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Watching yesterday as my mind worried the issue of Mitt's young abuse of another.   Kept trying to imagine how I would have felt if a group of classmates had grabbed me, thrown me to the ground and cut off my hair.  Even just imagining it hurts tremendously.  And, yes, Lord of the Flies came to mind even before someone else mentioned it.  Trying to imagine, to get inside a head, even of a teenage boy, that would, that could, believe that they had any right or mission to DO something like that to another living being.  Trying to imagine a soul that doesn't even understand at any level how wrong doing such a thing was/is.  And finally, trying to imagine that having done it, does not even remember doing it.  

The victim remembered with terror.  The other perpetrators remembered with shame.  Only the leader does not remember at all.  I actually hope he's lying: that he does remember, does feel shame, and is too shamed to admit it.  That would be better than it's never having surfaced in his consciousness.  It would at least be a beginning.

Yes, it's personal: I married a man who'd been attacked by a group of kids at his college campus.  In fact, I met him because of that attack.  He'd been put into the hospital because of it, and one of the foreign students had visited him there, and had become friends there, and had invited him to the party where I met him.  Those kids, too, were children of privilege, and had been allowed to maraud without consequences -- until then.  In China's favor was they finally sent those kids to reform camp.  Also, to the students' credit, is they had some BIG demonstrations, and pretty much shut the university down for a week.  I am, however, under no illusion:  if he'd been an unpopular kid instead of a star basketball player in a year the team was winning big, the outcome would likely have been similar to Mitt's outcome.

As humans, being, we seem to work along the strand of who we are born to be.  If we come with the right stuff, we hammer off the less attractive parts, and work on enhancing what is better in us. If we're lucky, our family, friends, and culture help us in this endeavor.  If not, we blow frogs apart as preteens, knee competitors in the groin as students, and blow apart whole cities and countries as adults.  If we are very very lucky, we are made to see what we have done, helped to understand that other breathing beings are just as important as we are.  We, in a word, gain empathy.  

Guess I'd have to say that not only has Mitt failed himself, his church failed him, and his culture failed him.

And I guess what is even more distressing to me, is that this is not likely to change even one vote to the negative, though he may get a few extras for gay bashing.   Just checked:Yep.


Wed May 09, 2012 at 11:05 PM PDT

Me, Obama, and the Born-Agains

by puddleriver

Well, I've determined I can't fall asleep listening to evangelicals on the radio.  I'm tempted to say their panties are all twisted up over Obama's statement today, but that doesn't begin to cover it.  

From the sampling I heard tonight, I'd have to say, these are the meanest, most twisted, and most uncaring, unChristian souls I've ever heard in my life.  Absolutely breathtaking.  If I were a fellow Christian, I'd be embarrassed.  As it stands, I'm only revolted.  I feel like I just took a bath in battery acid.

First, they spent a whole lot of time making fun of Mormons, and Romney's "cult," proving to themselves that they are the only owners of Christ and His intention.  Then the most hypocritical take on the NC vote: which was really about caring for the health of homo-sex-uals.  (Their Health is more important than their "Love.") Then they went back to trashing Romney at the same time hoping he'd save them from the Devil Obama who only came out to save his funding, because the Democrats are the party of Hollywood Homo-sex-uals, who are ruining TV.  They stopped to make fun of Joe Biden.  I don't usually expect a whole lot of human beings, but this was pretty close to a new low.  If I were their God, I would spit them out of my mouth.  It's clear that they'd hate mine, but mine would simply weep, and give them another chance.

The only good part was it seems that a whole lot of them are planning on staying home in November rather than vote for Romney.  Pray that they do.  

Pray hard.

Really. Hard.


White Grandmothers, Black Grandsons

I've thought a lot about that in this last year. I thought about it when I wasn't supporting Obama. He was my second, almost reluctant, choice. He felt too middle for me. Too conciliatory. Too willing to listen to those who have been destroying my country, our country. I came to support him slowly -- about mid primary season, because I kept watching and listening. This is a man who has kindness, and brightness, and a sense of community and unity. This is a man I am proud to hope will be our next president.

By all rights, he might have been my first choice. Not because of his white grandmother, but because of my black grandson. A little boy I totally adore. And whom I fear for. I watch how far this country hasn't come in race relations. I don't have to face that for myself. But I do for my grandbaby -- what will be his pain when it first slaps him upside the head? And in what way can I prevent that? In what way can I cradle that hurt, and possible anger? I would love to have a black president just for him. And for what it would mean for how far we have progressed, and a marker on the way to the day when it won't matter any more because it won't exist. Neither the hurt, nor the hate.

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