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I was checking out the Five on Fixed News, to see what the enemy was thinking about Sunnunu's "learn to be an American" line.  And I found myself watching the generally pointless 4th block of the program that is normally about something stupid like what Justin Bieber did.  

This time though they were talking about prescription drugs so I thought I would stick around.  The "liberal" (lol) Bob Beckel was introducing the segment since he's the resident druggie. And then Eric Boiling said something flabbergasting . . .

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Melissa Harris-Perry (who has been doing an excellent job of subing for Rachel Maddow) asked Howard Fineman a real interesting question.  "Is there a structural problem being evident here?" (paraphrasing)

Howard Fineman, as any member of the establishment would, punted and said "Yes."  An odd way to punt but he said that the problem was that the ideological extremes will not allow the government to deal with the major issues facing this nation.

But he, as all establishment members, will NOT look at the real problem.  The government is the problem.  Please don't confuse my meaning. I'm not saying that Democrats are the problem.  Or that we should lessen government services.  We should increase them.

I mean the structure of the government has outlived it's usefulness!  


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Whoknu informed this community and me yesterday about an awesome movement happening on twitter.  Apparently @JeffJarvis became frustrated at the debt ceiling mishegas and sent a couple of tweets that became a rallying crying. As more and more of his followers started to chant "F@%k You Washington" someone suggested that a hashtag be added to it and so a twitter movement was born.

Despite, Twitter's attempt to block moderate thsi movement it has kept on trending and is still producing dozens of tweets a minute from around the world.  This trend had its peak on Saturday night, but it had a great spike yesterday afternoon.  And is currently trending up today.  All in spite of the fact that Twitter is not allowing it to trend (supposedly for obscenity, but it wouldn't let the PG term #FYW to trend either).

Despite the clear message of hundreds of thousands of Americans, the media and the politicians have ignored this clear protest (coming mostly from progressives) against the games they are playing with our country's credit.  This is in spite of the fact that Martin Bashir on MSNBC just told me what Speaker Boehner tweeted and they follow Sarah Palin's and Michelle Bachmann's tweets as if they were Poor Richard's Almanac.

Let us make them hear us!  Keep tweeting! Keep calling! Keep writing! At some point they have to hear or we'll bring the whole house down around their ears!

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Sun Jul 17, 2011 at 07:40 AM PDT

Never been prouder to be a Jew

by nklein

Well more accurately I have rarely been prouder to be a Jew (my bar mitzvah in Israel was probably my proudest moment as a Jew).  But "rarely been prouder" does not make a good diary title.  Still the news that this diary relates truly brought a smile to my face.

The World Organization of Libyan Jews has recognized the National Transitional Council as the legitimate government of Libya.

Excerpts below the fold. . .

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Yesterday, as pointed out by MediaMatters and MinistryofTruth, Eric Bolling, the replacement for Glenn Beck, said there were no terror attacks between 2000 and 2008.  Today he "corrected" that, but really just proved he's an asshole.

He started the program with a segment on two 9/11-related issues:  The downtown Islamic center know as the "Ground Zero Mosque" and that Bin Laden was planning to attack on the ten-year anniversy of 9/11.

When the faux liberal Bob Beckel brought up the question why are we talking about Bin Laden when he was killed several months ago, Dana Perino responded well there was that thing yesterday.  This segment was clearly done in response to the outcry due to Bolling's failure to remember 9/11, which is even more evident by the monologue Bolling used to the end the segment.


Yesterday, I misspoke when I said there were no U.S. terror attacks during the Bush years.  Obviously, I meant in the aftermath of 9/11, but that is when the radical liberal left pounced on us. . . and me.  MediaMatters posted my error saying I forgot about 9/11.  No I haven't forgotten.  You see, I happened to be standing there watching in true teror as radical islamists slammed planes into the towers that morning.  I remember the towers colapsing killing 3000 including 16 of my close friends.  And I really remember trying to comfort the kids of my friends at their memorial services.  I'll never forget 9/11, but thank you liberals for reminding me how petty you can be.

What an asshole?!? He makes a mind-boggling mistake of fact and we are being petty for pointing that out?  

