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There was an interesting diary this morning from a government worker who is not affected by the current shutdown. He noted that:

President Obama did not leave the country hanging.  And he could have.  In fact, a lot of us FAVORED that approach.  The White House could have taken the "nuclear option" and grounded all air traffic, closed the ports, and sent border security home.  Which would have meant no planes in the sky and anyone wanting to pop across the border would be free to do so.  This is what is known as a "hard shutdown"
As things stand now,
the federal workforce is taking the hit, not so much the American people.  
But will this have any effect on the 49 sociopaths in the House, or their Teabagger claque back in Dismal Seepage, Alabama or wherever? I have my doubts. In fact this might even be consider a plus: who cares if the only ones affected are all those "guvmnt" freeloaders?
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Some time ago, inspired by Ken Burns' PBS program on the Civil War, I read Shelby  Foote's three-volume history of hat conflict. Oddly, in recent months the character of Gen. Braxton Bragg keeps coming to mind.

Bragg was the chief Confederate commander west of the Appalachians for a good part of the Civil War. His career had some solid successes: at Chickamauga he handed the Union army what some historians consider its greatest defeat. Before that he invaded the North and stayed longer than either of Lee's invasions. But his defeat at Chattanooga left the Union armies with an open road to Atlanta, which led inexorably to the fall of the Confederacy. And how does he remind me of President Obama?

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A recent diary here laments the latest grovelling and scraping by academicians before oligarchs. At issue is Florida State University's deal with a couple of devils–or a least a couple of Koch-roaches.

The story is based on a column by two FSU professors who brought the issue to light last week. Full disclosure; the dean who signed off on the deal defends it saying that FSU administrators and lawyers did due diligence to protect academic freedom and independance in hiring faculty (the letter appeared in last Sunday's Tallahassee Democrat behind a pay wall). Interestingly, I think both columns will prove correct: the Kochsteufelgeschaft does refer to a specific number of faculty, not a blanket hiring demand: on the other hand in Florida's economy, Kochbucks will be the only ones available to hire any faculty at all.

But there's nothing new to see here. As for the selling of FSU's intellectual Social Sciences soul, that train—as an FSU economics major might write—has sailed years ago.

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What else can Republicans do to women? Here in Florida I thought we were seening everything, but it seems there are cost savings even the Right hasn't thought of yet. Not to worry, this video, which seems to be going viral in Latin America, explains:

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With the latest tax debacle apparently about to become law--and being lapped up by the public as a dish of sweet-and-sour pork, instead of the dish of dog poo-poo that it is, and on top of it all as some sort of "victory" for Obama over the people that put him in office, what are Progressives to do?

Clearly the Village has made it clear that Progressives/professional lefties/honest liberals now don't count and will never count in political calculations. Teabaggers, on the other hand, do count. The Villagers are afraid of them. President Obama is afraid of them. Therefore, it seems to me the only option for progressives at this time is to start putting a scare into the Village.

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Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 08:10 PM PDT

Homework for tomorrow

by rflowers

At this writing I can't tell from Kos's updates how this night is going. The Repubs have picked up House seats but are they on trajectory for a "huge" victory? Have the Blue Curs been decimated (hopefully!)?

However the night turns out, it looks like there will be fewer but hopefully better Democrats (collectively) in Congress.  So now we can concentrate on what's next.

Herewith two modest proposals:

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I run Adblock on my browser. It doesn't seem to block many ads here on dKos, but nonetheless I always get a snide missive at the top of the dKos page demanding I turn off Adblock.

Well, here's a sampling of ads in front of me right now, right here on DailyKos.

"Stop Socialism", from the RNC.

A political ad for Toomey against Sestak (um, aren't we supposed to be for Sestak?)

A movie group ad for "movies with the Right POV". This one is right next to the RNC Socialism ad and is done in the same font and style. Any guesses as to what the "Right" POV involves?

And finally, one from some group called the "Traditional Values Coalition" demanding that our own Rep Allen Boyd take some sort of pledge not to "support Pelosi" during the lame duck session.

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Thu Sep 02, 2010 at 08:21 AM PDT

Waving the bloody teabagger

by rflowers

Right now there are all sorts of scary diaries about what's going to happen if the latest Gallup poll happens to be accurate. Undoubtedly seeing the Republicans take back the House, maybe even the Senate will be disappointing. However, our gloom may be getting the better of us.
Typical is a diary on today's Wreck List (here) that aspires to being "logical". Where I think the diarist is wrong is in the diagram that has a GOP win in 2012 as an inevitable consequence of winning int 2010.
This does not logically follow.
In fact, a swarm of teabaggers in Washington in 2011 might be the best thing that could happen to President Obama's reelection hopes in 2012.

What would the teabaggers most likely do when they seize control of power?

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Thu Jul 29, 2010 at 08:51 AM PDT

Why I kind of like global warming.

by rflowers

I've been following environmental issues since high school when Audubon Magazine each month charted the paths of environmental devastation in the United States and occasionally overseas. In those Good Old Days it seemed our worst problems were the Interstate Highway System crashing through both natural areas and urban neighborhoods, and President Johnson's Army Corps trying to dam every mile of flowing water in the 48 states. Then, I remember seening a Science article on "scientists trying to save the fragile green hell". It was one of the first inklings that environmental degradation was a lot more far reaching than a bunch of superfluous highways, dams and smokestacks.

In the following decades environmentalists fought increasingly futile rear-guard actions against wholesale destruction of the Earth's ecosystems. Rainforests generated some public concern, but not enough to stop total ruin to Southeast Asia and large tracts of South and Central America and Afica. Not to mention the destruction of dry forests, cloud forests, boreal forests, Old Growth forests, all for cheap hamburger, cheap electricity, cheap cardboard, and half-baked World Bank "development" schemes.

Then came this Global Warming thing...

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Fri Jun 25, 2010 at 08:40 AM PDT

This could be an opportunity.

by rflowers

Now that the Republicans and some Blue Cur hangers-on have chopped more help for our unemployed, we should consider our next moves.

The Deficit Terrorists aren't mindlessly hostile to unemployed people. If you're unemployed and the right sort, they are quite willing to help. There's another diary on the rec list here on how a nice chunk of our taxes in Afghanistan goes to paying protection money to the Taliban.
So here's the meme:

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Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 07:23 AM PDT

Death Panels? They're already here

by rflowers

Yesterday, BarbMD wrote about UnitedHealth Group backing the teabaggers. She noted that UnitedHeath has declined to comment.
Smart move, for them.

Yesterday in our Tallahassee paper, Froma Harrop revealed another profit-making activity of this "health care" conglomerate.

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Fri Jun 12, 2009 at 01:53 PM PDT

Konzentrationslager Cheneybush I?

by rflowers

This week in Counterpuch, Paul Craig Roberts, who has often claimed that Bush and Cheney had secret plans to suspend the Constitution and round up dissidents (which would include most of us who read this site, I suspect) gave concrete form to his theory by mentioning something he had seen in North Florida. In today's Counterpuch are directions for finding this maybe camp. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to by in my own neck of the woods.  It can be seen near the town of Carribelle. It's the rectangle of white buildings in the center of the picture.

If anyone from the Big Bend area of north Florida has any more info (or info on what this place really is), please let us know.

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