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With the unexpected news that Congressman Patrick Kennedy is not seeking re-election in Rhode Island's First Congressional District, the Democratic field has grown by leaps and bounds, with rumors rising and falling as quickly condo prices in recent years.

Let's look at the field.

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Breaking news from WRNI:

DEVELOPING -- US Representative Patrick Kennedy, the last member of the Kennedy family in national office, is not seeking reelection, WRNI has learned.

Kennedy has won eight terms since 1994. He is being challenged this year by Republican state Representative John Loughlin of Tiverton.

If these reports are true, look for some of these names to pop up as possible Democratic candidates:

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The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to debate Rockefeller's Amendment to the Baucus Bill that would include a strong public option in health reform. 

I just sent the following email to friends and family of mine who live in states of Senate Finance Committee members.  Please take a couple minutes to send this email to folks you know in the states below as well.  I also created a Facebook page.  Let's get the word out!

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With conservative Steve Laffey and progressive David Cicilline out of the 2010 RI Governor's race, I thought I would examine the progressive credentials of Attorney General Patrick Lynch

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Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 03:56 PM PDT

RI-GOV: Cicilline Not Running

by matthewRI

First came the news that likely Republican candidate Steve Laffey had decided against a 2010 gubernatorial bid.  Now, longtime Democratic candidate for Governor, Providence Mayor David Cicilline, has opted against a run and instead will be running for his 3rd term as Mayor in 2010.

Cicilline made his announcement on his blog and on this YouTube video release:

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Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 07:28 AM PST

Election Info for Rhode Island

by matthewRI

First, the question is not whether Sen. Barack Obama will win Rhode Island's four electoral votes, but by how much. has Obama with a 17.3% lead and has Obama winning by a margin of 24.4%.

Here is my guess....

The large number of senior citizen voters in Rhode Island, combined with our large electorate of ethnic Irish, Italian and Portuguese voters and our huge Catholic density, will drive down the numbers for Obama.  In addition, we don't have huge pockets of African-Americans and "latte liberals" to combat these trends against Obama.  And keep in mind that Hillary Clinton won Rhode Island big by 18 points in the March 4th Primary.

Here is my prediction for the final result.

Obama-57  McCain-41

Compare that with 2004:

Kerry-60  Bush-39

And 2000:

Gore-61  Bush-32

Yes, there is still racism in the North.  Perhaps it's because racism is dealt with so much more openly in the South and it is so subtle in the North.  Either way, it's still pervasive.  Even in Rhode Island.

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Mon Feb 11, 2008 at 08:55 AM PST

New RI Poll: Clinton 36% - Obama 28%

by matthewRI

A new Brown University poll of 474 likely Democratic primary voters in Rhode Island (2/9-2/10 with a MoE of 5%) shows that Hillary Clinton holds a slim lead over Barack Obama.

  • Hillary Clinton - 36%
  • Barack Obama - 28%
  • Uncommitted - 27%
  • Undecided - 9%

Remember that Brown University's last poll in September showed Clinton with 35% and 16% for Obama.  Thus, Obama has seen significant movement while Clinton has stagnated.

The poll also shows these general election match-ups:

  • Clinton-43%  McCain-32%  Undecided-25%
  • Obama-42%  McCain-30%  Undecided-28% 

Obama supporters in Rhode Island are encouraged to come to the headquarters kickoff and meeting this Wednesday night at 600pm at 245 Westminster St. in downtown Providence.  Email if you have any questions. 


Wed Jan 23, 2008 at 12:32 PM PST

Hillary Clinton's Economy Problem

by matthewRI

We all know that Sen. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and for the recent war-mongering resolution against Iran.  But with the economy tanking, what exactly is her record on important economic issues? 

Note: Since Hillary Clinton and her allies find it perfectly appropriate to discuss presidential candidate's records so as to best "educate" the voters, I decided to look at her economic record so as to educate Primary voters:

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The RI Future blog has the scoop that John Edwards has picked up a huge labor endorsement: the half million members of the Carpenters Union:

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America endorsed Democratic candidate John Edwards for President at a closed door executive board meeting this week.  With over 500,000 carpenters and tradespeople, the union is a huge pick-up for Edwards - especially in light of the Fire Fighters endorsement for Dodd and the UTU endorsement of Clinton.  The union's public announcement will likely come the first week of September at an event in New Hampshire.


I am absolutely outraged about yesterday's front page BeloJo story about a racial slur used by Ralph Papitto, the outgoing chairman of the board of trustees at Roger Williams University after whom the law is named.  First, I am outraged that he said it and that, according to university president Roy Nirschel, it may not have been the first time.  Second, I am outraged that the whistle-blowers have been kicked off the board.  Third, I am outraged that the University tried to cover it up with this press release from last week quoting Papitto's accomplishment of "the expansion of the board of trustees to include more international and diverse members."  What a joke.

There's more below the fold....

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Rep. Jim Langevin announced today that he has endorsed the presidential bid of Sen. Hillary Clinton and will serve as an honorary chairman of her RI campaign. Langevin released the following statement:

   "I am excited and honored to announce my support for my colleague in Congress and friend, Senator Hillary Clinton, for President. I firmly believe that Senator Clinton has the experience, strength and vision to lead our country from her very first day as President.

There's more.

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At midnight last night, the contract for 43,000 workers at over 230 Stop & Shop stores expired threatening a massive New England wide grocery store strike.

The workers, represented by several locals of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, have already authorized a strike in order to pressure the Dutch conglomerate Royal Ahold NV which owns Stop & Shop to stop their demands of slashing affordable health care benefits.

If there is a strike this week, there are three important things that you can do to help: first, do NOT cross the picket line and shop at Stop & Shop (shop at Shaw's instead); second, tell all of your friends and family to NOT cross the picket line either; third, go to your local Stop & Shop and pick up a sign and join the strikers for an hour or two.


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