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I know very little except what the ACLU just said on Twitter:

News 3 here in Madison, also on Twitter, quotes from the ruling:

"It is DECLARED that art. XIII, § 13 of the Wisconsin Constitution violates plaintiffs’ fundamental right to marry..."

I'll add more info as it comes, or I'll just take this diary down if someone else posts more and better info ... just wanted you all to know!


Last week, Jason Collins became the first openly gay player in the four major male sports in America. Like literally thousands of others, Green Bay Packers alum LeRoy Butler (inventor of the Lambeau Leap) tweeted his support in four words: "Congrats to Jason Collins."

Those four words got him disinvited from a speaking engagement at an unnamed Wisconsin church. The topic of the planned speech? Bullying. F'real.

Well. I tweeted Mr. Butler that he'd be welcome at my church. Which I knew to be true, because I'm on the vestry (board of directors) and I know my church is loving and welcoming. And then I got to thinking ... why leave it at a tweet? So ... google google google, click click click, email email, and I'm proud to say St Dunstan's Episcopal Church in Madison, WI has picked up the slack for our less welcoming brothers and sisters in the faith, and Mr Butler will deliver his speech to the youth of our community.

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Scott Walker is making us show ID to vote.

Rep. Don Pridemore wants to make everybody show proof of citizenship along with their driver license and proof of insurance when they get pulled over for speeding.

And now you'll need an ID to attend an official state event where Governor Scott Walker is speaking.



Would you show your ID just to hear Scott Walker speak?

3%4 votes
61%74 votes
35%42 votes

| 120 votes | Vote | Results

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I'm so proud of Madison.

As you saw in Clarknt67's excellent diary, The National Organization for Marriage (But Only Our Kind of Marriage, Without Anything Gross Like Men Kissing Each Other) is on a national tour, spreading their particular brand of hatred.

They showed up in Madison, Wisconsin, today, and ... well, the pictures speak for themselves.

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Mon May 17, 2010 at 01:06 PM PDT

Why's it still called "Arizona?"

by leftilicious

As noted in this diary, Arizona's in a world of hurt, tourism-wise, because the government has decided to alienate everyone whose skin shade is anything darker than what the Walmart Paint Department would call "creamy eggshell."

Here's the issue, from where I sit. They've institutionalized profiling, and they're trying to do away with ethnic studies. It's clear that they want to drive out anybody even slightly tan and become an enclave for the lily-white. BUT. They've really only gone half way. If you're gonna go white, go white, people. Don't be shy. Go all the frickin' English-speakin' way.

Get rid of the immigrant, non-English, non-white name of your wonderful desert of a state!


What should that state where the Cardinals play football be called?

27%36 votes
15%21 votes
30%41 votes
11%15 votes
9%12 votes
6%8 votes

| 133 votes | Vote | Results

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Former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G Thompson will not "stick it to 'im" and challenge Russ Feingold for his Senate seat.

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Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 08:40 AM PST

DKos Needs a Mobile Version.

by leftilicious

Hi. My name is Leftilicious, and I'm a Kossaholic.

I stop by to read at least several times a day. My new job is really busy so I don't get a chance to comment or diary as much as I used to, but still, this is where I get my news, my gossip, my rumor, my conspiracy theory and my conspiracy theory debunking. I thought my Kossaholism would diminish somewhat after the election, but it hasn't.

Which isn't a bad thing, usually.

The problem over the flip....


So how about it?

74%44 votes
1%1 votes
8%5 votes
15%9 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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So, McCain's on my teevee launching a "tough new attack!"(tm) on Obama.

First, one should note, that right before he launched into the attack, he winked. Honest to gosh.

It was kinda gross.

Anywho ...

McCain is still delivering his "Get offa my lawn!" speech, so I don't have a transcript or video yet, but he did just drop an interesting nugget which I will paraphrase below the fold.

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Ok, so I've only got the one house, and usually I remember where it is. And I sure as hell know how much it cost.

Which is to say, less than half of what Cindy McCain's GOP convention outfit cost.

That, according to Vanity Fair's fashion department.

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So, I'm a journalist by trade and training, working in politics because a politician I believe in asked me to.

But I still get all the press releases. I still subscribe to the PR NewsWire and whatnot. And today I got the funniest damn press release ever.

The headline - I shit you not - is:

The Miss America Organization is Proud To Announce Former Miss Alaska Contestant, Sarah Heath Palin as Vice Presidential Republican Candidate


Should I call the Miss America Organization's press shop, pretend to be writing a story, and post the results on DKos?

61%91 votes
12%18 votes
25%38 votes

| 147 votes | Vote | Results

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Several outlets are reporting that Texas Congressman Chet Edwards is on the short list. He has told CNN that he WAS vetted and has NOT spoken to Senator Obama recently.

As we know, Obama called several, if not all, of the declines yesterday.

So. My first thought was that they had already printed up all the Obama/Edwards signs and shirts and other swag and then John kinda admitted the one thing you never want to admit to, and then the Obama people were like shit. We have all this crap. Can we just cross it out and write Biden? No? Shit. What do we do now?

But then I got to thinking about it a little more and ... you know what?

I love it.



22%29 votes
41%53 votes
35%45 votes

| 127 votes | Vote | Results

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For crissakes people.

This is a nontroversy (love that word) but it speaks to a larger issue.

You guys are doing what Dems always do. Acting afraid. Playing not to lose. Worrying. Whining. And wimping out.

Waaaaay too many of you are running around like goddamm chickens with your heads cut off over Barack's "refusal" to fist bump a kid.

Now, I'll give you "moving to the center" and "capitulating on FISA" and stuff because even though I don't think those things are true, they are complex issues that can be debated.

But god DAMN it you guys are suckers if you think Obama really refused to fist-bump a kid.

Follow me, please ....

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