street, all of whom Obama has either stood up for or surrendered to...... How can he stand up or acommidate THEM and ignore the core of people who did the dirty work to elect him in the first place!!

He is afraid to call people out, especially the most insane of the all. He is apologetic about the rare occasion that he does get emotional in public (such as he did before the debt ceiling surrender) and actually show some guts. He is far too easily sucked into the right wing framing of every major issue of this generation. He seems to be embarrassed to lead at times. Leadership to our President seems to be nothing more than a nice suit, a podium and an exercise in oral declaration. Where is the arm twisting? He tells the GOP to eat their peas than says nothing as they sweep full plates of them into the garbage in open defiance of who he is and the OFFICE in which he represents. He allows the GOP that is NOT loved by the vast majority of Americans get its way on nearly every issue. And the Democrats in Washington are far too eager to not call the man out on it. He has no partisan accountability, instead choosing to try to lead based on rhetoric, not results. Its NOT working. Its to the point where the office of the President itself is weakened by his lack of action and guts, just as the office was weakened by GWB's complete lack of respect for the laws and morals on which this nation was founded. It just doesn't need to be this way. I could not be more disappointed.

The title of this diary has to do with Hillary Clinton, and if I could step back into a time machine, I would have without question voted for her to take on todays GOP who is rooted in opposition, and nothing more. While she was seen as a centrist, she is a fighter. And at the core of partisanship is always a fight. Someone with a proven track record of dealing with intense partisanship and the courage to be victorious over it. Someone who is not afraid to call out the insanity that is around her. Someone who has been fighting the GOP "dirty tricks" since NIXON. Someone who can see a smear campaign from a mile away and call people out on it. Someone who had the courage to propose a sweeping reform of the health care industry years ago in concrete step by step detail. Someone with the guts to not be intimidated. Someone who fought even in a primary battle to the very end, then had the grace to admit defeat and the serve in the administration of the man who defeated her, all for the best of the party! If life only had do-overs........

I regret ever voting for Barack Obama and SpeechGate is the final straw. I cant maintain the facade of support for him any longer. I mourn as I watch this country be taken over by a Republican Party who is so completely out of touch with reality its hard to believe with a president who is far to willing to deal with them on their ground, not on the ground that he was elected and certainly not in reality.

To Mr. President of any of his representatives, if I am lucky enough to have one of you read this please know this: I supported you with everything that I had in 2008. Why? Because you made me believe. Nearly everything that you have done since your election has left me disappointed in the person that I thought you were and the leadership in which I thought you could provide. What am I and millions of others asking for? For you to lead based on the principles that you orated in 2008. Find your backbone. Get some guts. NOW. Surrender and capitulation were never a part of the Barack Obama that got my vote. Leading does not happen by committee or by making the opposition happy and certainly is NOT allowing a GOP to dictate to you about the core of what our democracy is: the ability of its leader to address the representatives of its people. Is such a minor thing but there could be nothing more symbolic of the failure of your presidency over the last 3 years. Its an embarrassment that you allow John Boehner get away with it.

Mr President, if you have a hope with me and millions of others in your "base" in 2012, you better get busy. As of today, I am not voting for you. Furthermore, I am not sending you any money. I am not making any calls. I am not converting any family members. I am not registering any friends to vote. I am not putting a sign in my yard. I am not writing letters to the editor in support of you. At least until you show me and ALL of us SOMETHING. Remember, Americans dislike one thing more than anything: lack of guts and courage to do the right thing. And to stand up for the people that you represent. With each capitulation, you are sowing your political grave with your own base. Do you even realize this?

Where is your courage Mr. President? We do not live in a poker game where each move is a bluff in some grand scheme of achieving a grand political goal where you are viewed as the knight in shining armor. We live in an America with huge problems which need your leadership. We want results. Day to day. In the trenches. Do you realize that we "rope-a-dope" the collections agencies and the banks every day? Do you realize that WE are forced to come up with strategies to deal with formidable foes every day interested in our demise, simply to survive and put food on the table for our familes? Do you not see how we can be frustrated when if WE have the courage and guts to fight for ourselves and our own day to day battles, its IMPOSSIBLE for us to understand and continue support you when you are simply unwilling to fight back to the foes that you face? We find ways to stay alive in the worst economy in generations. And YOU cant even fight to give a speech on the night in which you choose? You are THE PRESIDENT. Where is the fight?

We thought you were our champion, willing to right the wrongs of the previous generation. Instead, thru your inaction and capitulation, you have only allowed those insults to American democracy to be even more firmly established in the politics of our time.

I could NOT be more disappointed in you, Barack Obama.

I should have voted for Hillary.


If you could do it all over, who would you have voted for?

45%75 votes
54%89 votes

| 164 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 01:16 AM PDT

A Progressive Liberal Platform

by kclala

Dear Fellow Progressives and Liberals, (yes, dont be afraid to wear that word proudly!)
We have come to a difficult time in American political history. On the right, we face complete and absolute absurdity. An absurdity of ideas and ideals that are not challenged by a media asleep at the wheel. Ideas that are simply not rooted in reality, such as letting the country default on its debt or Ron Pauls assertion that FEMA is the real problem, not a hurricane or other natural disasters. We on the left are paralyzed with a different affliction: that of over thinking and over debating what WE stand for. Our constant battles back and forth focus our fight with each other, ignoring the people that deserve our attention: Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, etc..... believe it or not, there is a strong possibility that without our assertion as a voting block, they could become President of the United States. Without our assertion as a voting block, we could continue to see a backward slide in our numbers in the congress, not to mention at every level of government, state and local, across the country.

