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In today's Rachel Maddow show (which is still going on, on the west coast), Rachel consistently kept calling it the anti-gay bill, and described the discrimination possible against gays in various example scenarios. She neglected to mention altogether that the Arizona bill is far more wide-reaching than other bills recently drafted in other states - it is not in any way limited to discrimination against gays or same-sex couples. Jed Lewison's recent diary and several other news articles have also simply referred (at least in their titles) to this as the "anti-gay bill", to discrimination against gays that this law allows.

This is, of course, very wrong. The sad fact is that this law doesn't make things worse for gays AT ALL. Arizona does not have any protection for sexual orientation to start with. People can discriminate right now against gays with absolutely no legal repercussions.

What it does allow now, however, is every other form of discrimination against everybody under the sun.

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Fri Jun 28, 2013 at 10:35 PM PDT

Dear Matthew Shepard,

by rationalcauses

On a cold October night fifteen years ago, you closed your eyes for the last time upon a world that I can only imagine, must have seemed so very dark and hateful. I have no way of knowing what was in your heart and mind that night, and I wouldn't blame you if you had despaired for humanity. We all did, in the days that followed.

Matthew, I came home today to see my favorite TV show, Rachel Maddow, conducting the first live broadcast of a same-sex wedding in California on national TV between two young and such very brave men.

Matthew, it got better. It got so very much better...

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If you are new to the wonderful Avaaz organization, please take a look at their site, and consider joining your voice to theirs. They are raising money for the Pakistan floods, and are close to a million dollars at this hour (9 PM PT, Saturday, Aug 28th). They need just a little more to meet their goal of raising $1Million in relief aid which will be given to local orgs on the ground (HDC and PWS).

There have been quite a few wonderful diaries posted on the Pakistan Floods crisis. I won't say "a lot of" because the cause is too great, and the attention can never be too much. I thank all those who have been writing those diaries and donating to the rescue effort from the bottom of my heart...

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As you all know by now, the Federal Government is very much involved in the activities taking place to address the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster.

Live Coverage - Live Coverage of the hearing probe conducted by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

WH Press Conference - White House Press Conference of Monday, May 24, conducted by Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary, where Thad Allan, the Coast Guard Commandant (Incident Response Chief) and Carol Browner, Energy Adviser, also spoke.

Govt Incident Response - Home Page of the Incident Response Team for the latest news and information.

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Thu May 20, 2010 at 06:08 PM PDT

I am starving to death...

by rationalcauses

There is one oatmeal bar left that I've hidden in the medicine cabinet. There is a snickers bar - the snickers bar I'll eat when I've lost everything else - high up on the top shelf of the empty bookcase in the dining room corner. The entire house is mostly empty. I've run out of tea, coffee, milk powder, oatmeal, juice, rice, pasta, sugar, salt, oil, salsa, ketchup,  peanuts, soda, v8 and jello. There is not even chewing gum. No licquorice, no soup packets, no popcorn.

I'm out of soap, detergent and band-aids. The electric bill is paid till the end of the month, 3 days away, which is why I'm still here, and not yet on a train to Canada. I have to make sure I live till then, although sometimes it feels like I am going to starve to death first. I am hungry all the time. My ribs are showing.

I have not eaten a solid meal for 45 days. Everything in the house has been sneaked in, pilfered from neighbors, or traded for in ghastly ways I never thought I'd have to sink to. It is too painful and humiliating to talk about. I have cuts on my lips, bruises on my back.  

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I've been looking forward to tommorow for a year, hoping for tommorow all of my life.  I don't think I'll have a happier or more uplifting day in my life.

And yet, here I am, angry, disappointed and cynical all over again.

Local TV here in Oregon announced the shocking news that Mayor Sam Adams had confessed to having an affair with an intern which he denied two years ago.

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I'm crying, all puffy cheeks and shaking shoulders and breath catching in my throat. I handed my ballot in today.  I'm never this hysterical and uhinged, but I've come apart.  Perhaps it was just the final act in what has been a long, strange, bumpy ride to a destination I never thought I'd reach.

In kissmygrit's wonderful diary today, I posted the following comment in response to someone saying how he couldn't wait to vote.  My response was titled "Thank god I didn't have to."


getting completely unhinged:

49%80 votes
9%15 votes
7%12 votes
23%38 votes
1%3 votes
8%13 votes

| 161 votes | Vote | Results

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This "small-town America is wholesome and good, and liberal areas of the country are anti-america"  narrative is so painful and disgusting to me that I have to speak up.  All I can think of when Sarah Palin disses big cities and particularly NY are the heroic images of the line of firefighters going up into Tower1 and Tower2 that day.  She may have forgotten, but I sure haven't.

And because I haven't seen an  argument other than "we're all patriotic" - I thought it was time we put it in starker, harsher terms to really highlight the poisonous nature of what she's saying.  Her comments manage to convey that the liberal folks are all elite, rich, ethnic in some way, preying on the hard-working, white, wholesome, conservative America.

Ad I wish I could run on TV:

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This is my first diary.  It's a bit sad that it's going to be motivated by disgust.  I have bile rising up my throat, and you will too, should you read the following. I can't help myself - this is vile.

Lars Larson, sorry excuse for a journalist, scored an interview with Sarah Palin.  Larson has a local radio talk show in Portland, Oregon.   The link is to Jeff Mapes's blog post (The Oregonian).


Journalism in the future will be reduced to:

16%37 votes
11%26 votes
22%49 votes
20%46 votes
21%48 votes
6%15 votes

| 221 votes | Vote | Results

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