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Tue Jun 05, 2012 at 11:02 PM PDT

Love thy redneck as thyself

by resistancelives


I don't post much here because I'm not a Democrat; I'm a radical.  But we're on the same side and I'm pretty upset by the reaction to the Wisconsin loss I'm seeing on here tonight.  As I said, I'm a radical.  I don't believe the path to progressive social change lies in the ballot box.  I believe that the only path that will or can or has ever worked is in the streets.  It's in organizing.  It's in protests, marches, picket lines, and civil disobedience.  But more than that, it's in unity.  It's in people, as they say, standing hand in hand.

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Reference book destroyed by Bloomberg and Bloomberg at NYPL gala.

On Monday, November 7, 2011 Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in attendance at one of New York City’s top cultural and social events: The New York Public Library’s Library Lions gala. The individuals honored as Library Lions are, according to, “distinguished individuals who have made significant cultural and educational achievements to increase our understanding of the world around us.” The 2011 honorees included such literary luminaries as Tony Kushner, Isabel Wilkerson, Jonathan Franzen, Stacy Schiff, Ian McEwan, and the songwriter Natalie Merchant.

Follow me below to orange squiggle for mindblowing irony. . .

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At occupations from Madrid to San Francisco occupiers have spontaneously created libraries.  What does it mean to be a guerrilla librarian and what is the intellectual foundation for this kind of librarianship?  Follow me below the orange squiggle for a discussion of why these libraries exist and what it means to be a guerrilla librarian.

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In the midst of the singing, the chanting, the debating of Liberty Plaza, a library has bloomed.

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Stocked with donations and staffed by volunteers, it sits ready and waiting to offer the printed word to all who can read.  

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Tomorrow's guest sermon for church . . .

When I offered to speak here, I was planning to talk about my work on the Tar Sands Action where I, along with 1,252 other citizens, was arrested in front of the White House to protest the Keystone XL pipeline.  I was planning to tell you all about the pipeline, the Tar Sands, and what it’s like to get arrested for a sit-in in Washington DC.  And I will get to some of that . . .

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