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 I was perusing a bowhunting board ( yes I bowhunt and I'm progressive, so sue me :)  and  saw a posting that had the wingnuts all riled up here is the text from Fox News

"We're examining any implications especially for civil rights because in the United States of America, no law abiding person -- be they an American citizen, illegal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico -- should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like."

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If you are you are about to be handed a gift horse with which to beat one of your competitors with. If every single one of you doesn't have specials on within days of the PT9/11 debacle, debunking every lie and ridiculing ABC, your shareholders should revolt. Every one of you should be ridiculing your major competitor as an imbecilic network run by rightwing goons. Guess what 65% of americans will be DIRECTLY on  your side. So would you rather have 65% of the reality based community, or the 35% evangelic loonies, who think you're the "liberal" media no matter what you do?? Better jump on this, as ABC is giving you  HUGE opportunity.
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With 9/11 coming up again, the terrorist arrests in Great Britain on everyones mind, now is the time to take over the " We fight terrorists better" meme from the Republicans. Its very easy to do and if the Democratic politicians would grow some balls and use this line, they change the entire argument. and here it is....

When asked if repubs or dems are better on securing America, the answer is ALWAYS:

" Give me (us)  400 billion dollars and the most powerful military in history and I GUARANTEE that Osama Bin Laden would be worm meat RIGHT NOW!"

Use it.

 Well let me preface by saying that I am a gun owner, and I spend my free time hunting and fishing. I am a member of my states bowhunting organization, as I do most of my hunting with a recurve bow, and cedar arrows, and I support pro-hunting groups that are non-politically biased; so I can understand how I got on their call list. But I thought the call was pretty interesting. For those following along, the NRA rep will be "Him" and I will be "Me" ( wasn't that a Neal Diamond song?....but I digress)  

Him: Hello Mr. So-and-so I'm with the NRA and have a one question poll about Hillary Clinton....

Me: What the heck do I care about Hillary Clinton. She's a two-bit senator from New York.      Continued........

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So let's say you're a big shot defense contractor, and you would like to land some government contracts. Bribery would be nice, but is kinda illegal (as if that's ever stopped you before) but what about if you could just hand someone cash, and no one would ever care? Well that's exactly what happens millions of times every weekend, in your local neighborhood poker game. Guys lose, and hand over their cash to the winners.  So what easier way to hand over the cash than a poker game? Where a defense contractor "loses" every time to some CIA guys who give him huge government contracts?  So if say that guy who works for the CIA, wins a BUNCH of money playing poker from said defense contractor and doesn't declare it, maybe the feds and the IRS would raid his house? Just sayin......................
I am a hunter. It is my way of life. It is my "religion".  It is how I keep my sanity in this world. I mostly hunt big game (deer, elk, wild hogs, and turkey) with bow and arrow, but also hunt birds with a shotgun. The protein provided goes toward keeping my family fed with free-ranging non-hormone injected lean meat. As a matter of fact when we run out of venison, and have to resort to buying hamburger, my kids think it tastes "funny".  

More after fold....

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Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 12:35 PM PST

DOJ to lie for BUSH!!!!

by samsdad

Rawstory has a document outlining the defense for Bush in the illegal NSA wiretapping case. Their main defense:  "The President has the chief responsibility under the Constitution to protect America from attack, and the Constitution gives the President the authority necessary to fulfill that solemn responsibility."

more after the fold......

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Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 01:56 PM PST

my letter to my senator and congressman

by samsdad

 I sent this letter ( personlized of course) to my congressman, and both of my senators from Texas. I'm sure I'll be hearing little clicks on my phone any time now. If you have not done so, please take the time to compose a quick letter, and send it to your congressmen. If they get enough letters, we just might make a difference. My point is that your either with the Constitution and the people, or you are with Bush. That needs to be the meme.

Letter below the fold

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Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 09:42 AM PST

Freeze Warning !!!!

by samsdad

  With our knucklehead-in-chief's approval numbers dropping faster than Scotties pants when Gannon walks into his room; I think its time to start pushing the Freeze warning meme. Bush will soon hit the magical below 32% approval rating, which means Americans have frozen him out. Heck Bush has even dropped below 50% in Texas!! Halleluah.  So come on folks lets start watching for this freeze warning, and do everything we can to get him there. ( Although we won't need much help, GDuuuuhbya's doing a pretty good job of ruining his presidency on his own.)

I know, I know it sounds a bit crazy, but bear with me on this one.
When I first heard about the national enquirer article citing Gee Duhbya drinking again I of course celebrated thinking    "man this is it, everyone is going to know what a drunken immoral clown this a-hole is". But when I actually read the article, I was taken aback at how this portrayed him as a man who has just too much on his shoulders, and cared too much. And what a great gal his stepford-wife is for caring about him. And he cares sooooo much for the dead soldiers, that he just can't help him self, he has to take a shot of Jenna's, hidden bottle of Jack. .
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OK let's get past the fact that I absolutely HATE our president. One of the things that he does which really pisses me off is whenever he makes a statement that elevates his normal idiotic discourse to that of a 9th grader. He will then invoke the "in other words" clause. It infuriates me no end, as it implies that he has said something so far beyond the intelligence of his audience that he has to simplify it for them, it is an insult to his audience. So let me be the first to begin to utilize the "In other words" clause, and I ask that just like the recent "Talk like a pirate day" We invoke an "In other words" day. If we could do this nationally it would embarrass, and ridicule our knucklehead in chief. Here's how it works:

President Bush is the most incompetent, petulant, embarrassment of a president that this or any country has ever had the distaste to employ.

In other words: I hate the stupid lazy fuck that calls himself our president.  


  Yes thats right. The University Of Texas at Austin is actively lobbying to host the GW Bush Presidential Library. Ya can't make this stuff up.

More below.........

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