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Okay Christian conservatives [self-servatives], wiggle your way out of those words.  You know Jesus?  The Guy Whose Words you claim to follow?  The Guy Who was murdered for challenging the authority of politicians?

He spoke those words shortly before before His execution as one of what is known as the 'Beatitudes'. MATT 5: 1-12   Try to reconcile His Words with your republican agenda for the planet...can't be done.

Wearing a cross doesn't make you a Christian any more than waving a flag makes you a patriot.  One can't pick and choose which of Jesus' Words to follow and which to ignore.  Christianity is not like fashion, where you can go with the trend.

If you describe yourself as a 'Republican Christian' you obviously are unfamiliar with Jesus and His Word.  You are either an oxymoron or a moron.


Mon Feb 23, 2015 at 02:12 PM PST

In the Tradition of Samson

by serendeputy

Just like Samson did when he slew 3000 Philistines, Netanyahu will be using the jawbone of an ass when he skulks in the back door of congress to speak against the principle of peace...


Definition of 'base' as a noun...The bottom of anything, considered as its support, or that on which something rests for its support; its foundation...

Definition of 'base as an adjective...Morally low.  Hence:  Low-minded; unworthy; without dignity of sentiment; ignoble; mean; or illiberal; menial...

You decide...


Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 08:30 AM PDT

Hope On The Ropes

by serendeputy

Many of us thought President Obama would be different than his predecessor, more empathetic to the plight of the average person...

The insanity of the Cheney-Bush2 regime transformed the Image of the United States from benevolent to malevolent in the eyes of the world and we thought that President Obama would work to change that...

Under Cheney-Bush2, the audacity of the huge financial parasite class caused a super cell of devastation in the finances of all but the privileged class...the 1%,  and we thought President Obama would advocate, not abdicate the Rule of Law, and demand justice, not 'just is'...

After the SCOTUS-assisted political coup of 2000 installed the Cheney-Bush2 junta in the Oval Office, we watched in horror as our military was unleashed on the world to further the goals of the International Energy Cabal.  Shock and Awe transformed cowering families into worm food while Lucifers' minions tortured and killed in the cause of
and we were SURE that President Obama would change all of that...

And oh the drones...the epitome of terrorism...death without background checks, they hover in peoples lives , subject only to the whims of the operator.  There is not much difference between the 'maybe guilty' and 'collateral carnage' when it comes to corpse production and business in both is brisk.  I did not know that president obama would embrace, encourage, and advance this form of Ultimate Vandalism.

President Obama, I'm a 63 year old patriot with a net worth that has no comma's...
You did not GIVE me took it from me...I was saving it for a hero.


One or more serial killers is on the prowl on Wall Street, finding a victim and dismembering it, then selling off the body parts.

Did I mention Bain Capital?

Corporations are people...


GOP and its appeal to the ignorant...

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Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 07:10 AM PST

GOP not elephants...wooly mammoths

by serendeputy

Recent research has proven beyond any doubt that the GOP icon is not an is the last remaining Wooly Mammoth.    

Tucked away in a remote corner of Alaska, it is carefully tended by a select team of GOP homo rapiens, where it receives weekly makeovers in the form of dipilatory treatments and notax injections

When asked about this discovery, Sarah Palin stated "That's ridiculous...if it was the last mammoth I would have shot it by now..."

Recent attempts by reporters to access the reputed site have revealed that the icon has been moved farther north due to .."unanticipated climate fluctuations..."

Stay tuned for more ...


If Walker lost the recall, when his pending legal problems come home to roost, the corporate-sponsored media could spin the story into obscurity...

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Wed May 30, 2012 at 11:21 AM PDT

Less than lipstick on a pig

by serendeputy

The sign on the door of the crooked little shack said 'He mans women haters club', but the shack was empty...

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