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It seems that all the worst of the "food safety" bills have been rolled into one Frankenstein version that Henry Waxman as associated with drafting - HR 2749.  Now, for some reason, ithey have passed it off to Dingell who already had another "food safety" bill, HR 759, which covers tracing (NAIS) and globalization of food.

HR 2749, if one looks closely, is fascist.  And all the things that people were criticizing the other bills such as HR 875 for - all denied by DeLauro and FWW - turn out to be not only true but worse than the worse that was reported.  

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The article below is from Thailand, where herbs such as turmeric, ginger and chili are being suddenly being called "hazardous."  

The "food safety" bills here do the same thing, redefining normal as hazardous and putting it under government control or requiring licensing which, by its costs, would put it out of reach. Normal seeds are being treated in this way in the EU.  The "food safety" bills here would put seeds out of reach by suddenly redefining  such normal things as agricultural water, manure, harvesting, transporting and seed cleaning equipment, and seed storage facilities as "sources of contamination" and from there, raising the standards for their use to a level farmers couldn't meet.

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The "food safety" bills have become a disturbing treasure hunt - the more different people look, the more they are finding.  In an article called "Monsanto's Dream Bill - HR 875," the author saw the bill as directly threatening organic farming, gardening, seeds, etc.  But a comment on the article actually suggested that the writer only scratched the surface and explained that HR 875 even has CODEX hidden in it.  

An introduction to CODEX is in order.  

CODEX Alimentarius is a plan by the pharmaceutical industry and the WTO to take control over all nutrients worldwide by declaring them toxins and putting them under governments' control.  This ensure that no one has adequate access to natural substances, supplements, vitamins, or minerals to treat their own health, conveniently leaving only expensive pharmaceuticals available for treating diseases.

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Here is what Commondreams put out about the intensely controversial "food safety" bills:

CFA’s Carol Tucker-Foreman Urges Congress to Modernize Food Safety Laws
Testifies Before House Agriculture Committee

WASHINGTON - April 2 - Carol L. Tucker-Foreman, Distinguished Fellow at Consumer Federation of America’s Food Policy Institute, today told the House Agriculture Committee that the lack of adequate food safety systems has become an emergency the Congress must address by enacting new laws that require the FDA to prevent foodborne illness rather than reacting to it and modernizing the FMIA and PPIA so that the Department of Agriculture can effectively enforce its HACCP and sanitation systems. Both agencies need more research to build science based systems.

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Sun Apr 12, 2009 at 09:16 AM PDT

DeLauro v. small farmers

by Scaredhuman

This diary dissects an article about Rosa DeLauro which pans the blogosphere, discovering the blogosphere is on firm ground and there are questions about Ms. DeLauro's assertions.


U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro Pushes Measure On Food Safety
By DANIELA ALTIMARI | The Hartford Courant
April 9, 2009

"The rhetoric in the blogosphere couldn't be more overheated: "U.S. seeks to make organic farming illegal!" screams one headline."

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Sat Apr 04, 2009 at 09:12 AM PDT

What foodborne illness "crisis"?

by Scaredhuman

On Friday, March 25, 2009, Reuters published an article citing Michelle Larkin at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in support of an article on groups urging FDA changes for "food safety" and a new federal agency for that purpose.

She was quoted as saying 500,000 people died from foodborne illness annually.

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Mon Mar 30, 2009 at 02:59 PM PDT

Is Monsanto involved or not?

by Scaredhuman

[This diary, as will be apparent,  was written by a large number of people working together, and is based on work by many others around the world.  This issue is generating efforts by more and more people and has led to a coming together of groups across farming, food, health, families, anti-GMOs, anti-pesticides, justice, indigenous peoples, etc.]

To begin with a reminder.  Food Democracy Now put this out as an alert:  Michael Taylor, Monsanto executive and lawyer, the guy who ran the FDA under Clinton and gave us rBGH and genetically engineered food, is waiting to run "food safety" from an office inside the White House.

All else, no matter how awful (and it is all truly and dangerously awful), becomes trivial detail after the above is understood and the implications taken in.

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NAIS - the National Animal Identification System .  View the videos.  

What is apparent is the depth of farmers' desperation about it.  Repeatedly, I hear them talk about loss of freedom.

I've taken "loss of freedom" as an expression of outrage at the bureaucratizing of farming, or a way of talking about huge governmental overreach, or as use of conservative or libertarian language to describe loss of personal or democratic or constitutional rights.  Symbolic speech, poetic speech.  But somewhere in the midst of trying to explain to someone how much was at stake and why farmers refuse to compromise because it would be acceding to something that can't in any way be acceded to, something clicked.  

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The liberal community is thrilled that Obama has appointed Kathleen A. Merrigan as undersecretary to the USDA, someone with connections to organic farming.  

"OMG everybody! We won! We did it! Obama announced today that he will nominate Kathleen A. Merrigan for Deputy Secretary of the USDA. She was among the Sustainable Dozen requested as high level USDA appointees by the Food Democracy Now campaign."

Orangeclouds has clearly taken the Merrigan appointment as the sign everyone has been waiting for that, we are finally going to start to head in the right direction.

I think we want this so much, we have been blinded by hope and the least "sign."  

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Someone at Oped News has been doing research for a long while and sent information:

What has been happening with food over the last 30 years:

World Bank and IMF " Structural Adjustment Programs" loans have been forcing third world countries to abandon farm support, but to accept new international patent laws, "Free trade" treaties,  the international move towards  HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system) and traceability from "Farm to Fork".

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The New York Times ran on a piece on CSAs doing well despite the economy.  It was not in business news or front page news, where they are covering ... the economy.

Forgive me, I am so boggled by the ironies that my computer is stuttering.

The New York Times is in New York state which is responsible for the fact that CSAs are actually in terrible trouble and that trouble stems directly from a New York source, Hillary Clinton.  She pushed a centralized Food Safety Department when she ran for president, one that would bring together the USDA and FDA, giving them vastly more power over food.  Both agencies are corrupted by Monsanto so the multiplication of power accrues powerfully to Monsanto.

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One thing after another is raining down on small farmers.  

NAIS which is insane on the face of it but has left farmers worrying it is about something much bigger and incredibly more threatening.  For sure the penalties , even for infractions are beyond anything anyone could being to handle.  Farmers, it seems, face risks too great to run ... to farm.

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