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Peak Oil is a subject that I became aware of last year through DailyKos ( thanks Jerome ) and have been digging into it ever since. Needless to say to anyone who has looked deeply into the subject, there is a lot of information and a lot of different views on the subject. Indeed, there are sometimes such divergences in the views of the "experts" that you wonder if everybody is looking at the same data. For example, almost every year between 2004 and 2025 has been picked as the year that oil production peaks by people who are in the industry or those who analyze the industry. Additionally, you can also here a welter of experts who will argue about how fast the rate of oil production will drop, the reasonableness of various alternatives, and sundry other matters. With all of this information and argumentation flying around, I thought that I would put forth some of the conclusions that I have come to in digging into this debate. Here are some of the things that I have concluded:

Will peak oil lead to the end of our industrialized civilization ?

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I was watching Hardball on Thursday night and Chris Matthews had on Former Commerce Secretary Don Evans. Secretary Evans is a good personal friend to President Bush and a former member of his administration. Amazingly enough during the interview, there is this exchange:
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 Let me start off by mentioning that one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the decade has recently occurred and odds are that you missed it. It has to do with the ability to mass produce industry ready nanotube sheets  . At this point, I can hear a collective "OK, what the heck are those and why should I care". Step into my lab and let me explain.
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