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(Let's take it out with a little roots music. Click on them or don't, as it strikes you. I hope possum approves.)

Last Chance!
The auction ends soon on the gorgeous photos at the Jerry "Possum" Northington PHOTO AUCTION FUNDRAISER PAGE!

Don't let me underbid you on them all.

Siúl siúl siúl a rún
Go, go, go, my love
Siúl go socair 'is siúl go ciúin
Go quietly and go peacefully
Siúl go doras agus éalaigh liom
Go to the door and fly with me
Is go dté tú mo mhúirnín slán
And may you go safely, my darling

This is the final diary in the possum blogathon. But we're not going away.

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(pico is unable to post here today, so he emailed it in from his undisclosed location. The content is his; any typos or other defects are undoubtedly mine. --melvin)

Please donate to possum securely at his campaign website, or at Energy Smart Act Blue page or at his Act Blue link provided at NION.

Jerry Northington, aka dkos user possum, is running for public office and needs our support. Currently his district of Delaware is represented by pro-war Republican Mike Castle.

Who is Jerry Northington? In his own words:

I am a husband, father, stepfather, worker, consumer, gardener, Vietnam veteran, war protester, and so much more.

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Mon May 12, 2008 at 07:33 PM PDT

For Carnacki

by melvin

I am horrified by the hostile dissection of the American citizens of West Virginia on this site.

These are not animals at the zoo for your entertainment on a Monday night when you are bored, and can't find anything on cable.  

These were my grandfather's people, and my grandmother's, though they couldn't stay, and chose to ride the rails out west to try and find a better life. Not inside a cozy boxcar, mind you, but down below on the rails. You try it.

If you can't hear the soul in their music, it is because you have none yourself. If you don't understand the nobility and the integrity required for their simple survival, it is you I pity, not them.

Go ahead and forget them. I will not.

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Wed Aug 08, 2007 at 10:20 AM PDT

Action: While we mourn the baiji

by melvin

hundreds of sharks are being slaughtered daily for their fins in Ecuadorian waters. This is not a fishery. It is more like the mindless slaughter of the buffalo.

In a cynical political ploy, President Correa recently lifted the ban on the sale of shark fins. All that is required is for the fishermen to claim the sharks were caught accidentally.

A petition to President Correa asking him to reverse the decree is waiting for your signature here. So far it is being spread only on a couple divers' fora. How about a few thousand kossack signatures?

Or do we only care when it is already too late?

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(Originally posted at Truth & Progress)

In an amazing breakthrough, the Howard government and American officials have agreed to a deal that will rid both of inventory of a troublesome commodity with which both are oversupplied.

No, not carbon. That would be silly. And it might, um, hurt the economy or something.

This is an entirely different commodity: human beings. Refugees.

The first round of trading will include refugees from the chaos in Sri Lanka as well as a few Burmese, all being held in Australia's detention center on Nauru, one of the world's few close analogies to the refugee holding facilities at Guantanamo.

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Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 08:42 AM PDT

Urgent Action Alert for Kids Only

by melvin

Mollie Passacantando, speaking on the occasion of Climate Crisis Action Day in Washington recently:

Let's face it people we all know polar bears can swim, but they can't swim forever.

She has taken it upon herself to gather together emails from children requesting that polar bears be recognized as endangered. She then forwards them to the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mollie needs them all in hand by Friday, April 6th. If you know any children who would be interested in helping Mollie, the details are at her blog, Stop Global Warming and Save the Arctic.

When it comes to the climate crisis, Mollie has more skin in the game than most of us since she will have to endure more of it.

Mollie is eight years old.

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Wed Nov 01, 2006 at 05:13 PM PST

While you were kvetching

by melvin

Drought-Hit Australia Battles Climate Change

Every four days, a farmer commits suicide under the stress of failing crops, dying livestock and debt as the worst drought in 100 years bites deep into the nation's psyche and erodes economic growth.

"The current drought highlights how vulnerable we are to climate change," said farmer Mark Wootton. "We will never solve the drought if we don't solve climate change."

Australia's cities are also suffering, with every major centre imposing strict water usage restrictions as reservoir levels fall. Sydney, the largest city, is examining a desalination scheme to guarantee future water supplies.

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Spoilers will be troll-rated. It's all over the news. This season's Runway is hit again with sleaze and accusations of cheating. That, unfortunately, may decide who leaves this evening.

(The photo from Some Like It Hot is included because, as rserven recently reminded me, it's all drag one way or another.)

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Thu Sep 21, 2006 at 03:27 PM PDT

No Wall (Action)

by melvin

Unable and unwilling to unite behind comprehensive immigration reform, Congress is set to fall back on the tried and true: let some juicy contracts with money it doesn't have and scream about Security so no one will notice that no problem is really being solved.

The Senate may vote on HR 6061 on Monday. (Funding? Eh, who cares?)

Time is short. Contact your Senator and tell them no. Phone numbers and email for your Senator

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Wed Sep 20, 2006 at 06:59 PM PDT

Project Runway: Green Is the New Black

by melvin

(I wrote this before realizing there would be no new episode tonight, and decided to put it up anyway. Use the thread to commiserate.)

Face it, you've got to wear something. But future generations may very well need something to wear too, not to mention something to eat and somewhere to live. How will they look back on us?

Below the eight dots, which thanks to you I have come to think of as two minimalist Angela fleurchons, a few links to the world of fair-trade, organic, and sustainable clothing. some of the companies mentioned donate a fraction of their profits to various progressive causes. Somewhere in this jumble of goods, along with the bamboo and soy fabrics, is the future.

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Wed Sep 13, 2006 at 07:03 PM PDT

Project Runway Open Thread 9/13

by melvin

Who will be the special guests?

And more importantly, who will be out an hour from now? It will be very surprising to this fan if it isn't either One Trick Uli or - forgive me - Kayne, Queen of  All Things Tacky.

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Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 05:10 AM PDT

"Whatever It Costs"

by melvin

That is how much we must spend in the attempt to regain climate stability, according to John Ashton, the UK's special envoy for climate change, in the first of three articles on climate falling out of my tubes this morning. His new opinion piece World's most wanted: climate change is part of BBC News' ongoing Green Room series. (John Ashton's cv)

Ashton argues that global warming threatens the ability of governments to uphold their end of the social contract, and submits for our consideration Exhibit A: the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. If the US cannot deal with social upheaval caused by growing environmental disturbances, what hope for anyone else?

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