This is my first contribution to this site other than comments.

I have two photographs of JFK when he visited Los Alamos, NM in the spring of 1963, I also have a copy of the LASL,(Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory), News printed the day before he arrived. Describing his upcoming visit.

They are amazing photos, my problem is I don't know how to share them as I did not take them.  A friend of my mothers, I was 6, took them, but I know that I possess the only copies.  I asked my mother but she does not remember the man that took  them.

One of them is really an amazing photo. JFK is sitting on the trunk of a white Lincoln-Continental waving at the crowd to his right, he is in perfect focus,smiling and waving with his left hand. The Secret Service man is the front passenger seat is perfect focus too, and not too happy. They are leaving Los Alamos headed back to Santa Fe and the Los Alamos Airport is in the background.  About a quarter mile from the front gate.   You can see the shadows of some of bystanders on the side of the white car,"Mystery Science 2000" is what it reminds me of.

I would love to share them but I am not sure of the consequences, if any.

I welcome all comments.