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Just a little ditty from our Local Rag, The Oregonian. Now, I'll be honest, the Oregonian has not impressed me much for the last couple of years, but I happened to catch a Dead Tree edition at a coffee shop and read this front page article and, credit where it's due, it's pretty damned good.

Step over the Willamette Rivulet for the story:

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So, I got to wondering about the "Middle Tax Class Cut" that the Senate passed this year that has become the focal point of the "Fiscal Bluff" we are quickly approaching.

Specifically, I wondered about how long the tax cut was for. Permanent? Temporary? Just how long?

Well, as is so often the case, the Google Machine came to my rescue, but also gave a few fun little tidbits that I'll share just below the Mystical Orange Whackadoodle...

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Just a short diary about the Occupy Portland march in Portland, Oregon on Thursday. I was at the earlier part of the protest-from 12:30-3:00 or so and saw the crowd swell at Waterfront Park (of course I forgot my camera). How many? Dunno, but it overflowed into Ankeny Plaza. Yeah, that's right-I was hangin' with my peeps at the Skidmore Fountain! It was pretty cool...the bullhorn that the speakers used were crap, so the crowd repeated every 5 or six words..."I'd like to thank you all..."..."I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL..."..."for letting me speak today..."..."FOR LETTING ME SPEAK TODAY..."... You get the idea. I couldn't help thinking that the person that writes an app so you can hear the speakers on your cell phone would be a millionaire at 5 bucks a pop-but that might spoil the "crowd dynamic".

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Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 04:28 PM PST

My Flag.

by liberte

Today, I did something that I have been waiting to do for eight long years.

I removed My Flag from it's mount and replaced it with my new one.

I have watched My Flag slowly decay since I first moved it to half mast (or an approximation on my small post) on December 12, 2000, the day the Supreme Court installed the Pretender to the Throne. I vowed that day to not move it to it's proper place at full mast until the United States had an Honest Occupant in the White House, elected by the People, not selected by Elites.

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Fri Sep 19, 2008 at 08:46 PM PDT

The Sign of Racism-Literally-In Oregon

by liberte

And it's a big sign! 4 foot by 8 foot and three quarter inch thick, to be exact.
This is the second post about two ballot measures that are coming to my rural county in northwest Oregon.
My first post, about measure 5-190 (the one on Dkos-where I introduce you to Columbia County, Oregon and the measures), can be found here.
The scans that I have made of the measures and the applicable Oregon state law can be found on My Own Humble Blog here,at
This post is about measure the sister measure, 5-191.
Welcome to my little corner of the wedge issue world.
Now, jump the fold with me!

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This is a rewrite of a post I made last week on My Own Humble Blog It's different in two major respects: First, it's assumed at Columbiablues that you know who Wayne Mayo is and what measures 5-190 and 5-191 are (not to mention where the hell Columbia County,Oregon is) I'll introduce them all beneath the fold. Second I have scans of the two measures and the applicable Oregon state law on my blog. I'm not going to photobucket the scans-if you want to look at them you can see my post here
I feel this is an important issue because it illustrates how the right wing distracts the left and forces us to use our resources with uncoordinated, yet systematic attacks.

Now-on to my post:

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Sun Jul 27, 2008 at 10:47 AM PDT

My Man Merkley-or Jazzed on Jeff!

by liberte

I have to admit that in the run up to Oregon's May primary, I was more of a Steve Novick guy. I liked his attitude and his spunk. I liked his activism and his sense of humor. I liked his positions.

It's not that I didn't like Jeff Merkley. As Speaker of the Oregon House, he led a remarkable session in which the Democrats were able to pass legislation including (but not limited to) increasing primary education funding by a billion bucks, higher ed by a billion four, outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and providing same-sex couples with state granted rights, immunities, and benefits (this, after voters banned same sex marriage). This was no small feat, considering the slim majority that Democrats held-31-29.

But I leaned Novick.

Now jump with me to see if I flail or fly...

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Thu Jun 19, 2008 at 08:17 PM PDT

Quit Yer Bitchin' and Pitch in!

by liberte

Having perused the comments of mcjoans front page diary on Hoyer’s  FISA treachery,  I ran across a disturbing thread...there are a lot of Kossacks that are just so pissed at the current Democratic leadership, that they are just throwing up their hands and giving up.

Jump into the ether with me...

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I accidentally started my "political career" Friday! While perusing my ballot (I LOVE mail in-it gives me two weeks to make up my mind and as per usual, I've got an election, local this time, in which I'll need the entire time!) and I realized that there was nobody running for my local Democratic precinct. I joked with my wife that maybe I should do a write in and she thought it was a good idea!


I loaned campaign $2.50 for the flyers. will you help pay my debt?

21%11 votes
25%13 votes
31%16 votes
21%11 votes

| 51 votes | Vote | Results

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We're laughing our asses off at the Liberte house! It seems that ol' Tucks (Carlson, Not the Hemorrhoid pad) has heard A TERRIFYING RUMOR! If Obama becomes president, he would "strongly consider" appointing John Edwards Attorney General!


Tucks wants to move to Paraguay because

10%11 votes
14%15 votes
21%22 votes
52%54 votes

| 102 votes | Vote | Results

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Well, I'm watching the vote in congress to table (kill) Dennis Kucinich's resolution to impeach Dick Cheney and the vote is R=141 yeas and 50 nays, D=148 yeas 65 nays, when, out of the blue, the republicans started switching votes. Now, this is well after the 15 minutes alloted for the vote, so the time clock has been reading 0 for a while and the vote is not closed, but it looks like r=28 yeas, 163 nays D=152 yeas 68 nays (5 dems and 0 reps have voted since I started keeping track). Suddenly it looks like the dems have figured it out- they're at 142=yeas and 78=nays. will they figure it out? It looks like the republicans will be the driving force behind keeping this resolution alive, while the dems vote overwhelmingly in favor of killing it. I am ashamed. The voting is not over yet, so I'll update.

UPDATE: voting over-Republicans keep the bill alive!


Sun Dec 31, 2006 at 12:46 PM PST

Iraqi Justice, Texas Style

by liberte

We are all aware of the neocon theory of Unitary Presidential Power, and the neocons have just expanded Bush’s power to execute prisoners onto the international stage.

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