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Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 02:17 PM PST

America the Beautiful is Not a Movie

by mrollando

What I know about sports, I learned watching movies, but what I know about fair play and equality, I learned watching my parents.  Although movies Based on a true story, have evolved closer to reality since William Bendix played Babe Ruth, the brain damage of inequality requires more than A Hail Mary Pass at equal economic opportunity and Justice for All to tackle an Equal Rights Amendment fumbled by a deadline for ratification.

What I know about a New Jersey Legislature or a Virginia General Assembly is, you’re either for the people stuck on the bridge or against those seeking Constitutional equality, and only those gridlocked in our historical inequality, fear the dignity discovered in debate between equals.

What I know about The Virginia General Assembly and the Equal Rights Amendment is, non-attorney Delegate Mark L. Cole, claims the Va GA cannot legally consider the Equal Rights Amendment, after the Virginia Senate passed it with the support of several attorneys including Senators Henry Marsh and Creigh Deeds.

What I know about Tuesday February 11, 2014 is, it’s the day for men to get in touch with their equal feminine side.  Crossover Day is the last day for each house of the Virginia Legislature to act on its own legislation, excluding revenue bills and Budget Bills.  So it’s the perfect day to call (804) 698-1088 or email Delegate Mark L. Cole and tell him to lead Virginia by an example for what you want America to be:  the greatest generation who fought WWII to save and value the culture of all people, or the America granting only white people the privilege of singing America the Beautiful in soft drink commercials.

What I know about theatre and politics is, while they often co-mingle, auditions offer equal opportunity for a role, while politics still tips the land of opportunity in favor of men making more money than women for doing the same job.

What I know is, The Equal Rights Amendment is an economic equality debt we failed to pay our grandmothers and their grandmothers, that is now due to our mothers, wives and daughters.

What I know about those who’ve claimed to be a superior race is, sooner or later history grinds them down into humility, even sometimes producing an all-inclusive pearl of acceptance in their place.

What I know about The Hill and Amendments is, the failure of a McConnell and Boehner 113th Congress to pass SJ Res15 and HJ Res 43 to remove the deadline for ERA ratification, so smells of a plague on both your Houses, that in 2014 voters just might elect a new Congress that will work together for the equality of all Americans, because…

…What I know about The Golden Rule and America is, until income reflects equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, age, party affiliation or sexual persuasion, we haven’t earned the gold medal for brother/sister equality, nor are we American in our skin.

What we should all know about West Virginia water and Corporatism is, the air we breathe, and all our drinking & washing water are connected to all the air and water on earth — and it is your pregnant wife, children and grandmothers who are first sacrificed on the altar of coal, oil, CEO bonuses, corporate greed and government corruption.

What I know about you and the women in your life is, whether by corporations, EPA, NSA; in Military, University, Peace Corp; or with an inequitable salary check, men raping women isn’t about sex.  It’s about power, control and intimidation and informed women who now know how much they matter, are not going to take it anymore.


Thu Feb 06, 2014 at 11:48 AM PST

A Not So Sudden Loss

by mrollando

The loss of unity in the state of our union is not a sudden loss, but rather, a methodical and meticulous undoing of more than just the equality of economic opportunity.  

To divide and conquer, division must come from both above and within.
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Tue Jan 28, 2014 at 11:42 AM PST

Our New American Pastime

by mrollando

You people refuse to understand packin’ us.  We’re the victims thrown under your Harvard bus. Going through beer and the motions, most drowning in tea, staying high on hate’s repetitive notions; telling it like it isn’t, like Gary Southern hiding in plain sight from Northern slogans, we need arms extension to complete our cold dead hands.

Matters not, urban blight concrete hard beneath our feet, or people and elk alike succumbing to plight of West Virginia Forest cheat.  We are bankrupted victims needing to bust out of smoked filled rooms in roach motels, or treading backwater to heroic sin, finding those our guns tell us have done us in.

Tell it to the children, of our sisters and brothers, just another twisted chapter blowing in a Connecticut wind like streaming education prejudiced by if only, when.

Our vision blurred by big screen TV news or tiny screen devices, we seek final solutions in a Navy Yard crisis.  Tell it to the Koch heads who pretend patriotic friendship from within, plying us with The Street’s drug din, or sheep dung scented moonshine promising no government is best for our kin.

In lock step with millions blind and deaf to a world all a swirl, both squinting and wide-eyed at smart phone Ed, or stooped over half eaten pizza bread; so militia drugged in our head, feeling deserted until someone ends up dead.

Tell it to nine year old Christina Taylor or twenty-two year old Jaren Loughner, united in a Tucson parking spot, by an NRA absent of shame yet overflowing in commitment to gun shops selling a lot.  Gun in hand, whether Wall Street traders or street gang baiters blurred by hunting pot luck, we take the mall shot.

Some have bully power to close big bridges, others, money for clichéd politicians paving public office connection toward exempt private tax collection.  Knocking at left behind doors to be sure, are greedy hogs and corporate whores, pushing gun power into our right hand, promising salvation in hunting humans like the Klan.

Tell it to the families from Columbia back to Columbine, LaPierre and other swine assure no background checks at gun shows, is just fine.  Until once again, “Gun!” rings out in our head and ears, not TV but the sum of all our fears.

Now living by the gun, the slaying done, those needing to comfort their powerlessness with powerful arms at their fingertips, we holster for replay of sharpshooting media quips, with nothing new to say.  Divided we descend ever further below, contributing to corporate profits for those in the shadow.

Tell it to the carrying crowd so sanctimoniously Second Amendment proud, hawks defiantly gnawing parents and teachers of the dead, heads now resting in public shroud.

