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Apologies for the extremely late post.

We're coming off a significant climate development, which means it’s time for George Will to tell us we’re all idiots.

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"Baseball is a habit. The slowly rising crescendo of each game, the rhythm of the long season--these are the essentials and they are remarkably unchanged over nearly a century and a half. Of how many American institutions can that be said?" -George Will, "Bunts"


If only George Will understood global warming as well as he understands baseball.

The venerable beltway pundit has often linked his lifelong conservatism to the experience of growing up a fan of the Chicago Cubs in Champaign, Illinois. Cause for despair, surely; in adversity, he is welcome his opinionated excesses.
It has been a frequent theme for the former National Review editor: in his second baseball book, "Bunts," Mr. Will bristled at the "liberal" tendency to "see the world as a harmonious carnival of sweetness and light." This was anathema to a Cub fan, whose mien of hardship and general drudgery presumably better prepared him for a life of pragmatism and toughness. And, you know, tax cuts.

That’s as good a jumping-off point as any.

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