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Sat Mar 20, 2010 at 10:12 AM PDT

Call THESE Representatives NOW!

by lmenshevik

And don't stop.

Whether or not you live in their districts, call the following Congresspeople (who are either undecided or are progressives who are considering opposing the legislation) and ask them to vote in favor of health care reform so that we can finally begin fixing our broken health care system.

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anyone else on the ground that can counter this anecdotal report? i'm seeing a lot of these and the TPM post below pretty much summarizes most of what i've been reading about the race.

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a tpm reader gives us a glimpse of what will happen tomorrow:  

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Conflict Of Interest? Daschle Promotes Co-ops Which Dovetails With Interests Of His Industry Clients


Which clients you ask?  Only the biggest health insurance industry in the entire country, UNITED HEALTH

One of every $700 spent on health care in this country went to pay Mr. Hemsley, CEO of United Health, according to Elizabeth Edwards

UnitedHealth has spent $12.7 MILLION lobbying Congress against the cost of coverage for families, which would have paid for health care coverage for 992 families of four for one year.

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TPM reporting: Lanny Davis: Whole Foods Dust Up An Example Of Extremes On Both Left And Right

Yes, Lieberman ally Lanny Davis is defending Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, and admits he helped Mackey write the Op-Ed! Lanny's support and his co-authorship is even a more compelling reason to boycott Whole Foods.

Here's Lanny:

"The John Mackey piece, which I actually helped him a little bit on, has really been distorted as often happened in the blogosphere where people have short attention span," Davis told me.

Davis says the dust up over Mackey's op-ed is "an example of how we on the left start to mirror the extreme tactics on the right."

Short attention span?

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So earlier today there was a story saying Rahm Emanuel was telling liberal groups to stop running Ads against blue dogs.  So now, straight out of the whitehouse these groups whose pressure actually worked to get some on board are telling us to stop?


Right after the Whitehouse made a sweetheart deal with  Billy Tauzin of PHARMA and who knows who else??  Tim Noah, a reform supporter at who has been largely supportive writes: Obama's Biggest Health Reform Blunder: How Big Pharma's Billy Tauzin conned the White House out of $76 billion.

And now we hear from Greg Sargeant it was more forceful than that: Rahm Slammed Dems Attacking Other Dems As “F–king Stupid,” Sources Say

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Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 07:01 PM PDT

Where are OUR rabble rousers?

by lmenshevik

We spent most of Monday reporting on these tea-bagging crowds going to Democratic health care town hall meetings to shout down the hosts and shut the events down. It's classic agitprop, very akin to the 'Brooks Brothers riot' down in Florida during the recount.

But where's the other team?

Folks can whine on endlessly about outfits like Freedom Works putting these rackets together. But if the president's plan has any public support they should be able to get supporters to these events too, right? Not to pull the Black Shirt routine but to provide some public demonstration that there's real public support for making reform a reality.

If there is.

So that's the question. Where's the other team?

--Josh Marshall

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The Washington Post's Best Columnist and Blogger Is Fired

The WaPo's statement drips with condescension:

Sometimes features must be eliminated, and this time it was the blog that Dan Froomkin freelanced for

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You really have to read this to believe it. I never thought something like this could come out of his mouth of all people, and i do hope he comes out to say that he misspoke, but i am past anger and just stunned and staring blankly at my computer after having read this.

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Blue Cross Trying to Kill KEY Plank of Obama Plan....THE PUBLIC OPTION.

Last Friday, the health insurance industry showed how much contempt it has for Obamacare, the plan with the public option that Americans desperately need, especially in this time of crisis, then they are one illness away from total bankruptcy. And now THIS??? (see after the fold)

This is truly a time for alarm. If we're not vigilant about this it will fail. Remember what Obama asks of us: complacency will not get things done. It doesn't matter what your problems with Obama are, you must take action. And i say to those who would call me alarmist that you, especially, better be doing your part in this fight that has yet to be won after half a frakkin century. There is no common ground to be found with the health insurance industry. Don't be naive. They are required by law to make a profit. That's the primary point of their existence. PERIOD. We draw the line in the sand at a medicare like public option.  

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Now You Can Vote for the Minnesota Recount

or at least on which Minnesota votes should count.

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During MSNBC's coverage today, according to Media Matters, the cable news network continually aired "graphics that purported to show "POLL CLOSING" times for each state.

But in states that cross over time zones, the times listed in the graphics reflected the western-most time zone in the state, in which polls close an hour later than the rest of the state. Thus, people watching MSNBC in the eastern portion of some states could be left with the impression that local polls would be open for an hour after they actually close."

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