Activism is a complicated concept in todays political discourse. 20 years ago, activism was that of Barack Obama..... hands on, door to door, people oriented work. We are forgetting that this is the backbone of what we do. Many of us are being lulled into think that if we write a blog for or against something, we are automatically an activist. You are not! While being a part of the dialogue IS an important thing, we need boots on the ground to get out our message.

Which brings me to what I would really like to talk about. Lets pretend that we have our soldiers in place to go door to door to take on our opponents in the upcoming elections, primary and general. What are the principles that we agree on? Have they been articulated? To my knowledge, they have been not. And we are long past the time when we clearly define what we stand for.

The strength of the Right in American politics is its genius simplicity. Even most of us on the left know exactly what they stand for: low taxes, god, guns, liberty, free markets, etc..... most of its of course BS that even they dont understand, but to the public who walks into a voting booth and has a limited knowledge of matters, they will generally pull the lever for the party that stands for something that they understand. This, even for the most simple voter (especially older voters and red state voters) is that they know what they get, even if its not in their best interest as a citizen. Time and time again, the GOP gets people to vote against their own economic interest. How is that? Its a question that I struggle with often.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons is that we (the progressive Left) dont define what we stand for as strongly as we need to. As a result, we spend far too much time on defense and very little on the attack..... against a GOP dead set on pursuing an ideological agenda that is against the interest of nearly every American citizen. Yes, we are all generally policy wonks who can debate the finer points of health care or foreign policy, but we do get caught up in inside baseball talk far too often. The same can be said for the leaders of the Democratic Party. Howard Dean has been the only leader to articulate a strategy which worked: attack in all 50 states to spread out the opponent. But even this is only a strategy, its not a declaration of a clear political philosophy. The time for that is now.

So what do you stand for, Progressive and Liberal Americans? We are delegates to our own party. And just as delegates to a political convention once voted, debated and approved a platform on which to run, we need to do the same. We need to say who we are and what we stand for.

Let me start:
1) This country was founded on religious freedom. Progressives seek to give everyone the right to worship God however they may choose, or if they choose to not worship a god at all. We are a party of solutions to create a better nation. God is found in a place of worship and should not be found in the halls of congress or the White House, at least as a matter of policy.
2) Americans deserve the freedom to join a union
3) Health care provided to everyone is in the best interests of the nation.
4) The military should be a true defense department, not an offense department. We spend far too much. Its time to re-evaluate our missions world wide.
5) The future lies in education. Reforming education should be of utmost importance.
6) The economic future lies in re-inventing our energy systems, and thus re-inventing our manufacturing base as a result.
7) Not all free trade agreements are in the best interests of the American people, as witnessed by what has happened by NAFTA. We are skeptical on the desires of the powerful offices on Wall Street the need to tear down walls that they define as barriers of trade but what we see clearly as walls that keep jobs in this country.
8) Centrism is a poison. Debate does not come from making everyone happy but by doing what is right for the nation. Elections NEED TO HAVE consequences. (this is Obamas biggest liability in my opinion.... his election did not have consequences for anyone, positive or negative)
9) There should be no voter ID laws.
10) Marriage is not the governments business. You can marry whomever you want. Its the churchs right to say its right with the eyes of god. See point #1.
11) The nation needs a complete makeover of infrastructure, not just as a jobs program but as a reality.
12) Rail needs to become a part of our transportation grid and all parts of transportation need to be combined (rail-road-air) to create a system where we do not need to subsidize air to podunk, america..... because they have rail to get to the nearest major hub airport, just like Europe.
13) Social Security is the backbone of an aging America. We oppose all efforts to take this insurance away from Americans.
14) Medicare is our first try at health care for the masses. It will not survive by making it available to fewer..... it will only survive if Medicare is an option for all.
15) The war on drugs is a failure and its time to admit it. Not only does the federal government spend billions fighting an un winnable war, the states are left with incarcerating millions. Its time to evaluate the "war" based on winability, not moral principle.

These are my off the top of my head thoughts. I welcome your suggestions. It is time we come to an understand of what we all agree on! I love this site and others, but as a progressive, it troubles me to see the pettiness of things and how we always end up beating up on each other. The enemy is not within! We face an election where we could potentially lose all that progressives dating back to Franklin Roosevelt have fought for, tooth and nail. Has Obama been a disappointment? To me, he has, but I do believe that if we make a strong enough statement, he will listen to us. The only way we can get his attention is to make a bold statement about who we are and what the hell we stand for.

Please, please, please keep this positive.

Your suggestions for the Progressive Liberal Platform of 2012 in the comments please!!


Do you feel that Progressive Liberals do a good job a branding what they stand for?

22%5 votes
77%17 votes

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So as I sit here in Finland working (and freezing) because there is simply no work to be had (I'm in the music business) in my home (Los Angeles) I received an email from the Democratic Party, asking me to take part in a survey about how I feel about the direction of the party. I was more than happy to oblige. For anyone that receives this email: let them have it. THEY NEED TO HEAR how completely frustrated we (the base of the party) are with this entire facade of leadership that the DC Dems have been offering. Only the insiders could take huge majorities in both houses and the Presidency, and take us here...... in 2 years. Yes, the GOP has united against us, but most of these wounds are self inflicted by lack of direction and leadership and an absolute lack of guts, courage and fortitude. It is not enough, and its time to call a spade a spade. Here is my response.


What word best describes the direction and leadership of the Democratic Party?

8%25 votes
26%80 votes
26%81 votes
16%49 votes
6%20 votes
0%0 votes
0%3 votes
0%0 votes
7%24 votes
0%2 votes
4%15 votes
0%2 votes
1%5 votes

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Tue Mar 23, 2010 at 02:17 PM PDT

Obama v. Palin

by kclala

I dont need to add any words to this. It speaks for itself.


Do you think the HC victory will translate into momentum on other issues?

80%205 votes
1%4 votes
18%46 votes

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