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Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 09:13 AM PST

Pelosi Quit on Me

by Me

I have not written a diary in many years, but hearing the news that the House Speaker says she does not have the votes to pass the Senate health care reform package prompted me to start writing one.  You have probably already seen the diaries and Talking Points Memo's thoughts on Pelosi's comments are here.  Pelosi's statements mean that she is letting the most important domestic legislative bill of my lifetime fail.  We cannot let her get away with what is craven cowardice in the face of one bad election.  No attempt to spin her words or add nuance to what she has just said will take away the fact that the Democratic Congressional leadership has quit on you and on me.

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The Palm Beach Post reports that ABC has as many as five pages that have come forward on Mark Foley.

From the story:

His sudden resignation as a Congressman, a position he loved, came only hours after he was confronted with e-mails and AOL instant messages he had exchanged with a pair of teenage boys. ABC News since has reported that as many as five boys -- all congressional pages -- have come forward.

Foley is also supposed to be an emotional wreck:

Foley left Washington on Saturday for an undisclosed location. He is said to be an emotional wreck. His older sister, Donna, who always has been by his side during his political campaigns, is with him.
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