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I'm seriously troubled by something that the Conservative pundit spin machine, some clergy, and Republican politicians are tacitly approving of, is doing: painting Obama as a terrorist, repeatedly invoking his middle name, and sprinkling it with accusations of being the Antichrist.

These things are false. And these folks know that they're false. (The average voter, however, may not.) The problem is, how responsible is it to say to the American people, most of whom are genuinely frightened for their country and are just trying to vote for what will keep it safest in the best way that they can figure, that their possible future president is a Terrorist Muslim Anti-Christ?

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According to msnbc:

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Adminstration said Tuesday that as many as 3 million chickens that may have been given contaminated feed containing melamine have already been eaten by consumers, according to NBC News.

Although the chickens, which came from 38 poultry farms in Indiana, have already made their way into the food supply, there appears to be minimal or no health risk to humans, the government said.

Three. Million. Chickens.



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I'm seriously ill. My endocrine and immune systems are pretty much nonexistent, so I live like the stereotypical 'bubble-girl' but with a whole lot less medical help: I stay at home, since going out can kill me unless I had access to a whole bunch of stuff that costs money that I don't have (like a good wheelchair, an oxygen tank, cooling systems because I can't regulate my body temperature, and clothes-- heck, I even lost most of my hair and don't even have a headwrap). And even then, the best I can manage is to be outside on a cool day. I have a restricted diet, and I can't come into contact with a lot of things, like chemicals or anything that's been in contact with them. That includes people.

And then, lately, I get told that my poverty and circumstances are my fault. Mine, like I want to be sick and poor. Mine, like I want to live like this. Who the hell wants to live like this? Would you?

Sometimes, I reach a saturation point.

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