My God. It is true... it is darkest before the dawn.

I never thought I could feel that I had seen the kinds of sweeping changes in the world that my recently deceased father-in-law did. He died just under a year ago at age 102. Politically, my F-I-L was active until his last couple of years... an ardent Democrat, who felt his future and his family had been saved by FDR. He loved Bill, and Gore. He was a good, honorable, loving, generous man. He was also a bit of a bigot, though to his credit those tendencies all but disappeared as he got older.

Having been born in 1905, my F-I-L saw changes in our way of life that most of us would find hard to imagine. Mostly, I'm referring to changes in technology, and to our material way of life. But those are not what this post is about. The changes I feel so grateful to have witnessed don't have to do with technological advances. They have to do with race.