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Sat Oct 11, 2014 at 01:51 PM PDT

LENR:Time for Another Look?

by newfire

   From time to time I have posted diaries discussing progress in the field of LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, previously known as Cold Fusion. This an important topic because our planet desperately needs a new source of energy that does not release carbon or radioactive waste. I am well aware that LENR is a very controversial topic and that the Daily Kos Community is a skeptical one when it comes to "free energy" so I have endeavored not to  make a nuisance of myself and only to speak up when important developments take place.
    So in keeping with that, this past week saw the long anticipated release of a new scientific report on Andrea Rossi's ECAT reactor.

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      Folks, it is inevitable that Homo Technologus (that's us humans in one of our most salient aspects) will find a solution to carbon-forced climate change that is technologic and paradigm shifting. I say that with the simple authority of the sweep of human history. Paradigms have always shifted before, first fire, then oxen, then rushing water, then steam, then electricity, then atoms splitting. Something new ALWAYS appears and pushes away the old. So one could could argue from the first principle of "paradigms always shift" that it would be foolish to say that there will not be a technologic advance that will render obsolete the burning of fossil fuel and the splitting of atoms.
        Of course the pressing question is will this new technology arrive in time to save the planet. Someday humans will figure a way to release all the energy we need from the fusion of hydrogen. There are grand and well-financed schemes to recreate the conditions inside the sun. Unfortunately the denouement of these hot fusion schemes always seems to be twenty to fifty years down the road, and we know the hour is getting dangerously late
         But's really starting to look like 2014 will be the year that fusion changes our energy paradigm. As evidence I invite readers to peruse this press release:Industrial Heat Acquires ECAT Technology
         An explanation follows:

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      This concerns news that is somewhat dated. I have not seen it previously reported on Daily Kos but if it has been I apologize for stepping on somebody's toes. Beginning January 2011 Mr Rossi has put on a series of demonstrations of his device. Several of them have been fiascos. And each one of them had been completely stage-managed by Rossi himself. Understandably he has been under much pressure to allow a third party review of his technology. He finally agreed to do so and the result, flawed as it is,Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device, was released this past May 16.
        Detractors have had their say but this report appears to represent a potential milestone on the road to replacing fossil fuels. It is brief, contains little hard science, and I think it deserves to be read by anyone who wishes to keep abreast of potentially game-changing energy technology. It concerns a precise measurement of the energy input to and output from Mr Rossi's reactor. It was signed off by seven university professors representing at least four different institutions.
        Naturally the objections to this report have been many, strenuous and for the most part valid, and obviously need to be dealt with. In the interest of saving us all some time I present what I think is a reasonably objective summary of the objections and counter-objections below the fold.

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  Mark Gibbs had been writing an IT blog for Forbes Magazine for sometime. He was one of the very few "mainstream" journalists who was willing to pay attention to the LENR phenomenon. LENR is a potentially game changing energy technology that, if real, is a non-emitter of radiation nor carbon that could potentially provide an inexhaustible supply of energy and a solution to global warming. On July 23 Mr Gibbs posted a mildly positive review of a recent Defkalion corporation LENR demonstration to his Forbes blog. In short order he sent the following to his readers at Vortex-l. Mr Gibbs announces his firing to Vortex-l  If you click through the link you can read Mr Gibbs'  announcement of his firing from Forbes Magazine to his followers on the Vortex-l email archive. Continuing on to the link to Forbes itself you can read the blog posting that apparently got Mr Gibbs terminated. If you then click the Mark Gibbs name you can review Mr Gibbs' other postings on the LENR subject and hopefully appreciate that he is skeptical individual with an open mind and a willingness to engage his curiosity with subject matter that others would scorn.
       It seems the moneyed interests at Forbes grew tired of reading about stuff that threatens the livelihood of their energy advertisers. I can well imagine a nervous Forbes editor asking himself/herself why Mr Gibbs is being allowed to publish stuff that is causing a big headache to the guys who are paying the bills. So I am putting this up on Daily Kos hoping to attract the attention of the really cool folks who will never be in the pay-pockets of the corporate big  boys


Thu Jul 25, 2013 at 06:43 AM PDT

Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Reactor

by newfire

  Ok I admit I have a one track mind. I am fascinated and frustrated by how the brilliantly progressive Daily Kos community appears to have almost zero awareness of the emerging LENR technology. What is inherently wrong with a technological fix that would, if implemented, allow us to develop within five to ten years a planetary energy system that would create an endless stream of energy with ZERO emissions of carbon and no radioactivity? Well the reader's first reaction is likely to be TGTBT. I don't discount that reaction, it makes sense and is true to sound rational principles. So I beg you: if there was even a five percent chance that this is really happening wouldn't you regard it as your progressive patriotic duty to familiarize yourself with WOT's happening? I understand that as a newbie here I have zero credibility, but I will nevertheless state that at this juncture I am >90% sure that emerging LENR technology is actually emerging. When it does finally emerge into national consciousness it is going to blow our collective socks off. Are you the least bit interested? Then I invite you to start with this link: the Defkalion company on July 23, 2013 presented a live webcast demonstrating their reactor to ICCF-18 (International Conference on Cold Fusion- actual tenured university academics including a fellow from MIT among others who are now holding their eighteenth annual meeting-in near total obscurity). So if you are interested in joining the 0.01% of humanity who are in on an amazing secret activate the link:Defkalion demonstration 7/23/2012

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