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This week, Mark Ames over at Pandodaily has been swinging his pen mightily at Libertarians, (and especially at the trend to try to recruit new Libertarian followers from the High Tech industry)

Full Disclosure: I work in high tech as well.

But his big hit was tearing the festering bandage off the connection between Holocaust Deniers, Reason Magazine, and our favorite people in the whole world, the Koch Brothers.

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Anyone following the Bundy debacle today has seen the mad rush by conservatives to distance themselves from the "shocking" racism that has surface from this new conservative hero. A spectacular example was our very favorite, Morning Joe.

Mr Scarborough gave his standard exasperated outrage at Bundy, as he knew that Bundy was no conservative from the start, took a few hits at the "Socialism" of public land, and actually made a few good points before washing his hands of the whole affair.

you can watch the whole thing here:  []

But what caught my ear was his defense of conservatism, instead of listening to these "faux-conservative" racists he said that:

"…there are a lot of extraordinarily credible, conservative, small-government, Libertarian voices to go to. You could read the works of Hayek, go back and re-read William F. Buckley, you can, you can look at Rand Paul…"
Really? Really, Joe, those are your go-to guys? Lets do a 30 second web search and see what we find.
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Tue Apr 02, 2013 at 03:32 PM PDT

Second Place is a set of Steak Knives

by mhanch

You get used to a pretty busy schedule of meetings at Microsoft. Either you let it get to you, or you adapt. I had adapted quite well. I had a full slate for the week, with a fairly important release coming up the next week, and meetings stacked up on most of my days. I had a late call for a "Skip-Level" or a meeting with my bosses' boss. This wasn't all that uncommon, and usually involved a bit of outreach from the higher management, a bit of chit-chat, and back to work you go.

So I completed my round of meetings in the morning, had the release drop prepped for a review later, and made my way over to the big bosses' office. There was someone already in there, so I waited outside. After a bit, she opened the door, and asked me inside.

"Mark, thanks for coming. This is to inform you that your position has been eliminated at the company, and as of this moment your duties are finished."

I was laid off.

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Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 09:01 PM PST

Gun Death or Violent Death?

by mhanch

Since there seems to be such a high volume of Articles recently talking about the huge increase of gun-related deaths, I have to ask, ultimately, what is the goal here?

I hear over and over that we (collectively) should work to reduce gun-deaths and gun-violence in America. And I also see statistics on how effective gun control is because in countries that have enacted strict gun control, gun violence has gone down. (or disappeared entirely.)

But are we asking for the right thing?

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Sat Sep 15, 2012 at 11:12 AM PDT

Compassion: A Renewable Resource

by mhanch

It has struck me recently, how a diminishing resource in our world has begun to seriously impact our lives. Everything runs through shortages at some point, perhaps with the shortage increasing the value in the short term, but as I have seen the value of this seems to be lessened as well.

The resource that I am talking about is compassion.

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Tue Sep 11, 2012 at 04:46 PM PDT

Downhill from here

by mhanch

I had a great discussion with my wife Yulia this evening about exercise, health and food. anyone who has read anything that I write or post knows that I am obsessive about trying to be, at least, generally healthy. Growing up as a “skinny kid” I never thought about health growing up. I had a super-fast metabolism all the way through college, and didn’t gain weight, and even when I exercised a lot, never really built muscle.

So I never looked at what I ate. It didn’t matter. I ate entire cakes, drank endless beer, whatever. I just never gained weight. and the problem is that if you don’t get actually fat, you never think about if you are actually healthy or not.


What your experience with Fitness?

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24%6 votes
36%9 votes
12%3 votes
12%3 votes

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Well color me not surprised.

Twitter is a atwitter this evening with the news that the hacker group Anonymous mounted an attack against a series of White Supremacist groups, generally smashing, exposing, and defacing the sites. That in itself is at a  minimum, worthy of note, but the kicker is what they found at one of the sites.

--fold here-----------------------

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Thu Feb 24, 2011 at 01:43 PM PST

Weight Loss Kos: Fructose is a Poison

by mhanch

Anyone who has spent any time thinking about their diet, has put thought into the topic of sugar. And if you have paid attention to recent industry marketing, it is hard to avoid seeing how the sugar and processed food industries are trying to convince everyone that High Fructose Corn Syrup is "natural" and just as healthy as table sugar.

And they are right, both are deadly.

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Mon Feb 14, 2011 at 09:39 PM PST

You are what (not how much) you eat

by mhanch

(Reposted from Cognitive Dissonance)

Editors note: Someone asked about a diet posting here... so enjoy

So about five years ago I clocked in at around 240 pounds. It's pretty easy to get up there in weight if you eat tons of garbage, never exercise, and don't pay any attention for a few years.

It finally came to my attention when I went to a new doctor after never going at all for years on end, and he pointed out that I was officially in the "obese" category. That kinda sucked. So I did the usual and picked out a diet and went to the gym. The diet that I went with was "The ABS Diet" from Men's Health magazine, which is a pretty standard "Superfoods" type diet, and it worked OK. The Gym attendance died after a few months when I ended up hurting something or another, and never went back. Just with the diet I was able to get down to around 226 or so.

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[Since Olbermann has opened a can of objectivity worms, I am reposting my thought on the subject of objectivity from a few years ago]

I'm sure this was just some "Blind Pig Finding an Acorn" type of moment, but it really creeped me out just the same. There really is no end to the utter blather coming out of FOX News, and so many of the utter moonbat comments end up as headlines elsewhere. But this time, FOX is correct. I doubt the know why they are correct, and the probably reached their conclusions through some leaps in logic worthy of Monty Pythons Holy Grail, but nevertheless, They got it.

Take the jump...


How objective and impartial do you expect journalists to be?

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Thu Oct 07, 2010 at 02:04 PM PDT

Project Mayhem: Election math edition

by mhanch

Ok folks,

I have a assignment for any of you out there who might be able to ask a Teabagging candidate a question and get the answer recorded.  

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Just a gentle reminder to everyone that since this community is very safety oriented, we are having a drill open to all to remind them to check the operation of their fire extingushers this Saturday (I think it is the 11th).


Only you can prevent...

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59%13 votes
4%1 votes

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