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The Republicans will take us all over the cliff if Obama sticks to his unreasonable stand not to negotiate with them while they take hostages.  Or maybe they will just surrender.

Either way we will miss a big opportunity to push a progressive(ish) policy program and screw the republicans even worse than they are now.  

To really win Obama needs to concede - with a couple of hooks.  My proposed "Deal" after the jump.

Update:  The angry replies to the diary - even an admin warning! seem to be from people who read the headline and then skipped to comments.   I remember this from when I was defending the ACA against all the folks on here who hated it.

The plan herein gives the democrats everything we are trying to get and hangs the republicans out to dry.   The end state would be real immigration reform, tax increases and spending above sequester levels with and allowing the republicans to shut down government again in time for 2014 elections.


Obama should:

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9%21 votes
6%14 votes

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The Luntz meme factory is going to go with " Yes Mitt lost the debate, but he passed the Commander and Chief test, so it was really a victory.'  It will be everywhere and our favorite shills will pick it up.  

We must fight this meme at every turn.  Everyone should tweet to you favorite news person a statement that he failed the test.  In fact, he did fail.  Your talking points: (Please add more in the comments).

1.  He looked weak and flustered.  If he cant stand up to Obama how could he ever stand up to our enemies.

2.  He kept saying I would do exactly what Obama would do, but LOUDER.  Bush was a failed commander and chief and Romney is Bush in tux and tails.  

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This is the meme to push my friends!  It was a gut punch to the women in  the room I watched it in.

My GOD - Romney was a caricature of himself.

To push this meme - please go on every message board - and tweet@ those you know


First, if you are of the - its morally wrong crowd - just keep moving.  This is not a diary of interest to those self editing milquetoast Democrats who are still mad Obama didn't take Federal funding in 08 and would rather lose every election than play by the rules as they are.

If you are against Hilarity for "rational" reasons such as damage to the Democratic brand, giving Romney an excuse for losing, etc. - read on.

If you are worried fecal boy might actually win the general, I have nothing to say to you.


We should

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30%6 votes

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In by far the best numbers for Obama since February of 2010 Gallup today has him
at 49% approval and 45% disapproval in their tracking Poll.

This is a major breakout and is confirmation of the state by state polling that has been going his way for some weeks.


1.   I would rather have

A.  Military spending cuts
B.  Tax increases

2.   I would trade 2% cuts in medicare PROVIDER reimbursements for an equal dollar value in military spending cuts.

A.   Yes
B.   No

3.   I think we should cut:

A.  a few % of discretionary spending that does not go toward the poor such as crop subsidies and corporate welfare.
B.  there is no discretionary spending that is wasted

4.  I think we should reform taxes so:

A.  We lower tax rates for everyone, but close loopholes so corporations and the wealthy pay the same amount they would pay if the Bush tax cuts were repealed, however, in a fairer and easier to understand system.

B.  We should just let the Bush tax cuts expire so everyone's taxes, including those in the middle class, go up.

5.   I think Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have:

A.  Done a poor job framing the debate, but are now giving the republicans lots to cheer about on the surface, but if you dig into the details the Democrats got a good deal from a very bad situation.  It is similar to the last Government shut down cuts that turned out to be fake.

B. Decided to throw in a great negotiating hand and give the Republicans all they wanted because they are either stupid or secretly in league with the Koch brothers.

6.  I think declaring that this is a great defeat and the President a failure is:

A.  self defeating and unrealistic.  Bernie Sanders isn't going to get elected any time soon and its not clear what he could accomplish if he were.

B. A critical strategic plan.  By ignoring the substantial accomplishments of the last two year, I can undermine and ultimately weaken the Democrats so much that the Republicans gain a supermajority and the White House.  However, the Perry revolution will eventually yield a USA much like Texas with very low education levels, racial disharmony and good BBQ.  I really really like BBQ, so its a win.


My Answers

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22%9 votes
10%4 votes

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Obama, who Cenk reveals is really a Republican and who slinkerwink has exposed over and over again as a terrible politician with no courage, ability to persuade or even desire to make the lives of American's better - he is actually pushing FOR cuts to entitlements.

I for one am not going to work for him or give him any money.  Romney or Perry with a
Republican Senate and speaker Boehner would be pretty much the same, so why waste my effort?

Obama claims we "must make cuts to entitlements in order to preserve their fiscal viability and to lay the groundwork for the investment that America needs" (I paraphrase)

Who he he KIDDING!? These are our RIGHTS! We paid into Social Security and Medicare and no one has the right to take them away.

Ok, I understand that our current budget deficit is 8% of GDP

and yes - Social Security and Medicare are projected to increase from about 7.6% of GDP to about 11.5% combined by 2035.

Why are we panicking?  If we want to spend say another 4% of GDP on the things we care about: Education, poverty eradication, the environment - there is plenty of Money.

