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I just read the rec listed diary Obamas HAMP Saved My Home. I must start off by saying that I am SO happy for you, Lighthouse! Continued blessings to you and your family.

I am writing this diary because of an event that happened last week in Baltimore directly related to the Obama Administration's HAMP programs and Wells Fargo's involvement. Wells Fargo held a 3 day Home Preservation Workshop January 11-13th at the Baltimore Convention Center from 10am - 7pm each day. The goal - to get help to as many eligible homeowners as possible.

In full disclosure - I work for Wachovia - now a Wells Fargo company. That is why I am writing - because I can speak first hand to provide info and hopefully help others who may benefit from a loan modification stay in their homes.

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I just watched the segment with Markos on with Lawrence O'Donnell and while I agree with the majority of the analysis of Sarah Palin's work ethic, I strongly disagree with the sentiment stated about her work ethic when it comes to her kids.

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Ok - this is not a "legal" diary I guess, but I didn't see any live blog to express my appreciation for teh AWESOME team of DEM strength that we have. It is so nice to welcome Americans backs home! Welcome back Euna and Laura!! Let's hope and pray those 3 in Iran and our troops will be next.  After a long exile, diplomacy has made a roaring comeback. And that sweet smell, well yes...that's the smell of HOPE.

Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Obama, Biden - America - FUCK YEAH!!

Feel free to post your welcome back wishes below.

Scarce's Welcome Home Photo Diary is a MUST SEE!

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Maybe you forgot Ryan White, or AIDS in Africa, We Are The World, or Heal The World. Well I HAVE NOT.

So all you posting "just another Anna Nicole", or "whatever", or some of the more nasty posts that I won't even dignify, need to remember that despite anything else, he was a champion of progressive causes...a TRUE humanitarian.

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Republicans - with 2 scandals in the course of 2 weeks and more I'm sure in the shadows, I would like to call a truce. I see a way back for you.

I would like to propose a solution to the republican party. Recognize that your party is a party of people and you can no more hold claim to  "family values" than our hedonistic party. Recognize that it is not our gay brethen who threaten your marriages but the hotties in Argentina (and the airport bathroom on the way to Argentina) that do so.

Recognize that sympathy and empathy are useful emotions for people even when they are not used to turn media opinion over the coverage of your scandals.

Regognize that American people are tired of hypocrisy - on all levels and perhaps you can begin to bring youselves back from the brink of irrelevancy - and help others while you are at it.

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Well, the windbag himself got served up by one of his own today...and even got called a NAZI! By a Republican - more below the jump.

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Many have argued that there is a lot of bias in favor of Wall St. over Main St. As a whole, I agree. But I do not believe that I have seen this bias demonstrated by Obama as some here have claimed. I would just like to remind some that the president put in place a balanced taskforce for each industry. The banking stress-tests are currently underway...

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Yesterday Jack Welch was on Morning Joe spouting off about how the President should only be focusing on the economy right now. It has become the theme of the week from Republicans - that President Obama needs to only be focusing on the economy, stem cell reasearch is a "distraction" and that he is taking on too much too fast...blah, blah, blah. Like "suspending his campaign" really worked all that well or made any sense for John McCain to do.

It is all utter bullshit. I know that its a novel idea that we finally have a President who doesn't get distracted by shiny things and I understand that it is an intellectual challenge for the media, pundits and some politicians to keep up the mental agility of our new President. President Obama is currently doing what a successful and capable leader does - according to Jack Welsh, that is...

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This comes from Fox....

Hopefully everyone had an opportunity to see the spontaneous rally outside of the White House for Obama.

More below...

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ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)said it has disrupted Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama and kill  102 African-American students

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Now this sh*t is Un-American! While the Unable/Unstable ticket takes this election for a joke, putting more focus on gimmicks than real solutions, Americans are losing everything. Between Palin and McCain, they own 10 or more homes, 15 cars, 2 planes, a snowmobile and a damn partridge in a pear tree.

The real desparation of a 90 year old woman trying to hold onto the only thing she has left, below the fold....

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As the guy from Arizona went up against the dude from Chicago, the winner was clear and the the other side IS NOT HAPPY!!!!

Video after the jump....

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