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Wow - he's not backtracking, he is running and screaming away from his previous comments.

Former Secretary of State and McCain surrogate Lawrence Eagleburger said yesterday that Palin was not prepared to take over the presidency. Clearly, just saying what he meant. Oops.

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Happy Sunday fellow Kossacks! And welcome to another addition of "Gordon Smith is crying in a corner," A.K.A the weekly Merkley Progressive Roundup!

If you thought John McCain floundered around erratically this week, wait until you see the desperate machinations of Gordon Smith. It was a very good week to be a progressive Senate candidate in Oregon and a bad, bad week to be a Republican incumbent! Jeff Merkley is killing in the polls!

It was also a good week to be an Oregon State Beavers fan. Now, I am more of a Ducks fan myself, but I hate USC, so in this case I say "Go Beavs!" But I digress.....

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Sat Sep 13, 2008 at 06:43 PM PDT

David Foster Wallace dead at 46

by negev79

I am so shocked and saddened by this, I can't believe it. I just read that a great writer, David Foster Wallace, was found dead in his home. He was only 46.

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In 2007, the Oregon legislature passed two laws: The domestic partnership law (the Oregon Family Fairness Act) and the Oregon Equality Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

A group of "concerned Oregonians" started gathering signatures because they wanted to place a referendum on this November's ballot requiring a statewide vote on the two laws.

They've now officially failed. H/t to Marshall Collins over at BlueOregon...


Will all the free time you will have because you're *NOT* fighting this refendum, you will

5%3 votes
3%2 votes
33%18 votes
33%18 votes
18%10 votes
3%2 votes

| 53 votes | Vote | Results

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Well this is interesting news indeed. Will incumbent republican senator Gordon Smith switch parties next? He's been running from the Republican party since May.

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On Sunday, I co-hosted a bake sale to raise money for's efforts to put progressive candidates in office. Wait, what did you think I meant? Something else?

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So sorry to do this in a (my first) diary, but the FAQ appears to be down, and I am extremely curious about this. I am a super duper newbie around here. Hi there, and thanks for welcoming me! If you feel inclined to assist noobs, read on.

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