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Climate Change: Study estimates that nuclear energy leads to substantially fewer pollution-related deaths and greenhouse gas emissions compared with fossil-fuel sources
Ever since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, critics of nuclear power have questioned how heavily the world should rely on the energy source. Countries like japan (understandably) and Germany (surprisingly) made moves to ban nuclear power from use in their countries in lieu of more heavy reliance on coal and the hop of wind and solar become cheaper with new tech. The sun provides us with enough energy in one hour to power the whole planet for a full year so I hope as the technology improves and costs drop energy output will start to go through the roof. In the meantime, there is good news for nuclear.
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I just found out from an acquaintance of mine in the radio business that KPTK, the only progressive talk here in Seattle, will be changing their format to sports talk January 2nd. There are already two am sports talk stations here. SMFH. I have expressed my extreme displeasure as an advertiser and have just gotten off the phone with my really great sales rep over there to discontinue my ads effective immediately. It doesn't seem like there is going to be any way to convince them otherwise but I encourage everyone to try. (206) 805-1090

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Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 01:27 PM PDT

Seattle Zoo Photo Diary

by psilocynic

Just because I figured a few of you guys wouldn't mind seeing some of these.

GRAY WOLF (Canis lupus)

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"How are you different than President Bush?"

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Just watch it and enjoy.

Maybe send her some love in the form of youtube thumbs. She likes them for some reason.


Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 07:40 AM PDT

Just for laughs

by psilocynic

If you haven't seen it yet and you need a funny start to your day I present to you this gem. Everyone, thank the internet for today it has delivered.

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Hey all,

I took a picture. If there are any photo savvy kossacks that would like to answer a few questions about it please take a look and tell me what I did to mess it up. I'll explain and post the photo below.


is nice, no?

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I am a white, middle class (I make less than the median income of the city I live in) small business owning job creatorer heterosexual male who loves sports, naked ladies and beer. My hair is kind of a boring (yet somehow lusciously beautiful) banker, parted on one side kinda style. I wear polo style shirts and jeans and tennis shoes. I'm in my mid (late) thirties and I pay a lot in taxes. It's probably no more than what anyone else pays but I have to pay it all at once so it's kinda like a kick in the balls. And I complain about it. All. The. Time.

Based on that description you'd be safe to assume I'm a republican. But I'm not. I'm a proud democrat. More after the nameless orange thing.



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Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 10:06 PM PDT

Has anyone wondered why, yet?

by psilocynic

Has anyone wondered why the GOP is imploding as we get closer to November? Can someone get Nate Silver to crunch some number and come up with a correlation of the speed of truth to the demise of a political party? Because what I think we are watching is the protective bubble the GOP has been building for itself the last few years  to protect them from reality, popping. At 4 frames an hour.

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Why, you ask? Simple. Rafalca, and his rider/ co-owner (with Ann Romney) will be representing the United States of America and I feel it's important to remember what patriotic duty means from time to time.


Is anyone actually going to watch the dancing horsies?

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Say what you will about Roger Goodell. He's making the sport boring. He throws fines and suspensions around like lollipops and rainbows. What ever. He's trying to stop these injuries. I don't care if you think QBs are being protected too much. I don't care if you're a saints fan and you think the NFL came down too hard on the franchise. Suck it up. The league needs to change. Brain injuries need to be taken more seriously and of all people the damn players shouldn't allow themselves to be goaded into a bounty system because they run the risk of ending up just like Junior Seau. But this isn't about The Saints. It's not even about Junior Seau, rest his soul. It's about Roger Goodell, what he's doing to clean up the league, what more can be done and how I, as a fan, appreciate his efforts to prevent exactly what happend today to Seau and what has happened to Andre Waters in 2007. More after the break.

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