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Hey, everyone, remember that case,the one in Arizona, involving the kid and the Advil, and the principle forcing her to strip and pull aside her undies because another student accused her of having it?  Remember how the federal courts eventually put the kibosh on the idea that the practice was kosher because of the violations of privacy?  Remember the facepalming about how a local court could right off on it and the relief that the higher courts would actually listen to common sense about the idea of strip searching a kid for over the counter headache medicine?  Hahahaha...those were the times, right?

....yeah, time to stop laughing, since apparently, the Supreme Court seems to be leaning toward the idea that it's the only SENSIBLE thing to do in schools.  Via the New York Times (and with thanks to John Cole for the linkage this morning)

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It truly is remarkable, that somehow the Washington Post somehow, for whatever strange reason, still gets noted as a 'Liberal' paper by people who probably should know better.  With such luminaries as Fred Hiatt, Michael Gerson, Bob Novak, Dean Broder, and the like populating the majority of their Op-Ed pages every day, as well as their insipidly faux-'balanced' political coverage, it really is very much the standard bearer for general Beltway myopia.

So I shouldn't be terribly surprised that lo and behold, with Economy the top concerns of most Americans, and further concerns about our job market, energy woes, etc., that they would raise the corpse of the career of one of the more insipid Economic hacks in Donald Luskin to tell us "Shut up, the Economy is fine!!"  Because that line did Phil Gramm SO well...

This is the same Donald Luskin that, when Paul Krugman sounded the alarm on a possible mortgage crisis many moons ago, claimed he was an 'Emperor With No Clothes', and continued to harangue Krugman for what would become prescient concerns.  (more after the break)


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Now...I'm not one for early morning politcal news coverage.  I usually don't have time to bother with TV in the morning and rely on the internet when I get a chance.  This morning, I stopped to, if only because I had to check the weather.  What I found was a rather...unsettling whack across the head.

Now the only news channel I actually watch regularly is MSNBC, and that's mostly only for Keith Olbermann.  As such, it's the one I turned to this morning.  Of course, watching this morning, and the characterization of the issues, you'd never think this was the same channel of Olbermann and Maddow.  The spin, the overt bias and softball, and the overall framing was all for the sake of a singular narrative that they seem to want to run with permanently:

Obama is in trouble, and Democrats need to be afraid.  Nearly every single question was framed in 'How did McCain succeed so well?' 'What can McCain do to soothe these voters now that he's in control?', while we got 'What's Obama going to do about his white woman trouble?' 'Does his fundraising worry you?' 'You think he can win without Ohio now?'  In other words, they're already making the narrative: Obama can't win, because we say so.

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Via ThinkProgress comes this wonderful little nugget of crap, from our favorite 'Democratic War Critic', Michael O'Hanlon.

From the CBS News report, on just how Bush's legacy might be considered in the years after his presidency, we get treated to O'Wanklon, doing his best to rewrite history on Iraq.  The piece allows him to tout the "success" of the surge, before we get this tasty little piece of spin:

"He went to war in a deliberately cavalier way," O'Hanlon said.  "But let's also be fair. Iraq now seems to be a quasi-functioning Democracy without weapons of mass destruction, without genocides against citizens or attacks against its neighbors. So to some extent, we gotta give our president his due."

(emphasis ThinkProgess's)

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Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 10:35 PM PDT

API: Undermining Obama on Drilling

by Kryptik

I'll leave aside the praise for Obama's speech.  That much is easily handled by the front pagers and the others around here.  I just want to inject a little bit of reality into things, as much of a damper as it might be:

The Fight on Offshore Drilling Isn't Over Yet.

As strongly as Obama came down on the issue in his speech, one of the things I immediately noticed in some of the aftermath coverage on MSNBC, between the adulation of most of the personalities was a certain ad.  One that directly undermined Obama's call against Offshore Drilling, funded by the American Petroleum Institute, calling for what is essentially McCain's energy policy instead: "DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!"