Sometimes I am tempted to believe the rightwing lie machine meme's about Obama's intelligence.  How can he seem so smart and yet obviously buy into supply side nonsense about not raising taxes?

Follow my logic - today the federal government collects 14.4% of GDP in taxes of all kinds. ( In order to fund the budget deficit (8%), entitlement growth (4%) and our progressive priorities (say 4%) we just need to raise taxes from 14.4% of GDP to 30.4% of GDP.  

Now I don't think we even need to do that, because of course our military is way too big.  It is clear to me that if Obama would just try, I mean really really try, he could get the country to rally around cutting the military in half.  Why do we need a marine corps anymore?  What good does the airforce do in this day and age?  

So - if he could just get 60 Senators and the republican house to cut defense spending by 50%,  that would save us 2% of GDP!

So if we take the 30.4% of GDP we would need and subtract the 2% we get from cutting defense in half, we get a new tax burden of just 28.4%.  This would mean that
every American would pay only double the taxes they pay now, or, if the President would just make the argument, we could probably convince the upper middle class and capitalist class to pay 3.5 times their current taxes!

If the President and the Democrats in congress would just make the strong progressive argument that we should double everyone's taxes, I would stand with them as passionately as I did in 2008 and we would surely regain our supermajorities in the house and Senate and keep the Presidency for 40 years.  


First, full disclosure, I am from the hippie punching wing of the democratic party that thinks the knee jerk Nader voters who have come to dominate Dailykos are the enemy
of progress and, at best, unwilling dupes of the Koch brothers.  If that sentence offends you, your probably not going to be open minded enough to read and understand this diary so, just skip to excoriating me in the comments.

Lets start with some assumptions. If you dont agree with these assumptions, the argument likely wont hold weight for you.

1.  the President is extremely intelligent
2.  the people who work for the President are at least average as political operatives (he did win and beat the Clinton machine)
3.  President Obama's voting record, speeches, books and associations indicate he is from about the middle of the democratic party in terms of ideology.  He is clearly to the right of Pelosi (no gay marriage, lets fight in afghanistan) and to the left of say, Ben Nelson and Conrad (strongly pro choice, insists we raise taxes of the wealthy, against corporate subsidies).  If you think he is farther to the right than this, then you are letting emotions or something more pernicious distract you.  If you thought he was to the left of this during the campaign, you were carried away by the Hope and not paying attention to his actual repeated assertions of moderation.

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The Federal Government has a strict criminal statute within the Clean Water Act which makes it a federal crime to negligently spill any pollutant into US waters.   Given the fact that BP  had no plan to deal with a blow out at this well, they were by force negligent.  There are many other apparent negligent acts which have been reported including skipping critical tests of the cement and modifying the blow out preventer in a non approved way.  

to read more about the use of this statute look here:

There should be both individual criminal culpability for executives in the line of decsion making and corporate criminal liability - a la Anderson - for BP as a whole.


Should the DOJ charge BP with Criminal Negligence under Clean Water Act?

91%64 votes
2%2 votes
5%4 votes

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Folks - we have to stop the meme that Rand Paul is a crazy guy out of step with the GOP.  The meme we all should be pushing is that Rand Paul is the GOP.  Lets face it, even with Paul it is an up hill climb in Kentucky.  He is going to have nearly infinite resources and the DSCC is going to need to focus on likelier races this time, so beating up on him is fun, but may not get us a seat.  

Making him the new face of the mainstream republican party, could give us the whole shooting match.  

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I have written a series of diaries about how we needed to push for a strong national coop which would satisfy Snowe and the conserve dems.  Folks here screeched - as they are today - that if Obama would just get off his ass and wave his magic wand all those senators from states where he lost by a landslide would throw over their biggest contributors, political futures and presumably closely held ideologies and do what he says.  Oh and so would Lieberman who actually spent a whole year trying to destroy Obama - remember?  

I pointed out that this was crazy and we might end up with nothing.  They said - sign my petition!  Make sure the progressive caucus draws lines in the sand!  The conserve dems will cave!  I said - they wont cave because they really dont care if this passes.  Folks here rambled about Rahm and a rubber hose.  

Now we get absolutely nothing in terms of a public option and so instead of finally admitting their strategic error  the folks here want to throw over the board and make sure the status quo remains and Republicans are triumphant.


I think we should

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2%3 votes
10%11 votes
57%58 votes
3%4 votes

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Why are we killing ourselves here.   The solution is obvious and easy.  Strip all the public option half assedness from the bills-  Ping Pong it, then next year pass a real Public Option with reconciliation.

We can pass it through after the election and no will care.  Either the dems will do well and be in a strong position or will be screwed and having nothing to lose.  We know the Public Option will survive the Byrd Amendment -so just do it and go home happy.

Whats not to like ?

(I know this is short - not a diary - etc.  I disagree and am bored with 3 pages diaries which could be said in a paragraph.  Clearly this proposal deserves a string of its own. )

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