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Fri Aug 24, 2007 at 10:50 AM PDT

Health Care Action Alert

by peacenik23

(Full Disclosure: I am the National Community Organizer at DFA)

Hey Kossacks,

Yesterday, Charles posted a diary about our campaign to save SCHIP - and thousands of DFA members and Kossacks made calls to their governors demanding that we resist George Bush's anti-children campaign.

But, we all know that SCHIP is just part of the bigger story of our health care system.

When we launched our SiCKO Health Care Petition in June, we knew it would be a huge success -- and it was. What we didn't count on was the incredible outpouring of personal health care horror stories you shared. Thousands of stories were submitted by members who actually have coverage and still didn't get proper care.

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Mon Aug 13, 2007 at 04:52 AM PDT

Turning Heads in California

by peacenik23

(Crossposted at - Disclosure: I am the National Community Organizer for DFA)

Ten days ago, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen took a major step forward in restoring election integrity by decertifying electronic voting machines with the "potential for serious security breaches". Our DFA-List endorsed candidate followed through on her campaign promise to require a top-to-bottom review of election procedures and take action on the results.

On Friday, I shared some of the success stories California Democracy for America Members had calling their county clerks in support of Secretary of State Debra Bowen. But the positive responses keep rolling in!

County Official:

"It is working. I work for the [] Registrar of Voters, and I receive the website mail, and very few calls, but others in the office have received quite a few, all seemed on message, polite, well-done. All week I have seen that many other counties Registrars' offices have been getting increasingly more.....

Thanks for your Great work"

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(Crossposted at Calitics and - Disclosure: I am the National Community Organizer for DFA)

Last Friday, Secretary of State Debra Bowen took a major step forward in restoring election integrity by decertifying electronic voting machines with the "potential for serious security breaches". Our DFA-List endorsed candidate followed through on her campaign promise to require a top-to-bottom review of election procedures and take action on the results.

Now Sacramento lobbyists and media pundits are trying to stop reform and influence the county officials charged with implementing the changes. Yesterday and today, DFA members in California placed hundreds of calls in support of Debra Brown and verifiable elections and delivered this message:

"I support Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s decision to restore election integrity and ban unsafe voting machines. I’m counting on you to support the ban and protect our votes."

Here is a some of the feedback we received:

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There's a front page diaryfrom kos up right now attacking one of our Democratic candidates.

With indignation Kos claims that:

Let me repeat that -- Obama just surrendered to Bush.

I call bullshit. I call bullshit because Barack Obama was one of those "dirty fucking hippies" - as Markos likes to call us- who actually went to anti-war protests in 2002 with groups like ANSWER - because they were the only ones out there organizing against the war.

But more importantly, I call bullshit because I read the rest of the article Kos cited and I think we may have been duped.

Analysis below the fold.

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Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 07:17 AM PST

Confirmed: Obama is In!

by peacenik23

Sorry for the short diary, but it's official Sen. Obama is filing papers today to consider a run for the presidency.

The Exploratory Committee Website has been posted!

It's about time a candidate who has opposed the war from the beginning got in the race. I think this is the beginning of a historic campaign. For now, I'm going to withhold any more comment. All I can say is Obama 2008!

Sen. Feingold will be on the Ed Schultz show after the commercial break.

You can listen live right here.

Earlier today Sen. Reid was on and said he did NOT have the votes for a filibuster so one would not happen. Lets hear what Russ has to say.

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Tue Sep 26, 2006 at 08:08 PM PDT

Feingold - Victory in 06 and 08

by peacenik23

Many of us here at DailyKos including Kos himself have been talking about candidates earning our support in 2008 by working for it in 2006. For example, a Warner candidacy gains from having Kaine and Webb win in Virginia. Bayh benefits if he can deliver some of the IN-6,7,8,9 seats to Democrats. Even HRC gets credit if she builds a turnout machine to turn upstate New York blue.

But how do we judge someone like Russ Feingold? And how does this affect his chances in 2008?

...the outcome of this November's elections could determine whether [Feingold] runs for president in 2008."

(If you have more interest in a potential Feingold candidacy , head over to

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Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 08:18 AM PDT

Lamont is a Feingold Democrat

by peacenik23

(Crossposted at

The media is buzzing with word of Ned Lamont's victory over in the Connecticut Democratic Primary. Sen. Feingold had been the first Senator to refuse a primary endorsement of Lieberman and insisted that he would support the Democratic nominee. Of course, he never hid his true sentiments in the race and repeated them wednesday.

"Ned Lamont's positions on the critical issues facing our country today are much closer to mine. We need more leaders like Ned Lamont in Washington."

Ned Lamont is a Feingold Democrat. He supports censure, equal marriage, the Feingold-Kerry Amendment for a withdrawal timetable, but there's something more important than individidual issues. Like Feingold, Lamont believes that Democrats do best when they stand up to the Bush, Cheney, Rove administration.


What are you?

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| 73 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Jul 20, 2006 at 06:10 AM PDT

Feingold wows Clinton

by peacenik23

(Crossposted at

Kyle of "Diary of a political madman" (a local Iowa blog) has has an excellent piece on the Senator's visit to Clinton and Davenport over the weekend. As a local blogger in touch with the political scene he's had the chance to attend events for a few of the 08 candidates and has a good sense of their appeal in Iowa.

I'm now the proud owner of a "Run Russ Run!" button, and I would be surprised if the issues he presents don't resonate with the large portion of Iowa voters who supported Ed Fallon. Feingold is also probably the only candidate I'd get up at 5:45 on a Sunday to see, and as it turns out, that's what I did.

Read below the fold to find out why: update: the title was suggested in a comment below. This commentary is about Senator Feingold's visit to Clinton, IA. Thanks

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Senator Feingold made his 2nd visit to Iowa this weekend and I followed him to a couple of the events.

I've never met Senator Feingold in person before but do write over at and am a big believer that Senator Feingold should run in 2008. Meeting him today only reinforced that belief. Take a look below to see why.

The Senator discussed a variety of topics from Iraq, Lebanon/Israel to the nature of progressivism, education, and health care. I expected the Senator to be a bit angrier, but sitting there in an Iowa basement I saw a calm, logical man full of common sense. He didn't yell about the Bush administration but simply pointed out their mistakes and presented a positive vision of his own. There were many memorable moments and I hope you'll join me for some of them below.

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Mon Jul 03, 2006 at 10:27 AM PDT

Lamont: A Call to Action

by peacenik23

Chris Bowers:
Joe Lieberman has left the party. If the DSCC backs anyone except the Democratic nominee, they better be prepared for real consequences. Do not abandon your own party and break your own rules and then expect the plebs who have been playing by those rules to sit quietly and accept it.

There's a concensus broadly amongst the netroots that even if one doesn't support Ned and doesnt believe in putting resources into the battle against Joe, the party must respect the wishes of Democrats in Connecticut.
And, local politicians have been coming out in support of the Democratic nominee from the August 8th primary. (LIST)

A few concrete steps for us to take:

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Sun Jul 02, 2006 at 01:34 PM PDT

Church, State, and Progressives

by peacenik23

A couple days ago, there was a very prominent diary entitled "Is Barack Obama the next Joe Lieberman?". Now, I don't wish to revisit the question in that discussion regarding Senator Obama's speech on faith and politics.

I left a comment to the effect that "there is no separation between church and state" and was met with some snide remarks. So if you have any interest in the matter, let's take a stroll though history, church and state, and wikipedia to see exactly what the state of the "separation" between church and state.

And, if there is someone with legal knowledge out there and  I am wrong, please let me know and I'd genuinely like to hear the details.

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