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I know that this matter has been blogged about repeatedly before, but I need to get it off my chest. YES, this is another Wright diary.  No, it's not about how it's going to effect Obama or his rejection of Wright or whatever.  This was drummed up pre-Obama statement, and it's a sum up of my feelings on the whole dumb, dumb, dumb matter, taken and expanded upon from Glenn's post on the whole thing:

I want to quote a great mind and political genius as far as this Wright mess goes:

Yeah, about time for me to get a little drink of water. Figure this stuff is safe to drink? Huh? Actually I don't care if it's safe or not, I drink it anyway. You know why? Cause I'm an American and I expect a little cancer in my food and water. That's right, I'm a loyal American and I'm not happy unless I've let government and industry poison me a little bit every day. Let me have a few hundred thousand carcinogens here....Ahh, a little cancer never hurt anybody. Everybody needs a little cancer I think. It's good for you. Keeps you on you're toes.  (more below the break)

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Earlier this week, it was noted that John Gibson of Fox News, on his radio show, made an utterly bizarre attack on Jon Stewart by mocking his post 9/11 commentary, on a show where he was defending the idea that another 9/11 was necessary in this country for the sake of 'national unity'.  I made a diary on this as did BruinKid (who's diary I don't have the link to ATM).

As many have already noticed as well, Jon Stewart took obvious offense to this, the subject coming up (though not explicitly) in his interview with Stephen Hayes.  Quoting him: "You know, I myself had some idiot from Fox playing the tape of me after September 11th -- very upset. And them calling me a phony (...) because, apparently, my grief didn't mean acquiescence."

Well, John Gibson took offense at Stewart's offense.  On two different occasions, no less.  On his August 14th show, he talked about the 'War on Gibson', in a strange moment of egocentricity.  On the 16th, he went at it again, stating that Jon Stewart was  "purposeful(ly) misunderstanding" his mocking comments.  (more beyond the fold).

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I'm surprised I didn't see this on earlier, and I might have overlooked a diary on this earlier, but the utter unmitigated gall and shamefulness of it all has to be highlighted.

On his August 10 radio show, only a day or two after hosting the columnist Stu Bykofsky, the Philadelphia Daily News writer who opined that 'To Save America, We Need Another 9/11', John Gibson defended him further, putting out the question about whether people agreed or not.  After taking a caller, his producer asked if he remembered 'what the media was like' after then.  Gibson's immediate response?

"Jon Stewart sobbing."  He then goes off to playing an audioclip of Jon Stewart's heartfelt comments on 9/20/01, interjecting himself sardonically and mockingly.  To finish it off, his producer, "Angry Rich" got in one last comment, calling Stewart a 'phony'.  (more after the break)

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Sun Aug 05, 2007 at 08:40 AM PDT

My Letter To Congressional Democrats

by Kryptik

It has been over a year since I made a diary here at Daily Kos, as other blogs have taken my attention.  However, with my severe disappointment and depression over the capitulation of Democratic Congressmen over the FISA bill, I felt I had to speak, both to them and to fellow Kossacks, to voice my disgust and malaise.  So I present my letter, which I plan to mail to the Congressmen of all three states I have resided in before and now, as well as the Majority leaders of each house, to explain my sadness with their actions.

"Dear Honorable Senators/Representatives of the United States Congress,

I wish to start by saying that I respect the work that you do in Washington, D.C. and I have respect for the offices that you represent, both in states that I was a former resident in and am currently a resident in.  (Complete letter) below the fold)

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So I decided to take the dive yesterday and get some real, physical involvement into the political process and attended a meeting for the group Democracy for Baltimore.  It was an interesting experience to say the least, and I got more than my handful of jobs to try and do.  One of which was to try and find people within Maryland's 2nd District in order to help convince the rep there, Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, to take a stand on HJR 543.

(more beyond the fold)

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It's been a while since I've done one of these threads, mostly because of the off time Real Time has had, but also because none of them seemed diary worthy lately until last night's.  So, here comes Real Time once again!

This week's panel was author Erica Jong, Seth Green of Robot Chicken, and a real robot chicken, Rep. Dana Rorbacher of California, with guests Robert Wuhl and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

For analysis...well, check below the cut.

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Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 03:07 PM PST

So that's it then? Is It Hopeless?

by Kryptik

So that's it.  Only 25 votes.  Just a little more than half that was necessary.  With cloture reached, Alito pretty much IS a given, as much as the media wanted to announce it early.  And with ALito on the Court, it's easily become yet another conquest for the Republican Party...


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