Dear Daily Kos-ers,

I just started a petition on We the People, the White House petition website, since the other two just expired, to ask the Obama administration to pick Janet Yellen for chair of the Federal Reserve.  The link is here:

Please sign and repost everywhere.  We only have 29 days to get 100,000 signatures.

For background on why Obama should pick Yellen over Summers, a good source is Joseph Stiglitz's op-ed in the New York times here.  Ezra Klein offers incisive criticism on the sexist nature of much of the Janet Yellen criticism here.

Moreover, if you have more than 60 seconds, write your senators (ESPECIALLY if one of yours is one of the 22 on the Senate banking committee) and urge them to tell the Obama administration that they will vote against Summers if he becomes the nominee.