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The 5 minute inspiration or whatever?  Term: "Health Savings Account ("HSA")  You own and you control the money in your HSA. Decisions on how to spend the money are made by you without relying on a third party or a health insurer. You will also decide what types of investments to make with the money in the account in order to make it grow."

Start with a premise and some facts.  This struggling middle class Republican knows and appreciates that the top 5% of taxpayers pay, I’m guessing, 90% of the income taxes.   The government relies on other taxes, tariffs, excise etc., you name it, to fund another big chunk, and then borrows the rest.  Here’s an idea I haven’t heard thought of yet?   Tens of million of citizens like myself check a box on a form that states we are in deep gratitude to future generations, today’s filthy rich, and the Chinese.  At that point a few hundred thousand dollars, maybe a half a million bucks, is then .....

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Fri Jun 19, 2009 at 06:40 PM PDT

Diary Madness

by mightyquinntheeskimo

Part 3  June 19  Three in five.  Catchy eh? Like the Bulls, Phil Jackson and  "threepeat." What a way to run for Governor.  I am the world champion of "how do I help a friend in Mexico by making a spectacle of myself here" diaries.  There's dozens.  And maybe the great citizens of New Jersey will get to see all this Diary Madness.  But no jokes tonight.  From this point forward- I'll test the waters, no calling myself an earnest scribbler, no links to Monty Python.  Let me get serious because I’m seriously trying to help this friend who is back in Mexico; trying to educate myself more about Single Health Payer Insurance and be that candidate for Governor of N.J.   Seriously.  And I want to ask all of you a question, at least anyone I might have lured in so far.  There's lots of other diaries you could be reading, so please come along.

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Marone! Endorse Me (already)  Part 2   When we last left off on Monday, Part 1 was posted and we didn’t know at the time a part two was necessary.   I was at the switch facing my usual assortment of detractors and maligners- and then the plug was pulled on me.  The land line and the DSL failed.  

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Come il cacio sui maccheroni !  Frustrated?  Me?  Them that should be helping me aren't; it's annoying.  English has failed me, why not try working in another language, a little at a time.  Last week was bad for soothsayers. To get lumped  in with fruitcakes like that 88 year old bum in D.C.  You take on that mantle when your unanswered e-mails to all the various organizations get ever more desperate.  Then you crack. Once in a while one of us really has a legitimate message but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack- unless you have the "Bucks."  Urinating out of open doors of speeding cars, jesus christopher!  No cause for concern yet. I’m a little loopy, but before I split wide open I’ll quit this crusade, ranting about Mexico (...running for Governor).  I'll tone down the squeaky wheel stuff and settle for a few thousand votes, or not.  Take it away Fred (Frank? Dylan?)

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Wed. June 10, (yesterday) Day 8 since June 2nd filing deadline.  June 2nd was also the day those two lightweights (IQ not weight) Christie and Corzine had their primaries.  I’ve been blogging about the serious stuff, real manlike, taking my lumps, in the Daily Kos for months.  Those two however will never discuss single payer health care, drivers licenses for our illegals, automobile insurance too; amnesty, boycotting Mexico, and badmouthing the corrupt Mexican gov’t (the folks) that makes it almost impossible for my friend to make a living there.  I discuss it.  Here on the Kos.  Will one reporter ever see this, read all my game diaries and take me up on my offer to go stay one week* in Mexico with this wonderful family I know, and witness firsthand, down and dirty, the economic fiasco the Mexican government has foisted on their poor citizens thanks to the corruption?  

I’m going to manage my campaign myself; big race- lot's of time; and make sure these pricks in the media take notice....

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What do all three subjects have in common?  A disgusted  ATF agent who infiltrated the Hell’s Angels and is subsequently hung out to dry by his bureau (does that surprise anybody) was Diane’s guest yesterday.  

I e-mailed Ms. Rehm immediately after the show.  There's the connection. Really!   You don’t think so? I’ll show you....

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I wish I could say you have one of  your very own dogs in the hunt to support in the widely watched Governors race in New Jersey.  So far, as of this morning , I’m still a candidate and I’m a Kossack too.  You have a bigger tent then you thought.  I started out yesterday very much looking forward to the satisfaction of turning in the necessary signature petitions to qualify me for a ballot spot this November, and then leisurely driving back home after the Trenton work was done.  

Earlier in the day I was nonsensically thinking that pushing for a Drive Your Classic Car to Work Day would be a positive idea to promote, given what’s happened to GM this week.  The e-mail below the fold tells a different story....  

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(No I’ll vent by posting another diary in the Daily Kos about friggin Mexico- reverting back to my wacky writing style..... and with so many You-Tube links nobody will read it. A nascent grass roots campaign for Governor  of NJ focusing on single payer health care  will be derailed- voters will be left to wonder what might have been. Music and Mexico, the two M's F'd my great strategy to win Jersey voter's hearts and minds. Do you like great music? Check the links, I’m your candidate.

We interrupt this program to bring you this news alert........

Increasingly waggish Candidate for Governor of New Jersey, The Mighty Quinn, e-mails House Speaker Pelosi, the White House, the Washington Post- and others, and threatens to blow his brains out. Their response: Thank you for contacting my office, thank you for contacting the White House, and thank you for contacting the Washington Post. ....

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What am I my going to do with you?"   What a friend of mine here in New Jersey, who’s only a few years younger than my Dad- who I was just visiting in Florida- says to me all the time (for perspective  I’m 52).  "WhattamIgoingtodowithyou?"  Or, "Did you make any money today?"  We both mess around with cars, occasionally I’ll sell one that I’d bought very, very cheap; but of course Don’s the only one who ever make's a good profit.  Sure!
But I haven’t sold many cars lately because after seeing a different friend back home to Mexico last year, (20 years younger than me), and then visiting him several times in that poor friggin wasteland, which with a few changes could be paradise, I decided to tell the world about how the corruption buries them, (tisk tisk). Try and tell the world is more apt.  Failing that I then ran for Congress of the United States last year, ha, ha, ha.  

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Maybe...............pass the potato salad please.

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Just like I thought last week when I approached a court officer with a different result, my earlier suspicions were verified today (at the time and place indicated on my jury summons) that a current run for a political office can be cause for polite exclusion; or your one way ticket from jury duty.
Below the fold is the quickly put together cover letter which accompanied the signature petition I began circulating this morning as we sat quietly in a holding room waiting to be greeted by a courthouse jury manager.  

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"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." Capo Quinn to Vice President Joe Biden

Yesterday (teabag day) was cold and raining here in the northeast and I posted  yet another diary because I’m prolific folks. It was late  morning 4/15 and to my credit the diary was unrelated to income taxes, or the FOX news channel.

*and to confuse everyone even more I had formatting issues yesterday, using my new name, today I try again..

There may be trouble ahead
But while there's music and moonlight (moonlight and music) and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance
Before the fiddlers have fled.....   Irving Berlin

Don't worry this really is about Joe Biden (eventually)

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