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We have a live firestorm breaking lose in TX that will and IS make natl. headlines! Its one thing to run on such anti govt things but then you come into office and suddenly find its more complex that campaigning on it. Witness my state tonight:

Our moderate Tx GOP Speaker Straus is being attacked by Christian right wingers with robocalls. The robocalls are attacking Straus for being a JEW. Straus is a Repub who has been fair to Dems and Repubs as Speaker. Some are trying to overthrow him so they can pass the opt out of Medicaid idea.

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Mon Nov 01, 2010 at 09:59 PM PDT

TX GOTV: We Will Oust Perry this Time.

by pronin2

I just got back from GOTV again for Texas democrats especially Bill White and our ticket in Harris County (home of Houston). In Harris we have a chance for history- we have 103 races on the ballot with a strong dem running for EVERY office. Every judgeship. The majority of these candidates are  women. Better yet- African American, Latino women have a good chance to win key court positions in both family, civil and criminal. A real revolution in the 3rd largest populated county in America. A major glass ceiling in this county may be broken Nov. 2nd!

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As a Texan and a hard working volunteer for Bill White for governor I find it amazing how much of late White is getting written off. Rest assured White is very much in this race and don’t be surprised if he is the victor Nov 2nd.  Many polls are flawed- using old models based on presumptions from past Tx guv races while White is running a very different, aggressive campaign aimed at specific set of voters.

What do I mean? White's unique strategy. He has 20 state field offices with nearly 20,000 volunteers who for a near year have been knocking on doors, registering voters, talking to residents in counties that Perry hasn’t visited in decades and much more. White will not be outworked- and do not underestimate a hard worker. He has visited some 230 out of 254 Texas counties! Pundits and some pollsters overlook how much groundwork White is doing that is changing the state of this race.

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Politico's Smith Questions Gallup, Calls Gallup for Answers

Poll guru Simon Rosenberg at NDN has been hammering away at MSM misconceptions of the 2010 midterms. Today he wrote up a piece challenging Gallup to change its model because he argues its impossible and its hard to oppose the facts presented.

Gallup claims it revised its screen etc under critiques of its projection of how massively conservative the electorate they project will be Nov 2.  Rosenberg says its revision makes matters worse and renders Gallup polling not credible. How? Well..  

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The DNC has made a surprise national cable ad buy today. The ad makes a major attackon the GOP- saying the chamber is trying to steal our elections. But will it work? It also invokes Bush- is that effective? More below..

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Rep Boccieri Should Leave Americans Shaken, Enraged and Ready to Do Battle with the corpoations. Must See Vid..

Cong Boccieri of OH, a freshman and veteran of our military finds himself under attack by foreign entities in his own home in Ohio. Companies from Bahrain, China and who knows where else are cutting 100k plus checks just to take him out. How can democracy survive this? In this vid from Olbermann the congressman really shook me up- he said he fought for this country and never thought that while serving our govt right at home foreign companies would get to funnel in big money to take him and others out. You work your whole life to defend our country and now its legal for seedy companies from China and elsewhere pour in unlimited funds to end your service.

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Thu Sep 09, 2010 at 09:11 PM PDT

Breaking: Goolsbee to Replace Romer

by pronin2

ABC News reports Obama economic adviser Goolsbee will take Roemer's spot as Chair of Council of Economic Advisers. I was hoping for Laura Tyson,who just wrote in t he NYT an arguement for the need for more massive stimulus spending. Also with Goolsbee in all of Obama's economic team will be male and white. I dont know alot Goolsbee's positions or how vocal he is int he administration which badly needs a progressive on economic matters. More below..

What do yall know about this guy? I d recall a flap he got into in the 08 primary where he reassured Canada that Obama wouldnt crack down on NAFTA despite the fact Obama said he would.

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It appears Sen Reid will move Monday to force a vote on saving 300,000 teacher positions, funding FMAP aid for the states and more. At first this sounds great- educators across this country are in peril unless this Democratic congress can pass funds to prevent schools from laying them off. And states are in dire need of Medicaid funding to avoid further drastic cuts   on the backs of the poor.

Ah but then you read the fine print. This bill will be fully paid for to satisfy the deficit fever sweeping the conservadems and GOPers in DC. How will it be paid for? Well part of it will be by ending some foreign tax loopholes. But instead of the rest of it being paid for by oh say repealing tax breaks for big oil, some 7 billion dollars will be raided from SNAP- yep FOOD STAMPS.

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Sen Specter got Bush Jr to back him 2004 and got Obama to back him in 2008. every day this sordid affair of a camapign has gone on in PA I wonder what has this party switch wrought? Specter is now attacking Sestak in certain areas of PA as being opposed to gun rights. Specter in the 90s and in 04 opposed efforts to control guns. But what gets me is Specter, while saying one thing in some parts of PA like "Im against gun control" turns around and says "you can count on me to be loyal to Democratic policy."

Like today Specter goes to the AA churches saying "Im loyal" and urges the black community to save him. Of course Specter has helped put in t he courts folks who oppose civil rights and gun control.  And Sestak is calling Arlen OUT...

The senator wants rural PA voters to know, and NOT urban voters to know, his oppostion to key gun control legislation in the 1990s. Specter is running ads on rural PA news websites. Sargent points out the ads- oh what a party switch hath wrought...

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MAJOR UPDATE FROM TPM: It appears Sanders has won! Dodd and Sanders have modified the amendment a bit but it still will allow the GAO to audit the FED and do what Sanders and so many want. With Dodd now onboard with Reid it looks verrry likely this one will pass very shortly. If it does its a big win for us all!

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Sat Mar 27, 2010 at 05:08 PM PDT

Tea Party Rag Goes Too Far..

by pronin2

There is something very wicked stirring in our country. As we saw in that Harris Poll a good number of Americans thinks Obama is a foriegn agent, a Muslim, hates America, a socialist, akin to Hitler, the AntiChrist. We have a growing radical right movement without any itnellectual core. Its based on vile hatred and has a life on its own. Our leaders in thsi country are not doing enough to fight back I feel. Condemning it isnt enough. Someone is going to get hurt or worse.

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Sen Feinstein has come out with a new bill that would allow HHS to stop rate increases from big insurance companies. It would also allow for a ratings system of insurers and other consumer friendly protections.I think this is an excellent bill- finally giving the government the power to tell Blue Cross and the others NO when they jack up rates 50 plus pct.

Sen Feinstein is also pushing the public option in the final HCR bill. CA is being hit hard like so many by these massive increases in rates with no real substantion at all. We need to remove the trust protections and start making these companies accountable. Good on DiFi for pushing this legislation. Will it pass? It seems like it could- its a perfect populist feeling bill that could work.

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