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A picture speaks a few trillion words

Don't believe the BS coming out of the media!

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I'm from Janesville, Wisconsin originally. I don't know Paul Ryan personally, but I do know his cousins. I went to elementary to high school with them. They coached and played on my little league teams. His office has even helped me get things pushed through the VA and INS to help get my wife her "Green Card".

So, this is a bit below the belt, but I'm surprised this hasn't come out before. Have you guys read Ryan's bibliography on his website, or even recall what he said about Social Security and survivor's benefits during the debate? No one has ever questioned him on this if I'm not mistaken. While it's tragic that his father died while Paul was a young man, he pocketed his SS money to save it for university. Not just any university, but Miami University in Ohio. That's not exactly a cheap place if you look it up. What's ironic is that he didn't need the financial help to get there as his family is and has been quite wealthy for generations. (Kudos to them, no doubt.) What the problem is quite simply is this: How would Ryan's politics support someone else using government assistance - someone who didn't need the assistance - for such a thing? This is the very type of thing that Ryan's fighting against in Congress.

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