As was pointed out yesterday by BradyB in a comment to MinistryofTruth's diary, there were terror attacks after 9/11, the anthrax attack being only a couple weeks later.  So Bolling is wrong even in his corrected statement, but then again those are facts and that is not needed on Fox News

I will update with a video when I find it.


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First, let me give you the big #: $86 million.  You have to wait until minute 3:30 to hear this though.  Now, this money is split up between OFA ($47 million) and and the DNC ($38 million).  I explain what the organiztion is like after the fold where I will also give you the most important numbers, but I just want to say something before I do.

As part of President Obama's promise (linked to his promise in 2008) to make his supporters feel that his campaign also belonged to them, Campaign Manager Jim Messina released Obama's 2011 second quarter FEC filing first to his donors and not the FEC.  This is the first time in my decade of following national politics that I have ever heard of a candidate releasing his numbers to his supporters before the FEC.

We can get into how isolated we activists feel from the policy-making and messaging of President Obama and the White House.  Or we could get into how destructive money is in politics.  And I would wholeheartedly agree with both points and scream until I am blue in the face that "MONEY IS NOT SPEECH!"

Yet we live in the real world and while we on the left have known for generations that money is not the only force in politics it does play a big role.  And I know that presidents are compromised.  The question is can you live with the compromises and so far I can because I have lived thorugh 8 years of far far worse.  

So here are the numbers:

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On June 5th, a group of Palestinian protestors marched to the ceasefire line between Syria and Israeli-occupied territories. UPI is reporting that 22 people were killed and over 225 people were injured, according to Syrian sources.  Soysauce wrote a diary detailing the incident.

On June 6th, there were to the protests, but the target of these protests was not Israel. . .

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Michelle Bachmann just said on Fox News Sunday that NATO airstrikes have killed 10,000-30,000 people in Libya.  She was challenged by Chris Wallace (a miracle).  And after several Wallace attempts to find her source, she said it was the Libyan government.

This is an absolute lie.  I have no idea what she could possibly be thinking.  The only report that have any numbers that are close to hers are the rebels (who have been arguing that NATO hasn't done enough.)  And they are saying that Gahdaffi has killed 10,000 Libyan and wounded 30,000-50,000.

Ironically this was just before she was asked about her many many many gaffes.  No need to list them.

I really hope that she gets the nomination.  Maybe I can get a job as a factchecker and follow her around.  She could employ a whole army of fact checkers.


George Will this morning wrote a column arguing that Illinois is on the brink of losing 9000 businesses because it imposed an "Amazon Tax" recently.

See my response below the fold.


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Mr. President, if 2012 is "our campaign," then you need to make cap-and-trade a top priority!

President Obama gave a rousing speech to donors yesterday.  Snippets of it have been shown on the cable channels, while blue aarvark and others have highlighted a supposedly private recording of the president.  But in President Obama's meant-for-public speech he emphasized at several points throughout the speech that the 2012 campaign, like the 2008 campaign, is supposed to be "our campaign."  Campaign run by and for the people.  You can see the speech here:

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Throughout the day various counties in Wisconsin have been adjusting their vote totals from election night.  This is an unseemly process, but it happens all the time (it's hard to count thousands of ballots even with optically scanning machines.)  In 2000, Bush's lead on election night was 2000 votes, then it shrank to around 500 before the recounting even started.

These vote adjustments by counties are being followed by WiscPolitics.

Well, Waukesha county just announced their official results and this gave Prosser 7,500 more votes.  This gives him a lead of 7175 over Kloppenburg.  I will update soon when I calculate the vote totals for each now.

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I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing the most ridiculous claim made by Republicans and defenders of Scott Walker "that there are no federal employee unions."  They say why are state workers whining about their collective bargaining rights, since the federal OBAMA administration doesn't give collective bargaining rights to its employees.

That would dramatic news to the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The AFGE has been representing federal employees for 79 years.  The AFGE currently represents 600,000 employees in various departments.  How the Republicans have missed this is quite amazing considering the fact that Newt Gingrich and the Republicans battled them all throughout the budget shutdown?  (Check out this google search and click on an article if you want to pay for it.)

Let's counteract this false narrative.  Join me over the flip.

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