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Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 09:30 AM PST

More IT glitches prove incompetence

by pat208

Oh, wait. These massive interruptions were somewhere else, not at

You mean sometimes there are massive IT failures in non-government organizations? Even in well-established routine application systems that aren't brand new and ground-breaking? Even with vendors who are well-known, market-leading private sector companies?

Yeah, but... but... but... Obama is still incompetent or something for some reason because socialism Kenya detached golf.

Actual letter received today from the administration of a large, successful private university:

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Fri Mar 18, 2011 at 10:57 AM PDT

Newt's District Repels Marxist Invasion!

by pat208

As a lifelong Yankee who moved to Atlanta almost 20 years ago, and a long-time Kossack, I often find myself standing up for "the South" in diaries of the "F*ck the Southern F*cktards" genre.

The common problem, I tend to remind people, is the broad brush, which paints everyone in the South as being clones of Haley Barbour, whereas many Southerners do bear a stronger resemblence to MLK. "And Kerry got more popular votes from Georgia than from Wisconsin yadda yadda yadda."

That said, we do have a lot of f*cking f*cktards here, and the ones who inhabit Atlanta's northwest suburbs - Cobb County, Gingrich's old district - are a special breed. I challenge anyone anywhere to find a county with a greater number of aggressive and obnoxious Neanderthals. Their target today: The Threat of Marxism.

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Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 02:30 PM PST

Looking Up: Upcoming Space News

by pat208

With humankind's ever-expanding fleet of spacecraft making the rounds of our solar system, and the growing number of space- and ground-based telescopes scanning the heavens, new space news can happen any day.

Some events are scheduled, however, and this new regular feature will try to keep track of them for space-loving Kossacks. (Please email me, pat208, with your suggestions and reminders of upcoming events.)

A calendar of upcoming events below the fold.

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Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 10:57 AM PST

Last Week in Space

by pat208

It was a fantastic week for those whose minds tend to wander off-planet. The main event was the long-awaited rendezvous of the intrepid voyager Stardust and comet Tempel 1. Please join us below the fold for more highlights, news and images.

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One of the best Valentine's Day hookups is scheduled for later today - around 9:30p PST. And despite both parties' efforts to locate their rendezvous well away from curious onlookers, it will be photographed and beamed to anyone who, well, likes to watch. And it will be SPECTACULAR!

I refer, of course, to Justin Bieber and Lady... no, no no! I refer to the Stardust/NEXT spacecraft's close approach to comet Tempel 1.

More after the jump...

Image Hosted by

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Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 06:46 AM PST

New Group: Kos Georgia

by pat208

I, for one, welcome our new DK4 overlords... because they bring us Groups!

And they have bestowed upon us the power to create Groups, which I'm sure will be the source of much confusion and many minor kerfuffles in the hours/days/weeks to come.

I'm cautiously optimistic about what they will do to our community, being of the mind that a large gaggle of users needs to have some additional ties to knit it together in multiple ways. Anything that can help humanize our far-flung Kossack universe, and emphasize things we have in common - I'm all for it!

Also, it will help us do our primary job - elect more, better Democrats. And that happens town by town, district by district, state by state. If you're in Georgia, or nearby, or just interested - please join us!


Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 06:10 AM PST

Welcome to Astro Kos!

by pat208

Looks like our community is not splintering into small groups, but enriching our ties by creating new ways to join hands and minds through our shared interests and passions.

One of mine is space - astronomy, earth science, space travel (real and fictional). I hope we can gather other Kossacks who share these passions, so we can share our musings, photos and news.

Can't yet figure out how to create a "group blogroll" in this new environment - my personal recommendations for daily astronomy browsing appear below the fold... along with my invitation for you to offer your own suggestions!

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Wed Mar 03, 2010 at 10:02 AM PST

GA-Gov: Barnes polls ahead of GOP!

by pat208

Not much to say about this except: Georgia is in play in 2010!

Some new polling results from Public Policy Polling show former Governor Roy Barnes (D) leading all three likely candidates from the GOP side.

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The title is an obscure reference to a very memorable weekend afternoon a few years back, when the recent diary list was literally filled up with identical diaries [see screen shot below the fold]. All freaking afternoon.

Not as memorable or iconic as "Delete my F*cking Diary, Kos" or the Ginger-MaryAnn pie fight, or Bob Johnson's diary switcheroo, but it is one we old-timers still remember and occasionally drag out, especially to show our old-timerness, and that we really care about meta.

The reason for the proliferation (see what I did there?) of identical diaries that day was 100% technical, not a community bent on crafting parallelisms and variations on a theme (cough today cough cough).

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In addition to all the great EV horse-race maps we've been posting, keep in mind two other dynamics of the day: what the weather is going to be, and when the polls close.

Fortunately, we cartophiles have some places to go for these, too.


When will we know who has won the Presidency?

8%24 votes
18%49 votes
19%53 votes
22%60 votes
18%50 votes
6%17 votes
2%6 votes
1%3 votes
0%2 votes
1%5 votes

| 269 votes | Vote | Results

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What a day... and what a difference a few days make!

To continue speculating about who our nominee is, or what direction our Party is taking, now belongs to tin-foil hat territory. With Clinton's concession & endorsement today, it's officially over. Done.

And part of the action we can take to make "unity" a deed and not an empty aspiration is to donate now to the Democratic National Committee.


Have you given to the DNC this week?

8%3 votes
10%4 votes
27%10 votes
10%4 votes
37%14 votes
5%2 votes

| 37 votes | Vote | Results

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According to an article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Atlanta-based cable network TNT is "sticking firmly to its plans" to air Law & Order repeats featuring former Senator -- soon to be officially-announced GOP presidential candidate -- Fred Dalton Thompson.

The cable network, also known as the "Law & Order" network for its heavy reliance on L&O reruns, appears set in its defiance of the long-established practice known as "equal time," in which non-news related airtime for one candidate is matched with comparable time for the others.

Below the jump, let's discuss how to teach TNT about justice.

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