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I searched for content on the Market Basket saga now erupting here in New England on the site, and didn't find anything.  Apologies if I missed it.  But it's an amazing story about corporate greed, the power of labor, and the community.  


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Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 06:05 AM PDT

Calling community preservationists!

by magpie02141

Hi, I'm a longtime member of the dKos community -- I think I joined in 2003, back when GWB and his minions cast a dark shadow over the land -- but I'm mostly a lurker now.  Stupid job!    But I have a question and maybe a pleas for help...

I live in a small city outside Boston, Medford.  It's experiencing lots of growth these days and was just named "Best Place to Buy a Starter Home" in Greater Boston by Boston magazine.  That's high praise for a rough little hamlet run by the Mob not that long ago.

There's a old mansion, a designated historic property, the city owns that is run down and in need of repair.  Many in Medford wants to renovate it (cost: 3M to start) and then run it as a function hall (weddings, other parties).  The city could float a bond and then the property could actually start paying it back relatively soon.  It should be noted that the city floats many bonds for things like technology in the school, a playing field for the kiddos, etc.  BTW none of those bonds would be paid back.

Other screams that we have bigger priorities like a new fire station, fixing all the potholes after a nasty winter.  They also cite the expense of widening the driveway for firetruck access (because apparently if the truck is there FOR A FIRE and gets another call, it won't be able to turn around and take off ???), a wobbly business plan, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They say do it later, even though costs will continue to rise. They say don't do it all, as there are concerns about traffic and noise.  Some critics cast it as a battle between "old" blue collar Medford and "new" professional Medford.  

I argue that it's not a zero sum game and we can get that new fire station, fix the potholes AND rehabilitate this historic home. I am wondering how best to proceed.  The pissed off side of me wants to shame these city councillors who take the easy route of passing the buck on renovation year after year. The non pissed off side of me wanted to ask the Daily Kos community if they have any ideas on how to generate attention, interest and enthusiasm for this project.

Thanks in advance!  Medford thanks you!


Mon Feb 13, 2012 at 04:34 PM PST

The slow-motion train wreck

by magpie02141

I’m writing this on behalf of my sister in law “Karen”, a lovely, hilarious, generous, sharp-tongued Detroit Red Wings superfan whose work life seems to mirror the overall decline in US labor in the last thirty years.  I’m not the praying sort, but her situation prompts me to say a few words on her behalf to – well, the universe at least, and DailyKos readers who might understand her situation.

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The Boston Globe's "Political Intelligence" column tries to use the old "Al Gore said he invented the internet" tactic on Elizabeth Warren:  

In a new interview, Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren claims much of the credit for the Occupy Wall Street protests sweeping the nation.

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” the Harvard Law School professor and former Obama administration consumer advocate told Samuel P. Jacobs of The Daily Beast. “I support what they do.”

While the smarty pantses on Daily Kos are astute enough to understand that this is bullshit, I am crossing my fingers that the candidate and her campaign comes up with a good enough rebuttal.  The foul stench from the article's comments suggests that this is playing exceptionally well with the yahoo vote.


Fri Nov 26, 2010 at 10:53 PM PST

unemployment musings

by magpie02141

It's hard to believe that I got the call back in February this year: "we are not going to renew your contract."  That's never great news to hear; in my case, though, it wasn't for lack of funds but ... well, I still don't know, honestly.  I do know that I had a stellar performer, receiving kudos from national figures on the word I'd done. They told me I was a bad manager (not true)/I was a bad copyediter (true, but not what I'd been hired to do)/I had a bad attitude (only true periodically).

But really, that's immaterial now. What matters is that it's nine months later, and I'm still out of a job. My UI benefits will run out in January unless the lame duck Congress wakes up and does something about it.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do if they don't.  Sell my house ? (Where would I live?)  Divorce my husband and find a richer one?  (He's rich in every way but money). Break into the 401k and 20% penalty be damned?

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I won't go on about today's tea party event in Boston, b/c I'm sure it's already been covered.  I had to leave before Ms. Palin took the stage because I was so sickened by the red meat rhetoric -- you don't have to explain yourself, just mock Nancy Pelosi/Barney Frank/Barack Obama and the crowd will eat it up -- the constant references to the true 'patriots' in the audience, the overwhelming caucasian and 55+ scene.   No news there.

But I do have some fun pictures to share...

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I apologize if this has already been diaried, but I looked, honest!  

According to this story in today's Boston Globe Sarah Palin has quite the history of transferring from college to college.  The headline says 'Palin well-traveled during her college years' and led me to believe that perhaps she'd seen more of the world than Alaska's North Slope.  But alas:

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin seems to have switched colleges at least five times in six years, including two stints at the University of Idaho before graduating from there in 1987.


How many times have you transferred colleges?

23%58 votes
8%21 votes
5%13 votes
4%12 votes
0%0 votes
1%4 votes
53%131 votes
3%8 votes

| 247 votes | Vote | Results

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On tonight is the story "Two local AM stations turn to Latino music.":

Goodbye Air America, hello "Rumba." Thursday at noon, Clear Channel stations WKOX-AM (1200) and WXKS-AM (1430) will switch from "Boston's Progressive Talk" to "La Nueva Rumba," both simulcasting a "tropical" format of primarily Spanish-language announcers and music, ranging from salsa, merengue, and bachata to the contemporary sound of reggaeton

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In the 10.6.06 Boston Globe, the reporter Charles Savage cuts loose with yet another Bush administration outrage, this one about his use and abuse of signing statements.  An earlier diary mentioned how Bush is pushing this practice to extend presidential power and to condition Congress to accept them as legitimate.  Today, however, the signing statement practice has just jumped the shark:
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I'm in Detroit for the holidays.. when I picked up a copy of the Free Press the other day, I found this story on how federal agents are monitoring Muslim homes and mosques for evidence of bomb-making material.  Basically, the FBI has somehow been keeping tabs on private homes and places of worship, "monitoring the air for imminent threats to health and safety", without warrants or legal permissions.

One wonders how they did this monitoring.  Did they drive by with detection devices?  Why only Muslim homes and places of worship?  Or did they install small detectors in certain homes?  Did they pose as meter readers to gain access, or perhaps it was the fed government's chums at Comcast and other telecom giants -- you know, the ones helping them out with tapping our phone lines.  

happy holidays!  

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On the heels of yesterday's victory for equal rights vis a vis gay marriage comes the Massachusetts' legislature's override of Mitt "Lurch" Romney's veto on a bill allowing access to the 'morning after pill':

Mass. lawmakers override contraception veto

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Mon Sep 05, 2005 at 08:07 PM PDT

Fun with PhotoShop

by magpie02141

OK, so I can't get away to head down south to help Katrina relief efforts, and I've already donated a chunk of money, so what else can a girl do other than PLAY WITH PHOTOSHOP to let out her anger over this administration and this unfathomable disaster? Please enjoy the fruits of my pissed-offness, and add your own doctored photos as bandwidth allows.
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