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A story today in the Huffington Post, with a link through to the Colorado Independent, is truly disturbing, and I don't think the HuffPo headline or angle on the story gets it right.

The story reports on a teleconference hosted by Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a Christian Right organization created to fight marriage equality for American gays and lesbians. Predictably, this group wants to "punish" Starbucks for supporting marriage equality for gays during the November election. NOM is calling for its followers and other Righties to boycott Starbucks. Pretty routine and unsurprising. Lefties do the same thing to companies (Papa John's Pizza, Chick-fil-a) that it sees funding the other side. OK. But NOM is going WAY beyond asking Right-wing America to boycott Starbucks. NOM has declared its intention to partner with Islamic intolerance of gays to stir up opposition to Starbucks selling its products in Arab countries. Please read the article.

This is outrageous. These Right-wingers are willing to make common cause with the Taliban and other Islamic Fundamentalist movements to stir up hatred of Americans and American businesses abroad that support tolerance and gay equality. This is similar to the hateful partnership already underway with American conservatives in Uganda to tutor and assist Christian Right legislators in that country to pass laws requiring the jailing and execution of gays. But it seems to me it exposes another angle of the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the American Christian Right, or what some people are already calling the American Taliban.

These people are so full of judgement and hate that they will make common cause with the intolerance and hate of the most extreme members of another religious group that they condemn as being of the devil. Doesn't this just show that what really drives the Anti-gay right is the same animating hatred that drives Islamic extremists? They are willing to whip up Anti-American hatred, and hurt American business abroad, to promote their anti-gay domestic agenda.

This story has to be amplified and shouted from the roof-tops here in the good old U.S of A. Brian Brown and NOM must be exposed as the anti-tolerant, anti-American, anti-Christian bigots that they really are. I believe many good American Christians and conservatives will be horrified by the actions of NOM in stirring up foreign and Islamic hate against Starbucks and any other similar American company doing business abroad.  People need to know this story and condemn and turn away from NOM and the road of intolerance and hate.

Wake up, America! See NOM for what it is. NOM is bound together by hate to Islamic extremists, and has an anti-American agenda.      


Mon Jul 25, 2011 at 08:09 PM PDT

Let's March on Boehner's Office NOW

by pippintook

I believe we need to March/Rally on Speaker Boehner's Office tomorrow, Tuesday, July  26, 2011 at 11 AM and demonstrate until the debt ceiling is raised, WITH NO CONDITIONS.
Who is with me?




WWDTD? (What whould Tom Tancredo do?)

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