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Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 08:44 PM PST

Apparently Dems will lose in 2014

by linnie

I have been busy lately babysitting my 3 yo granddaughter. But while I have been absent from reading the liberal blogs, suddenly, it appears, that Dems will definitely lose in 2014.
It appears that despite that fact that we are right on all the issues; the economy, healthcare, women's rights, foreign policy, the environment, etc, and despite the fact that our people do not make insane (i.e. batshit crazy) and inane comments on a daily basis, we are going to lose in 2014.
Apparently, we will lose in 2014 because of Barack Obama's poll numbers. Also, we will lose because historically the President's party always loses in the midterms. We will also lose in 2014 because of the tremendous onslaught of Koch money that has already been put in against all of our incumbents. But the biggest reason of all that we will lose is because of Obamacare. OMG, Obamacare.
Carl Levin said we could lose Michigan because of all the outside (Koch) money, and because, well, Michigan is complicated. Dick Durbin said we could lose the Senate for the same reasons. We could lose North Carolina, because of Koch money, and because, well, it's North Carolina, and healthcare, and, did I mention, Koch money? Not only will we lose the Senate, the GOP will make tremendous gains in the House because of all of the above reasons.
Through all this, I just hear Dems laying down and dying. I hear House members on the defensive about Obamacare. I hear Senate candidates moaning about being outspent. I find myself just wanting to scream; Will you people please just spend some of your considerable money on finding an offensive message and all of you stick to it? Didn't anyone ever tell you that the best defense is a good offense? Didn't anyone ever tell you to come out swinging, instead of fading to the corner of the ring? Didn't anyone ever tell Carl Levin and Dick Durbin that no matter what they think about our prospects of losing, that they just need to shut the hell up?
My husband and I are dedicated liberals, but what we don't like about our party (and this includes President Obama) is that we don't know how to fight. We have apparently decided that we cannot win midterms, that we can only win Presidential elections. I am here to tell you that we are not going to be able to win anything if we don't give it all we have and fight to the bitter end. In 2012, we were expected to lose the Senate. We didn't. We were expected to possibly lose the Presidency. We didn't. We were expected to lose House seats. We didn't. Also the Kochs and other spent an unprecedented amount of money to defeat us. They didn't. Why can't that happen again? I will tell you why. Perhaps the GOP has adjusted their battle plan (limiting crazy candidates, early spending, pounding away at one message, etc.) while we are shrinking away from criticism on Obamacare. Time will tell, but from my vantage point, unless we change tactics, we will lose.



Fri Oct 25, 2013 at 02:46 PM PDT

"Voting shouldn't make us angry"

by linnie

"Voting shouldn't make us angry" is what my husband said today after we voted in the first election in Texas where we are required to have Voter ID. It is also required that your Voter ID name matches exactly your voter registration name. And they don't mean just women, folks.

We voted in Buda (sounds like Bewda) which is near Austin. We don't live in Buda, but live in Hays County so went to vote early there. Our congressman is Roger Williams, who is famous locally for saying that the shutdown (which he voted for) was an inconvenience for him because his shirts were being held in the Congressional laundry, and therefore he had to go buy new shirts. He is a tea partier...and an asshole!

But, I digress. Anyway, we went to vote and I went first and handed my Driver's license and Voter registration card to the older lady whose job it was to check it out. She looked at it the longest time trying to figure out if the names matched each other. After a few minutes, she said they were an exact match, and that I could vote. She seemed quite pleased with herself that she had followed the rules. My husband was after me, and he got the same treatment. Apparently, his Voter ID and Voter registration had to match perfectly. They did, and she declared him able to vote.

When we finished voting, and were walking out, my husband commented that he was surprised that I didn't say something about how ridiculous this law was. He doesn't like to make waves and I generally do.  I am angry and wanted to say something in protest, but I realized it wasn't her fault that the law was written. She looked pretty frail, anyway, and I just elected not to say anything. But, I sure wanted to.

The only thing good about these laws is that normally, I would never vote in and off-off year election like this. It was all just a bunch of Propositions that didn't amount to much, but I was determined to vote because of what they have done to the laws in the name of "voter fraud". I can only hope there are people like me who feel the same. And because of these laws and also what the Republicans have done to deny access to women's health and abortion services in Texas, I am signing up to register voters for Battleground Texas. And I am signing up to work for the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign.

"So yes", I said to my husband, "voting shouldn't make us angry. But it is going to take a significant amount of anger and work to turn Texas Blue".


I watched Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning only to hear a bit of sanity there from Mike Barnicle. Mr. Barnicle raised the question of whether or not Judge Sotomayor would have been asked about temperament if she were a man. All of the participants on the panel said that no, a man would not have been asked about temperament. I have another answer to that and that would be "Hell no, a man would not be asked about his temperament." What Lindsey Graham wanted to really ask is "Are you a Bitch". There are no two ways about it. Also duly noted by me and by many women viewing the hearings is that he talked down to her like he was schooling a little girl to never, ever, do or say what she said in those remarks. It was humiliating to listen to and, I must say, Judge Sotomayor handled it with grace and with ease. I could not have done that.

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Let's face it. Politics involves a lot of deceit. Candidates proclaim their beliefs that may or may not really be their beliefs. Probably most are not. They appeal to their base. They tell them what they want to hear. What if they do the same to their wives? What if they tell their wives what they want to hear? What if they get into the business of deceit and just cannot stop? These are questions that remain in light of the Mark Sanford and the John Ensign assignations. Do these guys get so used to telling lies that they continue them with their wives and their families? I wonder.

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Thu May 21, 2009 at 01:15 PM PDT

Dick Cheney is a Metastatic Cancer

by linnie

This is a rant. I don't write many diaries, but I am about to explode. This diary is about Dick Cheney. I am suppressing the desire to use really bad words to describe Mr. Cheney because I see that done a lot on this site as if our F-words will strike him down in his tracks and he will never speak again. That will never happen so it is fruitless.

What I want to say is that Dick Cheney is like a cancer. He actually is more like a metastatic cancer. What that means is that you can try to discount what he says (the tumor) and make some progress perhaps, but then he (the tumor) pops up in another venue more virulent and aggressively deadly than the last. And he is not going to go away.

We can pretend that what ol' Dick says does not matter. After all, he has the lowest approval ratings of any former V.P. ever. But we would be wrong. Why are we wrong? Here's why.

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