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Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 07:37 PM PDT

PPP: Obama 49-Romney 47

by seospider

Obama gains a point in the new PPP daily tracking poll.  Let's make sure Chuck Todd sees this one.


Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 11:02 AM PDT

Good News! PPP: Obama 48-Romney 48

by seospider

PPP has race tied 48/48 from 50/46 Romney avantage.


Sun Sep 12, 2010 at 09:47 AM PDT

MA-09: In Times Like These...

by seospider

I'm not sure if this is true for everyone viewing DailyKos but if you are like me the ad banners are bombarding you with Steve Lynch ads.  His tag line is "In Times Like These We Need A Guy Like Him."

Let's just review what we are getting from Rep. Lynch in times like these:

  1. Switched his vote on health care to a "no" at the last minute.  Would not support a public option and when he switched vote incredulously claimed that he did so because the Senate Bill omitted a public option.
  1. In a recent debate with primary challenger Mac D'Alessandro, stated that the Park51 Mosque should not be built in respect to "us."  Enough said.
  1. Has consistently refused to put pressure on either the Bush or Obama to accelerate withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan.
  1. Voted for original Patriot Act.
  1. Is pro-life and voted for the Stupak Amendment.

It doesn't have to be this way.

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any Democrat can.

Stephen Lynch MA-09 represents a D+11 PVI district that includes parts of Boston and areas south.

This "Democrat" has felt it necessary to cast the following votes:

  1. Against Health Care Reform
  1. For Iraq War and continuous unchallenged funding of it.
  1. The Patriot Act.

There are districts in this country where Democrats needs moderates and conservatives, this is not one of them!

If you agree please support his primary challenger, Mac D'Alessandro, in the Democracy for America Grass Roots All Star competition.  This is EXACTLY the type of race where progressives must be heard.

A defeat of Lynch will send a strong message to wishy washy Democrats throughout the country that sticking with their core supporters on important issues such as health care is not only the right things to do but also necessary if they want to remain in Congress.

Primary is September 14th.

DISCLOSURE:  I am a volunteer on the D'Alessandro campaign.


Our friends over at Blue Mass Group just posted that Mac D'Alessandro just officially made it on to the ballot to challenge DINO Stephen Lynch in the September 14th Massachusetts primary.

Here is the link to Blue Mass Group:

Here is a page litho set up "Kossacks for Mac"

Below is the post.

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Hopefully you know that Stephen Lynch has attracted a legitimate primary challenge as a result of his no vote on health care.  His name is Mac D'Alessandro and he is the NE Political Organizer for SEIU.

Congressman Lynch addressed my hometown of Walpole's Town Meeting this Wednesday night and attempted to defend his atrocious vote.

I have responded to his arguments on my blog:

And will paste it here as well.

Please consider supporting Mac and help make the representation of the 9th District of Massachusetts as progressive as it should be.  Mac has an ActBlue account and a Facebook Page,

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Congressman Stephen Lynch made his opposition to health care official tonight by voting against the rule.  This district, MA-09, has a DVI of D+8 and Obama won the district by 22 percent.

This is exactly the type of Democrat who should be challenged in a primary.  As a result of his vote he has a primary challenger.  Harmony Wu has worked tirelessly organizing for President Obama in the 2008 election and for passage of health care reform since his election.  Her frustration with Congressman Lynch has led her to run.  She needs the support of the DailyKos community.

You can go to her website here and make a contribution:

We have also set up a facebook page for you to join:

Please help us defeat Stephen Lynch in the Massachusetts DEMOCRATIC primary in September.  This is the type of seat in the House of Representatives that should have progressive representation to support a more progressive agenda in Congress.



As many know by now Stephen Lynch is one of the few House Democrats to vote for the House bill and is now likely to vote against the final Senate and reconciliation bill.

Within the last 24 hours Democrats in his district have been organizing a primary challenge.  Lynch's challenger will be Harmony Wu of Needham, MA.  Harmony, a mother of two, organized her hometown for Obama and has continued to organize and lobby Lynch on behalf of health care.  She is running against him because of her frustration over his health care vote.

We have set up a Facebook page and hope to soon have the ability for people to contribute online.  Here is the link to her Facebook page and we'll let you know as soon as you can contribute.

Let's send a strong message to Congressman Lynch that he made the wrong decision on the most important domestic policy priority of the Democratic Party of the last 60 years!

Thanks for your support.

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