Tell it to Aurora movie goers, texting or not, guns are not the only solution we’ve got.  But as long as guns are the marketed accessory of choice, backwoods myths, education void and computerized devices are our only voice.

Accessibility to weapons busy dealers sell and too little accountability for masculinity marketing puppeteers as well, makes easy access for us all to be shot to hell.

With an average of one school shooting from university to Sandy Hook age every other day, not counting malls and theatres by the way; may be what blows us all away.

Tell it to the NRA smiling over increased sales of gun supplies, making their Happy New Year over our dead eyes.

Tell it to Moms demanding action armed only with dreams of what might have been and tearful foreshadowing passion.

Tell it to them with boycotts at Wall Street towers.  Tell it to government with rings of parents and teachers encircling corporate propped powers.

Telling truth is simple:  guns don’t kill people; but people with guns do.

You must remember this:  We pay more for a lack of knowledge than we do for university, church, firing range or street smarts.
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Tue Jan 14, 2014 at 08:34 PM PST


by mrollando

How do we win The Good Fight, when the fix is in?

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Mon Dec 30, 2013 at 10:23 AM PST

Way Ahead of the Memory Lane Crowd

by mrollando

Now that turkeys shop before Black Friday, it’s not surprising that some media personality shows are rushing into 2013 year end memories before Christmas Eve.

As usual, however, media is reactionary at best and redundant as M. O., because we know memories recapture us in the twinkling of an eye, an aromatic breeze, rain on a tin roof, squeeze of a shoulder, or the moment of that burned taste, after a fire.

Faster than a mouse clicked link, we’re back to:  that owl in the woods, first kiss, first time, wedding day, first shared Christmas tree, first moment of silence.

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Mon Dec 23, 2013 at 04:10 PM PST

Reality Toast for the Holidays

by mrollando

Unfair is a word that transforms time into waste.  Though the system’s unfair is a fair statement, without following through for change, unfair is just arbitrary.  The entire world could justifiably chant it’s unfair that America has so much for so few at the expense of so many.

Fair is subjective:  One man’s presidential pardon for taking the fifteen year fall for savvy, fast tracking, plea bargaining, drug perpetrators, is another’s man’s copping leniency for a vehicular quartet homicide, due to extenuating circumstances:  suffering from bad parents’ Affluenza.

Unfair isn’t enough for lives stolen by poverty, ignorance, war, Affluenza or industrial chemicals; or privatizing prisons that profit from the number of prisoners it retains or recycles; or even loss of Free Speech on A&E.

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Sandy Hook, 1 Year Later
Do you feel closure when relatives and friends ask if you miss an ex on their birthday, lost friends at Christmas or deceased parents on their anniversary, as if thoughts and memory shut down like government or shut off as easily as TV news producers forget Guantanamo never closed?

Is forgetting grandparents, Mom & Dad or old friends you fell out with, as easy as forgetting the most infamous American prison on earth?  I mean, forgetting’s not as simple as using political power to close the George Washington Bridge, is it?

Closure is shattered with such questions, especially media calls to Newtown, Connecticut asking how it feels after a year, as though December 14, 2013 yielded the first memory of those gone or thought of those who must survive.

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Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 03:26 PM PST

Not All The Good Die Young

by mrollando

By now, most of us know more about the former South African President, Nelson Mandela, than the moving 2009 Morgan Freeman movie, Invictus.  However, unlike Mandela, there are many unknowns who fight to defend us from the overwhelming odds of global trading of souls, for bottom line indulgences, and they too deserve more from us than a televised eulogy.
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Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 03:05 PM PST

What's The Story With InEquality?

by mrollando

In the early hours of a new day, my thoughts are often filled with the crescendo and decrescendo of American life, like a freight train roaring toward me from some great distance before passing without a trace, disappearing into silence — unlike songs sung to grandchildren of the Virginia love story of Pocahontas and John Smith, or whitewashed history learned by school children of the first Thanksgiving and Plymouth Rock – all the stories we tell ourselves – all the internalized sugar and  spice from the Cherry Tree to Bunker Hill, through Andersonville & The Fort Delaware Death Pen to Drones over Stop & Search New York.

As the Titanic sank in April 1912, men chose to stand by their posts and continue to serve, knowing that would surely doom any hope of their survival, doing so, so others might live.  A hundred years later, corporate leadership is America’s iceberg cutting deeply into our support structure: the Middle Class, and willingly sacrificing those who Stand on The Wall, to increase their sales of weapons of mass destruction.

Without a new composition, this dissonance will harden into an American story and become our song.

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Mon Dec 02, 2013 at 02:22 PM PST

What’s Your Story?

by mrollando

I heard a faint scratch at the door early one crisp holiday morning.  It was the puppy wanting back in after the day’s beginning ritual of chasing squirrels away from the bird feeders, then herself turning on the ground feeders.  Is this our story:  giving and protecting until it becomes inconvenient?

We’re warm and cozy inside with friends and family from near and far, while the scratching at the door goes unnoticed by most.  Could it be unemployed weary of asking, seeking and knocking for attention, underemployment or just an invitation to join in our song?

This is our story:  pages dropping away every day, but hardly missed.  When time allows only for bold typed chapter titles and online headlines, our story drifts into a looping redundancy too much to fuss over; scarcely noticing the disappearance of bees, cursive and reading.
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Mon Nov 25, 2013 at 12:46 PM PST

Camelot is Our Good Deeds

by mrollando

Truth’s past and path can be distorted by the inventions of rewritten history, revisionary biographies and redundant documentaries. American history is more than our individual lives, hometowns or political views – and no matter how fast we talk or write, we’ll never overtake the making of it.

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