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The good people of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the organization which issued a letter to the White House asking that Karl Rove's security clearance be suspended and which drafted the complaint against Tom DeLay, filed by former Congressman Chris Bell, for which DeLay was admonished last year, have just issued the following press release:

Cheney Confirmed Classified Info on Connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda--Every Government Employee Must Sign Nondisclosure Agreement Prohibiting the Confirmation of Information Already Leaked

Washington, DC, -- Long before the Karl Rove scandal grew into today's political maelstrom, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sent a letter to President Bush on January 28, 2004 asking that he call upon the White House Counsel to investigate Vice President Cheney's confirmation of leaked classified information in an interview with the Rocky Mountain News on January 9, 2004. As of today, no such investigation has taken place.

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Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 12:01 PM PDT

A Road Map to Detente on Daily Kos

by segmentis

I was not, thankfully, a part of the pie-throwing here on dKos, but I'm deeply saddened as I look upon the aftermath. A desire to help in a way that I've been helped enormously led me to dig out and then find online publications by Ricky Sherover-Marcuse, Ph.D., that were required reading in a class I took in college that showed me that I could go on thinking that there was NO latent discrimination in me or I could take a much, much closer look at that assumption and deal with being proven wrong. The publications assume that in some way, we will all at one time or another be part of a "target group"--the "targeting" being social oppression. And that the only way that such oppression can be overcome is with the help of allies from the group doing the targeting (e.g., whites have been and will be more influential among their peer group than will blacks; a white racist is infinitely more likely to succumb to peer pressure from a white friend than he/she is to listen to a member of the group he or she has been conditioned to believe is "inferior".)

I hope you'll join me below the fold.

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We're all aware that the Administration has announced, in a most despicable politicization of our troops' very LIVES, that it will be postponing its counter-insurgency offensive until after the U.S. election (See snorfbat's dKos diary, links to reports in the media.)

This postponement is just one of three that strongly suggest that Bush is running AND hiding from truths that would otherwise hurt his chances on November 2. We also know that Bush has postponed his annual physical until after the election (See The Cunctator's dKos diary, which includes excellent links to media reports.)

In addition, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has, under pressure from GOP commissioners, postponed the release of its report on President Bush's abysmal performance on civil rights until after Nov. 2. (See links to media reports, excerpt from AP story below the fold.)

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