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Sun Sep 02, 2012 at 12:43 PM PDT

Gallup.... still no bounce.

by progresso

Just a quick diary.  Gallup still has Obama up 47-46.  
Sunday(according to all the experts) is the day we were supposed to see a bounce.

No dice.

In fact, looking at the trend it was Obama who had a slight bounce......

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Former congressman Virgil Goode has taken a key step toward getting his name on November’s presidential ballot in Virginia, submitting more than 14,000 signatures to the State Board of Elections.

To make the Virginia ballot, Goode needs to submit 10,000 valid signatures — with a minimum of 400 from each congressional district. Though he has already surpassed that number, Goode knows at least some of the signatures will be ruled invalid, so he hopes to turn in at least 20,000 before the August 24 deadline.

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll in the state of Virginia including native Virgil Goode.  Goode garnered 9%.  Back in May he polled 5%.


What will be Virgil Goode's percentage of the vote in Virginia come November?

7%6 votes
0%0 votes
1%1 votes
3%3 votes
9%8 votes
14%12 votes
15%13 votes
11%10 votes
15%13 votes
8%7 votes
14%12 votes

| 85 votes | Vote | Results

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With the impending ACA decision coming down tomorrow and all of the drama that will follow, I was just curious on how other Kossacks are feeling a day before the big decision.

This is a sort of calm before the storm.  But calm is not what I'm feeling right right now.

Me.....I'm a little pessimistic...I think the Individual Mandate will be struck down while the court will vote to uphold other parts of of the law. I of course believe that the IM is  Constitutional.....but given the courts recent past history....

I am one of many who have a pre existing condition, so this, right now is very real.

How do you think the Court will vote?


How will the Justices vote?

7%8 votes
23%27 votes
10%12 votes
27%31 votes
20%23 votes
9%11 votes
0%1 votes

| 113 votes | Vote | Results


This Christmas season, 78% of Americans identify with some form of Christian religion, a proportion that has been declining in recent decades. The major reason for this decline has been an increase in the percentage of Americans claiming no religious identity, now at 13% of all adults.


Are you?

12%35 votes
4%13 votes
4%14 votes
4%14 votes
19%56 votes
38%110 votes
16%47 votes

| 289 votes | Vote | Results

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I have been reading Daily Kos since around the 2004 election. I just created my first account one week ago. So here it goes.....

After the 2008 election, and the fiasco that was the McCain/Palin campaign. Actually, for the sake of this argument let's go back to the Clinton administation. From then to now, I have just been fascinated with how the Republican Party operates, strategically. How they are motivated, how they persuade, manipulate, scare and bully voters and opponents into/or against their agenda. How they have been able to stay relevant to millions of Americans.

Now, I am not a Sociologist or Psychiatrist, although I have taken both classes in College and have found them both very interesting. Ever since then, I have always been very interested in what makes people tick. I have always mused to myself that a Sociopath must have designed the Republican Playbook. Now I'm not saying all Republicans are Sociopaths, but I do find their tactics to be disturbingly similar to sociopathic behavior. Well, let's find out together. What I have decided to do is to look up a classic Profile of a Sociopath and have readers compare and conclude similarties to Republican tactical behavior, then and now.

I hope you find this entertaining and very disturbing at the same time.

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